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Tronsmart QC 3.0 3-Port Car Charger $6.99 US, Tronsmart QC 2.0 5-Port Charger $15.49 US @ GeekBuying


Two awesome Qualcomm Quick Charge deals today. First up is the Tronsmart C3PTA 3 Port Car Charger featuring 1 Quick Charge 3.0 port and two VoltIQ ports. Next up is the popular Tronsmart 5 Port Charger featuring 1 Quick Charge 2.0 port and 4 VoltIQ ports.

AU$ based on exchange rate at time of posting. Free shipping included on all orders with express courier options available.

What is Quick Charge and VoltIQ?

Tests have shown that a 3500mAh battery can be charged from 0% to 60% in only 30 minutes for any compatible device using Qualcomm's Quick Charge 2.0 technology. Quick Charge 3.0 improves upon QC 2.0 by employing the Intelligent Negotiation for Optimum Voltage (INOV) algorithm improving efficiency and speed. Quick Charge 3.0 can charge compatible devices up to 4 times faster than conventional charging with some devices reaching 80% in 35 minutes. QC 3.0 is backwards compatiable with QC 2.0 and will charge non-QC devices with VoltIQ.

The chargers also utilise a technology called VoltIQ that is able to detect the charging protocol used in the device to provide the faster charging (up to 5V/2.4A) without the risk overheating, overcharging and short circuiting etc. This is suitable for devices that do not support Quick Charge including the iPad and iPhone.

Please checkout GeekBuying's Fan Festival where you have the chance to vote on which high value products will be sold for $9.90 US on March 14. There will also be other $0.10 US and $9.90 US flash sales during the promotion.

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    Tronsmart QC 3.0 3-Port Car Charger

    I'm still happy with the Tronsmart 'Barrister' model… Might upgrade soon though if the price drops further…

    • Would you like a Tronsmart Chocolate jv?

      • How much is this wireless charger ?

        • $19.99 US. I might be able to get it discounted.

        • +1

          Sure. Let me know the price.

        • @Clear:
          While you're checking prices, did you manage even a slight deal on the EP51 earphones??

        • @MasterScythe: That was on my reply to list ;) Geek are too low on stock so I'm unable to give a discount.

        • @Clear: That's a shame. They're usually fairly competitive on price.
          Alibaba it is.

          Thanks for trying though!!!!!

        • @rohpta: $13.99 US will be the price. I'll have a coupon later.

  • QC3 backward compatible with QC2?

    • Yep completely backwards compatiable.

      • So my Zenfone 2 should be OK?

        • Yep. I use a QC3 charger on my QC2 phone without issue.

  • Is the car charger beneficial for the Nexus 6P in being able to rapid charge given the 6P doesn't formally support Qualcomm's QC.

    • Not exactly sure as 6P supports USB power delivery.

    • Using the same one on for my S7 Edge, which doesn't have Qualcomm's QC either, I can say it works pretty well. Fully charged in similar time, just like when I use the charger from Samsung, which supports the QC on the phone. Hope this helps.

    • Nexus 6P uses Type-C Fast Charge (5V/3A) and with this it'll use VoltIQ (5V/3A). A USB Type-C or USB-PD car charger would allow you to get the full 5V/3A, but it'll charge fast regardless.

      • Typo'd sorry.

        Nexus 6P uses Type-C Fast Charge (5V/3A) and with this it'll use VoltIQ (5V/2.4A).

  • +1

    Hi rep. I bought one of the 4 port qc 2 chargers a while back from geekbuyihg. Looks like this one.
    I am getting really bad line noise from it if I'm charging and using the aux to the car stereo.
    Do you know if these new ones have any form of line conditioning to prevent these issues? I had noticed on a previous deal listed another member mentioned the same problem and an alternate (and slightly more expensive) brand that doesn't have the issue. I'd prefer to stay with the tronsmart brand as I know they are great for quick charging. I just can't put up with the line noise anymore though.

    • +9

      I had the same issue with many brand name chargers. It's not an issue with the charger, it's a ground loop isolation problem.

      This solved the problem for me. No loss in volume or quality.

      Edit: Remember Jaycar has a change of mind refund policy, so test the device whilst you're still parked outside the store.

      • +1

        I'll give that a try. Got a jaycar close by and thanks for info on returns.

      • Just wished to come back and say thanks for the info. Managed to have time to stop in to jaycar today and pick one up. Tested it in the car park and it got rid of the issue completely.

        • Great! Finally noise free music!

          Thanks for the follow up.

  • do u have a device that has USB Type-C and qc3/volt iq?

