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$20 off When You Spend $50 @ eBay


$20 off when you spend $50 (excludes postage). 4 Hours only, ends 10:59PM AEDT. Single use code.

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Category exclusions and T&Cs apply
Excludes the following categories: Services (316), Cars, Bikes, Boats (9800), Tickets, Travel (11,730) and Gift Cards (172,009).

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  • +10

    LOL i just tried to submit a deal for this, missed by 20 seconds

    • lol
      Got to think what to buy….

      • I was just about to buy a SSD for my dad's laptop, brought it down to $56 , yay!

        EDIT : was so excited i forgot to use cashrewards… :( oh well lol.

        • What SSD? Need one for my missus Macbook. It's getting sluggish.

        • +1

          @nurries: a sandisk plus 120gb? Not the greatest but my dad just uses his laptop for the basics and doesnt need anything too flashy

        • +3


          anything too flashy

          I see what you did there :)

  • +1

    Can Confirm Works!
    Good Deal!

  • +7
  • +8

    What to buy…what to buy…

    • Of to my watch list I go to look for $50 items

      • You can buy more than 1. As long as it's in the same transaction.

  • +1

    Any SSD deals? Can't find the T&Cs on the website

  • CAn use for OW's itunes?

    • They are no longer available and in a different category.

  • +2

    Thanks, just grabbed the 5 Breath of the Wild Amiibo from Target for $83 shipped (minus CR)

  • +3

    Can't think of what to buy (something that's not too much over $50 and with free shipping) in the nick of time, I'm sure something will spring to mind tomorrow.

    • 5L oil from SCA click and collect? The one I use is $54.95.

    • Deal expires at 11 tonight!

  • +4

    Cool, another eBay sale which won't be a slave to the new fad of specific store price jacking!

    Now to just think of something to buy :P

  • +2

    Confirm deal includes postage

  • Looks like this is once per paypal?

  • nice, bought GTA PS4 for $30 inc postage, cheers OP.

  • great find OP. kudos!

  • +1

    single use only.

    :( :(

    • +43

      I'm married - worked for me (?)

    • -1

      Not to be used in conjunction with any other eBay offer, coupon or voucher. Only one redemption code can be used per transaction.

      Nope - Single use PER transaction.

      • Don't think so. I can't get it working again even though I'm using another eBay account. I think it's once per Paypal Account.

        • Once per Paypal.

          My eBay account applied the code fine, but needed me to sign into Paypal.

          Then the code stopped working!

    • +3

      You're a terrible OzBargainer if you think that is a deal…

      • +2

        this will in your hand before weekend and that one will you might never even get after waiting for 2 months (remember gamiss)

        • +2

          Fair point. I waited for mine and finally got mine after a month. Was forewarned of the wait, and that helped expectations (and saved me $6)

  • +15

    Does anyone know what I need to buy?

    • +8
      • +1

        What is that? A watch with a heart monitor?

        • Smart Fitness tracker. Basically a Fitbit, but $100+ cheaper.

        • +5

          @rawm: Ah OK, I had a fitbit but gave it away, I'm unfit and don't want a watch to remind me :)

        • +3

          @onetwothree: I understand totally. Some (including me) know them as 'anxiety bracelets'. These are great value though, better than overpriced fitbit IMO.

        • +1

          @rawm: I use mine as a sleep tracker - makes me go to be earlier. Also to receive call and text alerts when I can't access my phone.

      • +1

        Not sure I needed two but ordered, even if it comes in a months 31 for 2 Bands I am happy :)

        Gamiss never arrived
        and now cancelled my order with LightInTheBox

        hope this gets delivered

      • Might be fake?

        • PayPal protection, assess on delivery. Risk is there for sure, but I'd say based on their feedback; unlikely.

      • ​Was trying to convince myself to buy a Mi Band 2 at $35 a couple weeks back. Saw your comment and ordered 2 last night also. Hmm, I didn't do the normal due diligence research I would before ordering tech from overseas. Here's hoping they arrive and are legit…!

        • My Mi Band package arrived yesterday. Havent opened yet as I want to film the whole unpackaging. Will report back.

        • +1

          @nith265: Mine was fake http://i.imgur.com/hc67hWM.jpg. Seller is dodgy and only offered to refund 40%. I'm taking it to ebay/paypal now.

