expired AirAsia Perth-Bali $40 inc taxes + Mel/Ool-Kul $95 inc taxes


Fantastic Island Fares

Booking Period : 2 August 2010 - 10 August 2010

Travel Period : 3 January 2011 - 31 March 2011
Travel Notes
- Advanced booking required.
- Fares are not available during embargo period


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    cant find any of the fares advertised? $95 from gold coast/melbourne to KL - where? or even perth to bali for $40 - where?

    ok cheapest I can find is $159 to KL and $109 back.


    Cheapest fare from perth to bali that i could find was $54 PLUS $75 taxes.
    Ha. If it's only $40, then the taxi ride to the airport is more expensive than the airfare.


    because he forgot to mention that "from 95" but not all the time. It only has in short period of time! i found 2 week with price $86 around 10 Feb 2010 from Mel to KL
    Perth to Bali $54 on 22 Feb 2010
    Try to search becareful before you tell someone wrong
    And i think it still avaiable bacause that a low season! That's why it cheap
    Use http://www.airasiaplus.com/ to search easier and faster


      Those prices dont include taxes. 86 + 73 tax = $159

      The promo is supposed to be including taxes


        yeah i haven't check tax!
        Didn't mention! sorry
        That's why i said he forgot "From"
        and don't know why he said it inc tax :|


    redonkulous… good deal

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    I checked (before the Op posted) around these dates this arvo & they weren't available.
    (both Mel & GC -> KL) I don't think this was ever a real deal

    The cheapest tickets were around $360rtn from Mel or GC.

    If I could -'ve vote i would

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    Adioso is updating these routes and has found a bunch of pretty cheap fares, though none as cheap as those mentioned in the OP/title.

    We're seeing the following fares:

    By combining with Kuala Lumpur to London flights you can get to Europe and back for under AUD $900 return.

    Or you can bounce over to Bangkok, Phuket, Saigon, Colombo, Seoul (NEW!), or a vast array of other Asian destinations from as little as AUD $50 return.

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    BARGAIN. period.


    I was looking at these flights yesterday and using that airasiaplus site could find a lot of flights in March for around $100 after tax


    Fares stated in title are not available.
    Will reverse my vote if shown a single example. This is within guidelines, right?
    Perth bali best fare I found was $110++


      You don't know whether there were any at the time of posting. You're arguing is that for a bargain to be listed, the headline best price must be available for the entirety of the sale. On this logic, no low-cost airline sales could ever be listed. I don't think OB members would be happy about that.

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        I don't think there were ever any.
        Air Asia has a history of fraudulent sales. They don't seem to be constrained by Australian consumer laws.
        Wasted my time hammering their website at midnight when a sale supposedly started.
        It turned out that all the cheap tickets had been sold in Malaysia before they were released here.

        Same thing used to happen here. A shop advertises cheap TVs, but there is really only one per store, and the manager has bought it before the doors open.


          I'm sick of reading all your BS posts
          "It turned out that all the cheap tickets had been sold in Malaysia before they were released here."

          The sale starts at the same time everywhere. It is 12 GMT+8 (Malay time) or 2AM (GMT+10) Melbourne time. You hammer their site at midnight for what, there is NO SALE start from midnight Australian time. Before you post DO educate yourself first.

          I'm gonna neg ALL your BS posts !!!


            I'll treat that as a polite request for elaboration.
            I was referring to an earlier sale. Many here and elsewhere reported that none of the advertised tickets were available at the advertised time. Correction - this was Air-Asia-X, not quite the same thing I suppose.
            You can find it in the records here. It was reported later that the reason was that AirAsia credit-card holders in Malaysia get advance access to specials. There were other problems you can read about.

            I’m gonna neg ALL your BS posts !!!

            Just how old are you?


    Great deal but it didn't go as planned. I heard about this deal yesterday and decided to check out the AirAsia website.

    At about 7:30pm (Perth Time GMT+8) I searched for flights at the end of July / start of August and there where seats and flights showing as available with the advertised Promo prices. At this stage I was only thinking about the dates and looking around. We decided to go to KL at about 8:00pm (Perth Time GMT+8) and so I searched for the same times and dates and the we found the flights where sold out!

    Now, I don't know what happened for sure, but it seems that the promo was started early because in the space of a 1/2 hour the flights we wanted where gone and it was WELL before midnight. I don't think the fares where released to a specific group of people or country. Had I wanted to, I could have booked the tickets on our desired dates when I first viewed the site at 7:30pm, because they where up and available on the site.

    We ended up getting flights at the end of April / early May and even though the price of these fares are very good, I am going to remain neutral on this bargain because if a company is going to advertise a sale then do it right and start the sales at the advertised time.

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