This was posted 3 years 4 months 2 days ago, and might be an out-dated deal.

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Foxtel Play Free for a Month


Well back on again like last time. Make sure you cancel before month end or the start charging.

From the deal:
You are receiving this because you were a Presto customer. To unsubscribe from receiving future marketing emails from Foxtel, please click here. Please do not reply to this email. Replies to this email will not be responded to or read. If you have any questions or comments, please contact us.

*New residential customers only. Just connect your compatible device to the internet. Shows only available if they/re in your pack, some shows/channels not available. Data charges may apply. Ongoing monthly fees apply after the free trial unless you cancel. During the trial you have access to all packs. Your ongoing fees will be based on whatever packs you select before the end of the free trial. Access on compatible smartphones and tablets via Foxtel Go. Sorry, Australia only.

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  • Can confirm code is not unique.

  • Are the extra channels free for the first month as well?

    • Ongoing monthly fees apply after the free trial unless you cancel. During the trial you have access to all packs.

    • Free trial period: Your Foxtel Play trial comes with every pick unlocked to help you decide on what suits you the best. You can adjust your selection through My Foxtel Play and when your trial ends on 10/04/2017, your billing period will automatically start for the picks you have chosen.

  • How hard is it to cancel?

    • 1) Login
      2) Click cancel
      3) They beg you to stay, showing you the "great" shows and movies coming up
      4) Click cancel again
      5) They get super desperate and offer you a discount (normally $25/month for a few months)
      6) Reject offer
      7) Cancelled
      8) Continue to access until next billing cycle

      tl;dr - takes a few clicks, but easy enough.

        • I got charged the $15 as well (eventhough I cancelled a month before the trial ended) but didn't realise until they emailed me about the refund.

        • Get a reloadable Mastercard from Woolies with no credit on it. Use this for trial sign ups.

        • @lostn: I got one of the Coles reloadable MasterCards this week and it wouldn't accept it.
          It popped up an error saying that the card was issued from outside Australia or similar?
          Had to use a regular credit card.

        • @MickeyG: The cards actual numbers have identifying codes in them, you don't even really need to use third party merchant software to work it out; if you take the time of course, like Foxtels team I assume will have.
          They come straight from ISO 7812 standards.

          For example, 5 is the starting number for Mastercards, Visa's start with a 4 (Then following numbers are bank/location, etc) so forth, I don't know the exact identifying parts for the reloadable cards but it follows the same pattern and in the cases that they don't.. It can usually be seen in merchant information when being submitted through a creditcard processing application.

          Warning Take this following advice with a grain of salt! I personally like to use my LadBrokes card for things like this.. or my William Hill card.. etc - Of course this is more convenient for someone who already does some betting since any limits/restrictions or the actual purchase of the card to use (15/20$ processing fee) are already taken care of.. But in the end maybe food for thought for some of you!

        • @MickeyG: same.. any way out of that?

          As I use Coles card for any trial as it does not have much in case I get charged. Too paranoid to use usual card.

        • @superm86: I tried the Coles card a few times and it got rejected every time. Went with a regular credit card and that worked fine. I didn't get charged even after logging in and enabling every package ($104/mth.) after the initial signup.
          You'll be fine.. trust me. ;)

      • I signed up and cancelled.
        2- click deactivate
        3- select the reason why and click confirm
        4- success (have a month free left on it)

        Thanks OP

        • Sweet good job

        • Yep, I had to go "manage package" or whatever, and de-select all the various options, then the DEACTIVATE button appeared on the right.

          Do it now so you won't forget.

          Video/audio quality sucks, no subtitles or original language options, many shows only have the latest episode available, not the whole season(s), and (beyond the few shows you can't get elsewhere like GoT and The Wire) the selection really isn't great.

          This is a long way from being a service worth paying $5 a month for, let alone upwards of $25…

      • I'm having the hardest time locating the Deactivate button

  • i signed up 1 week ago damn it

  • Thanks OP

  • wtf? I enter all the info including cc details only to be told at the last hurdle the code is invalid and I can't sign up.

    • this happened to me before. if you select just one pack it will go through, the once signed up edit your package to include all packs

      • i see, i did add sports which is the only pack i'm interested in

      • thanks worked

      • you are right, the code works with just 1 basic pack added for $10. however when i log in and add the sports pack, i get the following message:

        "As a promotional customer, by clicking 'Submit Changes' I agree that my credit card will be debited every month with the new amount as selected above. This change will take place immediately."

        Correct me if I'm wrong, but I interpret "This change will take place immediately" as meaning by adding the sports pack, I don't get any free trial anymore and will charge me immediately $39?

  • same… invalid….

  • Does this include Footy Play? It says "all packs" but you never knoew with Foxtel. I wish Telstra TV had the Netflix 6 months deal on their device again, then I could properly trial Footy Play HD as they said it would be active ASAP, at the start of the season.

    • Sure does, I signed up to the free month trial a fortnight ago and purchased a Telstra TV box off gumtree for $70 so all the sport channels are shown in HD, Inc Fox Footy and Fox League.