        • +1

          @porkandbeans: somehow I knew from the begining this was going to be the case….!

          Standard eBay catch 22 then - full refund if you return it. Postage to return will probably be most of the $30 it cost. 40% refund not sounding so bad for a piece of instant rubbish.

          Will keep you updated how I get on then.

        • @nith265: If you paid via PayPal, you can claim return shipping back in full ;)

        • @highwind: OK thanks - had forgotten that, but its kind of doubling down on money already spent and cant be bothered taking the time really.

          Am pushing for refund, no response from seller as yet.

          @porkandbeans incase you care this is the app that controls the thing

          … and the critics rave

        • Got a full refund in the end.

          I think the video of package opening and photos forced their hand when eBay finally stepped in.

          The fake ones I received seem to work at least but I own Redmi Note 3 and the whole idea was to use official MI fit app.

          So all good but what a waste of time.

        • @nith265: do you have to send the stuff back and wait for the seller confirm receiving it? As I'm requesting refund as well

        • +1

          @saxphon: sorry late response - was away.

          Didnt send back. Seller wasnt interested in return when I told him I wasnt happy and went straight into offering partial refund.

          I initially asked for 80% refund, they offered 50%, I said I'd take 75% and said maybe its simpler to get a chargeback on my creditcard.

          Then I got an email saying the seller had refunded 75%, followed by an email from eBay saying there had been an issue with the refund (I think because of the eBay code the refunded ammount of approx $37 was greater than how much I'd actually spent). Frustrated, I then contacted eBay to sort out refund, couple days later I got full refund - approx $32.

          my kids are having fun playing with ones we got at least.

          Good luck

        • @nith265: Thanks a lot. Will negotiate with the seller.

    • +2

      You can't go past a Kim K mask for $30!

      • Looks like a cross between Kim K and Michael Jackson…


      • +2

        Thanks, that'll feed my kids for a week.

  • +3

    Nice! Grabbed Zelda Breath of the Wild for Wii U from Target for $61 delivered (added a $2 item to get free ship)

    • +1

      You can also Click and Collect for free!

  • +2

    Well done OP - I had a few things in my cart that I've managed to clear at 40% off sale price :)

    • Does this mean we can multiple item to get past $50 mark? also how many we can use this.. anyone

      • You can check out up to 10 items at once and apply the code across ten items in one checkout. I had two items, added to cart, went to checkout and applied code.

    • What goods are 40% off?

      • All of them if the total is $50 and you take $20 off.

        • +1

          Thank you Confucius.

  • Few OK scotch deals.

  • Anyone know of anything that's a good deal that ships to NZ?

    • +1
      • +2

        Haha ;p

        • +1

          Good sport :) Happy for you to fire back if need be ;)

        • @rawm: Got a good laugh ;p it doesn't even ship to NZ shockingly!

        • +4


          doesn't even ship to NZ

          Damn, that's baaaaaaad!

        • @rawm: Hahaha, how did I miss that?!

  • +12

    Well crap. Theres nothing i actually need to buy.

    • I'm kinda in the same boat..maybe a game tho.

    • +1

      Can't think of one also. Will wake up tomorrow morning shaking my head.

    • Same

  • +1

    Thanks bought a Weightlifting belt

    • +2

      No reason to skip leg day now.

    • I take it that's a huge weight lifted off your shoulders?

  • anyone find a a genuine xbox one s controller?
    prices seem more than in store.

  • +1

    Looking for inspiration in latest deals posts. Just can't let this sale go by without buying something

  • Thanks for that.

  • +2

    For those that are with Telstra can grab recharge vouchers. I grabbed 2x$30 for $40. Thanks OP

  • +2

    Awesome, just got Zelda BotW on Wii U (+ a $2 double adapter which I actually needed anyway) for $61. I was a bit disappointed yesterday because I went out to buy it prepared to pay fairly close to RRP but absolutely nowhere had it in stock. This is even better!

    • +1

      Are you related to this guy?

      • Nope, he was just my inspiration :)

    • Oh cheers, totally forgot about Zelda!

      Was wondering wth to buy, $59 is great for a game released last week lol

  • +3

    Just bought a Mi Box Intl! Thanks guys for propelling me to buy something I don't need!

    • +1

      Link please :)

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