    • Yep. Tronsmart have plenty of QC 3.0/Type-C Chargers and USB-PD/Type-C Chargers. What is your preference?

      • I'm also after a multi-port QC 3.0 charger (preferably 5-port), combined with a type-C cable (as my wife has managed to get her second cable destroyed by our Neato Botvac - sigh….)
        Can you do a deal on a 5-port QC3.0 Wall charger with a USB Type-C cable? Or if need be, a combo-option for the QC2.0 charger of this deal to add a Type-C cable?

      • my next phone which will be the samsung s8 which may be Type C but my partner had S5 and IPhone. trying to plan ahead and get best car charger that will work with these devices and charge the quickest

        • Samsung S8 is rumoured to have the unreleased Quick Charge 4.0 technology. Tronsmart will have chargers available at release.

      • I second the vote for a deal on PD type :)

      • No 4 port car chargers eh?

  • Stupid question, but can't be bothered investigating while at work. Does QC 3 give faster charging on a non Qc3 device? Similar to IQVOLT? There is no issue with using QC#3 port on non Qc3 devices?

    • No, it will not. Quick Charge uses a higher voltage than non-quick charge - it will not do so if the device is not compatible (boom). I also would not expect QC 3.0 to charge a 2.0 compatible device faster.

      • Note that your comment could be taken two ways… Plugging a non-quickcharge device into the quickcharge port:

        1. Means Quickcharge won't activate to charge the device any quicker, because if it did - it would destroy the device due to the increased voltage applied.

        2. WILL destroy a non-Quickcharge capable device.

        • I meant (2) :)

        • @Make it so:

          Huh!? Is that correct? i.e. You're NOT to plug a phone that doesn't have QC capability, into a QC port? If so, that's a terrible design flaw… Someone could walk in, ask to charge their phone, I don't think to warn them, they choose the blue port because it stands out more, and bang! Surely they've included a sensing circuit so the port doesn't deliver the high voltage?

        • +1

          @GregMonarch: Plugging a non-QC device into a QC port will NOT damage the device in any way. The charger and phone both have a controller that need to make a handshake for QC to kick in. If there is no handshake then the QC port will charge at the standard rate of up to 5V/2.4A.

        • @GregMonarch: sorry, I wasn't paying attention. My original comment meant "it will not use a higher voltage if the device is not compatible".

  • +2

    Thanks, bought a QC Car Charger. Hope it turns up this year sometime.

  • Need a code for a non-AU plug (UK/US) please

  • Is Tronsmart better than BlitzWolf? I found BlitzWolf is not very good. The fast charge (using car charger to my note 4) does last as good as using original charger. For normal charging (ex. to tablet), the charging speed is fun - could be very fast, could be very slow.

    • Not sure about charging speeds, but the Tronsmart chargers are a bit better quality than the Blitzwolf. The Blitzwolf often have annoying coil whine, the Tronsmart don't and seem super reliable and well built.

      • Furthermore a lot of Tronsmart products come from their own factory.

        • And did the Blitzwolf come with it's own suitable cable, or did you use one from elsewhere? (Some cables do, some can't - deliver the best charging capacity available from chargers.)

  • Does the 5 port support samsung adaptive fast charge?

    • Good question! Samsung adaptive fast charge is basically Quick Charge 2.0. What Samsung phone do you have as not all are supported?

  • +1

    Any chance for a 4port and dashcam code?

  • If I were to buy one of these car chargers, can I use just a normal android or apple cord ? Or do you have to buy special cords for this to work ? And I can then plus any phone into it and it will charge it ? Thanks.

  • SOLD! Given my current (not Tronsmart) one is buzzing, which I luckily noticed before ripping the dash to pieces ^_^

  • OP: I'm looking to get a couple of these for future proofing:

    Can you do a deal on these? is there an AU plug model?

    Also, does anyone sell lightning to usb-c cables other than the ripoff ones from Apple?


  • I have Samsung Galaxy s7 edge, will I see the same charging speed using the tronsmart car charger here, as the adaptive fast charger that came with the phone? thanks.
    side note: not sure if noob question, but does different micro USb cables limit fast charge?

    • Yes it will charge faster, as long as you are using QC port and not the VoltIQ port. VoltIQ are fast but don't do higher voltage charging. Yes USB cable matters. Thicker and shorter is better. Less resistance at the same voltage means higher current. V=IR think back to high school physics. I bought a USB multi-meter to check my existing USB cables were compatible with QC. QC cables should be able to output 18W. From experience cheap short cables are OK. Cheap long cables not so good. If you need a long cable get one of the Tronsmart cables.

