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Furi Pro Stainless Steel Knife Block Set 7 Piece $151.28 Delivered (to Sydney Postcode) @ The Good Guys eBay


The cheapest I can find anywhere. Shipping to 2000 was $8. Not available for click and collect for some reason.
Description from the Good Guys ebay: This beautifully designed Pro Stainless Steel Knife Block Set 7 Piece will feel at home in any Kitchen. The Knives are engineered from Japanese stainless steel and sit neatly in a stainless steel casement with 7 slots, decoratively garnished with the Furi logo. All knives come complete with a reverse wedge handle and the block can be cleaned with a damp cloth. Contains: 9cm Paring Knife, 15cm Serrated Multi Purpose Knife, 20cm Cooks Knife, 20cm Carving Knife,13cm East West Santoku Knife, Knife Sharpener & Knife Block.

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    Good knives these, I have a different block/set but the knives themselves are great.

    Sharp and hold an edge well.


    Australian designed, used to own a set, only downside was slight roughness where blade was welded to handle ……Maybe the finish has improved depending on who owns the brand and makes them now.

    Says Japanese steel ….Would be nice to know if same alloy as shun or global.

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      Unlikely. VG10 and SG2 (for higher end Shuns) are generally a bit more expensive.. and usually hardened to a higher level. Furi knives, from memory, are hardened to around 52 HRC.

      I would suggest that there's a high level of perceived value with these knife block sets that isn't real. A chef's knife and a paring knife would be sufficient. A bread knife may be handy, but cheap stamped bread knives do the job just as well. If you hunt around Japanese sellers on ebay you can get a Tojiro, clad VG10 chefs knife and paring knife for less than this price. I would strongly advise against using that sharpener on a good knife.

      Here's a 21cm VG10 clad cook's knife: $87
      Here's a 15cm paring knife: $52
      Match it with a decent ceramic honing rod.. The cutting edge is high grade steel, which should hold an edge for quite some time. If they start to really get dull find a King 1000/6000 combo stone. It'll last you many years.

      If you want to supplement these two knives, I'd get a cheap chinese cleaver from the asian grocers, for chopping through bone and a cheap stamped serrated bread knife if you buy unsliced bread from the bakery. If you need boning/filleting knives I'd go for Victorinox fibrox knives. They're made really well, can be found pretty cheaply and are used by lots of professional butchers.

      The caveat is that these probably won't look as nice on your counter if you like a consistent aesthetic to your kitchen utensils. But if you're buying knives as tools - to get the most performance for your buck, rather than counter decoration I'd do the above.


    where is it made in? China or Japan?




        Thanks, won't buy it…. already got a set of knives anyways.


          Being made in China may not be an issue if the knives are made to the Japanese specs.

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          If it was made in Japan you probably wouldn't buy it either as you already have a set of knives also =P

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    Furi knives are excellent.

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    out of stock


      Back in stock


    I've got some Furi knives, and they're good quality. Not as good as my Shun cook's knife, but it has an RRP twice what this set costs. They get constant use.

    The sharpener is decent, as well.

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    Got mine today. Disappointed.

    Scratch and compare with my old knives, harden level is same as $3 kife from Coles and less than $10 Chinese knife.

    My Chinese knife can easily leave the trace on Fiji.

    Try my EDC knife, blade is 440C at 56 HRC and my hunt knife, blade is D2 at 58 HRC. Gosh, I can say it's carving.

    Not recommend.


      I suspected this would be the case.. Pretty sure they're a run of the mill stainless at about 51-52 HRC at most. This style of sharpener (like most pull through sharpeners) will at best put a wire edge on a knife that won't last at best, and at worst will ruin the existing edge over time. Lastly quite a few of the included knives are either not needed or the job they do can be adequately done by cheaper knives.

      In short it's a very typical, cheap but still poor value kitchen knife set. Not any better or worse than cheap sets by scanpan and others that are regularly available at a similar price point.