      Also, while I was setting up our Telstra TV, it gave us 6 months free Netflix :)

    • The 6 month free trial of Netflix offer (on the TTV) expires at the end of March. Still have plenty of time to take advantage of it. :)

  • Works, thanks :)

  • Thanks - happy to watch the rugby at home tonight!

  • it works for me…cheers :-)

  • Worked for me.

    Can't find the cancel button yet though. Don't want to be charged $104 :O

    • go to manage packages once clicked theres a deactivate option

      • Couldn't find it but then I opened the page on Edge and it popped up.

        Maybe I had to have logged into Play and watched something first.

        • It depends on the browser you use. I have problems using Firefox (with adblock app). I usually use Edge in that case.

  • Do they even have HD yet?

  • Couldn't figure out where to enter the code. Went through all the steps and couldn't find a box to enter the code then it told me I've started my 2 week trial.

    • You are on the basic 2 week free trial.
      I'd suggest cancelling and try signing up again (with different details). Maybe use another browser if you couldn't find where to enter the code.

      • Must be doing something wrong. Tried on Chrome and Edge and can't find a code box on either one.

        • Wow… when you click on the deal, the page that comes up has -

          'To get your
          1 month FREE* Foxtel Play subscription

          please enter your offer code below:'

          right in the middle of the page.

        • @starionx: Yep. No idea why it's not coming up for me. It just sends me straight to the Foxtel Play trial page. Weird.

  • Can codes be stacked? I've got one month left of free Foxtel play.

    • Give it ago and let us know, but this one says new customers only… So doubt it

      • no go, can't find a place to input discount codes once an account has been made. Such a shame, this makes Presto look really good in comparision.

  • Cheers, Super Rugby in bed!

  • Does this work on a device that has already had a free trial?

    • In the past, Foxtel use the MAC address of the device you are trying to use, to see if it has already had a free trial. I can't see why they would change that.

      Try it, see what happens. :)

      • I signed up again today Thanks OP! However we could not use our main TV as it came up this device has already been used, So ive used my ipad and TV in bedroom.

  • Activated my account, then cancelled - can't seem to use Play anymore? I thought we still had access until the end of the trial period?

  • Worked for me. Added 1 pack for the subscription then logged in and added the rest.

  • Will this allow me access to the next cricket test vs India? Can you airplay it to Apple TV?

  • Weird, it came up saying the promotional code was not valid at the end after it signed me up and confirmed via email. It worked though. Did anyone else get this?

    I watched it on PC - here are my thoughts.

    1. Silverlight - I nearly barfed all over my monitor.
    2. Silverlight - Okay it has gotten a little messy here. (I just ate pork ribs too)
    3. Very blocky, I'm on Optus Home Wireless broadband 12/1 speed but the NRL stream was varying between piss poor and just plain poor.
    4. Some streams had noticeable screen taring, kind of like gaming at 140fps on your Samsung LCD TV (if you are that way inclined, not that there is anything wrong with that)

    It could just be me and my crappy 4G internet but experience was not great. Maybe it works great on a TBOX but it just plain sucks on a PC.

  • Sign up failed at the last stage for me.
    You cant use that promo code!

  • Still no Chromecast. These guys are useless.

    Anyway is there an expiry on when you can use the code?

  • Seems not working ..

    Hey there, it looks like this promotional code is invalid. You will not be able to sign up with this code.

    • Same message here, I'm in WA if it's of any relevance.

    • Hi, I had the same problem. However, when I used another credit card (Because I have used my regular one in the past to get 2 weeks free trial), it worked.. Try that..

  • I'd sign up if they offered chromecast… sigh

  • Yay free (legit) walking dead s7 binge this weekend!

  • Also for those that have Telstra TV and have already used a promo code, you can not use another free trial on the same device. Found that out the hard way.

  • Worked! Thanks!

  • Is Game of Thrones included?

  • Is there an expiry dare to this? I want to sign Up after MKR…

    • Yeah, at the bottom of the page (Important stuff):

      1 Month Free Trial offer ends 19 April, 2017. Not to be used in conjunction with any other offer. During the trial you have access to all packs. Your ongoing fees will be based on whatever packs you select before the end of the free trial.

  • It worked fine for me with no problems. Going to set up my PS3 for Foxtel!.

  • Beauty , AUS\IND test series for free :-)

  • Man I wish someone provided a sports only package :(.

    Does anyone?

    • This is as good as you'll get.

      $39 per month ($29 sport / $10 lifestyle)

      Great value even at this price I reckon.

  • Apparently they are relaunching Play next month (again!)…hopefully with Anytime in HD.

  • +1 vote

    Promo code is not working now :(

  • dang it doesnt work on 2016 LG TVs.

    • Buy a second-hand PS3 or a Sony Blu-ray player (mine came with a Foxtel App).

    • Doesn't work with any TV's except Sony.

      Not compatible with Andriod either :(

      Is Foxtel GO and Play the same thing?

      • No, they are different. Foxtel Go is given to you when you already have a traditional Foxtel Pay TV subscription.

        Foxtel Play is a separate standalone streaming service. My PS3 and Sony Blu-ray player comes with the Foxtel Play App already installed. Xbox 360 used to have Foxtel Play but the App was removed last year.

  • Can anyone confirm (hopefully with a Telstra TV) that BeIN Sports is included and is in HD?

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