  • I really would love a desktop charger with multiple QC2.0 or QC3.0 ports, so I can consolidate all the single-port chargers I have all over the house.

    This one seems to have 5 QC2.0 ports. Any chance of doing a deal on this desktop charger?

  • I have this car charger, and also the 2 x QC3.0 port charger. I would recommend getting the 2 x QC3.0 port charger, over the 1 x QC 3.0 + 2 x VoltIQ. Unless you have non QC devices that needs charging at the same time. QC 3.0 is definitely faster. I got the 2 x QC3.0 port charger on Aliexpress for US$7 when it was on special.

  • Would the QC work with either OnePlus 3 or Galaxy 7?

    • The OnePlus 3 uses it's own proprietary charging called Dash Charge which is not compatible with Quick Charge 3.0.

      The Samsung Galaxy S7/S7 Edge uses Quick Charge 2.0.

  • Anyone used any QC3 with Moto G4 plus?
    It's not on the supported list but I need something for the car

    • Motorola are using their own proprietary charging called TurboPower. According to Motorola

      TurboPower wall and car chargers work best with Motorola phones but will charge any Qualcomm® Quick Charge 2.0 compatible smartphone or tablet at blazing speeds

      So the answer is maybe. It's not listed in Qualcomm's list, but some users online have reported that it works.

  • i wish this one has LED display shows current and voltage…

  • redmi note 3 pro special edition
    -does it work with this?

    • +1

      Nope. To keep Redmi a budget phone they haven't added QC to any of them. Only the flagship phones have it.

      • Ok thanks for Clearing that up.

      • Following on then. What car charger would work well with the RN3P SE and iPad?

  • Hi. How long the free shipping usually arrive in Australia / Sydney? 5-8 weeks?


    • It can take up to 30 business days after processing. Average is typically 3-4 weeks.

      • What's the difference between airmail & registered airmail? Just tracking capability?

        • Yes that's right.

  • +1

    Could you please consider doing a discount on

    Can both ports on this one be used for QC3 simultaneously?

    • I will be keen on these 2 QC3 ports version too if a deal can be made!

  • Will this benefit the new Qualcomm 835 chip?

    • Snapdragon 835 will be using Quick Charge 4 which is backwards compatible with QC3 and QC2.

  • +1

    Cheers OP. Grabbed one of the 3 port chargers.

  • I have a car whose 12V is always on, is there a light in this that stays on while powered? I would hate for there to be a light that continuously stays on…

    • No light.

  • sorry for noob question.. but does VoltIQ = QC2.0? If i charge samsung galaxy s7 on the voltIQ port and not the QC3.0 port, would I get the fast speed of QC2.0?

    • No. Quick Charge works by increasing the voltage beyond 5V which normal charging and VoltIQ are limited to.

      For example Quick Charge 2.0 will charge at 5V/2A, 9V/2A and 12V/1.5A while VoltIQ can only go up to 5V/2.4A.

      • Cheers Clear. Am really looking for a car charger with at least 2 ports that can charge QC2.0 (or even better, QC3.0)..

        Curious, which devices charge using QC3.0?

  • Isn't that true using quick charge or fast charge will damage battery? Compared with 1.0A charger?

    • No.

    • But it's true that a 1.0A charger my refuse to charge a modern phone if the battery level is too low, and it may not charge it to 100%. Speaking from experience :)

  • OP, how do you submit the coupon code?
    I was just charged the full amount of $17.99 USD

    • You enter it at the shopping cart. Also best to click on "Proceed to checkout" instead of the Paypal button as it'll let you review details first.

      PM me your order number and I'll have the difference refunded.

  • Thanks for the deal mate. A quick question though: when charging a QC 3.0 capable device on the QC 2.0 port, does the device default to QC 2.0 speeds or just it just charge like a regular device?

    • Defaults to QC2

      • Thanks mate. Just because you seem to know what you're talking about, can I ask an semi-related question? Does the USB cable itself matter when using QC devices - i.e. will most any cable of quality be able to deliver the increased speed if both the charger unit and device are capable, or do you need specific cables?

  • Bit late to this, wondering if this type of charger would work as a power supply for 3 Raspberry Pi Zeros, I'm looking for a compact 240v power supply for 3 maybe 4 Pi Zeros if anyone has some advice thanks

    • +1

      Yeah it'll do it. People have reported in previous deals that'll work.

      • Great, thanks for the quick reply, I'll go grab one (unless you have something that would be even better suited)

  • How long will it take to arrive to Sydney please?

    • +1

      Ordered on 9/3 and received it today.

    • Ordered on 10/3, received today (Melb).

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