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$25 Airtasker Credit (First Task Only, Minimum Task Value $50)


This coupon code looks like it should be unique, but I received two physical cards with the same code printed on them, so I suppose it can be redeemed multiple times.


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$25 coupon for the referee ($100 minimum spend). Referrer receives $10 credit for each successful referee (maximum 15 referees).

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  • Ah, I guess the $22 million in funding has finally kicked in.

  • So many positive votes. Can someone let us know what they have used the service for.

    • Haven't used it myself to buy, but there's always posted a lot of jobs for cleaning (for rental bond return) and moving furniture, and they always seem to be taken up (as in lots of people make offers to do the job).

    • I've used them to get furniture purchased off gumtree delivered a couple of times.

    • I've used them for multiple tasks…
      Clean windows and downpipes for my double storey house
      Fix a sub, amp and wiring for my car
      Lawn mow garden
      So far all workers have done awesome jobs!

  • Get someone to deliver you Maccas… order $35-40 of food, offer them $50 and only pay $25 real money..

    • What cut does Airtasker take?

      Can I use 2 accounts to pay myself to do the vacuuming?

      • You can try. There's 15% service fee which is $7.50 on $50. You will get $25-$7.50= 17.50 profit.

        • Doesn't work, only receive $21.25 if you use coupon even though I charged $50, lost $3.75 service fee.

  • Last time i was on air tasker i saw a thread where some guy was organising a hooker and posting nude and penis pics to sair airhooker.

  • -2 votes

    Worked for me. Got takeaway delivered. Has anyone tried creating 2 account and paying themselves to do the supposed task. Easy $25 in the pocket.

  • Where do you enter this code? At payment page?

    • Once you accept an offer
      If you haven't put your credit card details in yet, it will be after that stage

  • Task: Deliver me a $30 itunes giftcard
    Payment $50

  • thanks Quppa!
    needed my lawns & weeds done so came at a good time

  • Possible 3% cashback from cashrewards.com.au

  • Could i use this on multiple tasks?

  • I dont think its working. I used the code and posted a task, other party complaining that he didnt receive the full amount. Some bug in the software. I asked tasker to raise complain to Airtasker about payment. Anyone experienced this?

    • +1 vote

      Sounds like you need to raise another task to get this clarified/resolved!

  • So this should work once they fix the bug that ash79 mentioned above ^

    2 accounts. Both post a $50 task. Both accept said task.
    $100 goes through the system.
    $15 goes to the system.
    $50 comes from the voucher.
    Net profit: $35

  • Just don't hope you ever have to use their insurance.

    Had a tasker mount my drier for me and it end up almost falling off the wall 4 months later.

    Airtasker were absolutely (profanity) hopeless - basically palmed me off to their insurance company, didnt supply any information or provide any middle ground assistance. Then they changed insurers mid claim, which reset the whole thing. They basically couldn't get the guy who did the job to agree to anything so they gave up.

    Hopeless, pointless. It's a good service if you get the right people, found a great cleaner and handyman on there.

  • +1 vote

    Way to go, let's further push down the value of labour in Australia, let's get Aussies working for $50 per day.

  • Does anyone know if the bug is fixed in the airtasker system re wrong net pay?

  • a whole bunch of people are doing electrical work, good luck with your home and contents insurance that clearly wont pay out when your home burns to the ground

  • I just saw an advertisment for someone looking for an Airtasker to "Work my gherkin"…

    It's looking like its becoming an escort site.

  • On an unrelated note, what does everyone think is an appropriate amount to pay to get someone to transport a study desk from one house to another? Bear in mind, both are located in the same suburb, so travel distance is short.

    I'm looking to buy a second hand study/workstation from Gumtree. I've emailed the seller, and he claims it's unfeasible to have it dismantled.

  • Can someone advise if this is still working?

    Is it for people posting jobs right, just not sure at what time to enter details in …

    • You have to enter CC details for the full amount, and then you add the coupon after. It worked.

  • Still works after midnight!