Lenovo X1 Carbon Gen 5. Thoughts?

What does everyone think of the Lenovo x1 carbon gen 5?

Looking to purchase the following specs:

256gb ssd (upgradeable later)
16gb ram
i7 7500u
57wh battery
Priced at 2499aud for this config
Battery is touted by user reviews at +-9 hours
There is an option with 8gb ram i7 for $2599

Or is the Surface book full specc'd a better choice and why?



    It's been more than a year since I followed the Carbon so take my comment with a large pinch of salt.. (I bought a 4th Gen) But it seems that 2499 is pretty inflated… I remember paying only ~1600 for a midspec configuration on a great deal they had.


    It seems expensive, but it's not horrible, Lenovo always over-inflates their RRP.

    Have a look at something similarly specc'd like the Dell XPS 13" with the i7 7500U and you'll find that they're not too far off in price. That said, the specs do look pretty nice, the i7 7500u is a bit faster than the previous Skylake version, and it's nice to see them pushing 16GB of RAM. Given the pace at which computers are evolving, you'll get a decent few years out of this easily. Most Haswell notebooks are still going strong (3 generations/years ago).

    The user-upgradeable SSD is a nice touch, though it would have been nice if they had included a 512GB one for the price of $2499. That said, it's not an expensive or hard upgrade. All up, it's a nice laptop, not worth $2499 in my opinion, but it's Lenovo RRP, it'll be $1999 before you know it.


      I would jump on the XPS 9560 but with all the reviews with issues like the loud fan and coil whine. It'd just be annoying having to return a defect and deal with all that precious time.

      Of course a cheaper price would be ideal but yes they definitely do inflate. Oh with electronics depreciation is stoop…

      Zzzz so hard to know whay to do.


        The X1C is way overpriced for what you are getting, and the XPS 15 9560 is a far better value (you can get it more than 20% off if you combine offers/discounts etc and even cheaper again if you buy from the outlet) but you are right, it does have a lot of issues. X1C is a nice machine but just cannot justify such ridiculous price for what you are getting. I wouldn't want to pay more than 1.5k for it, and probably not even that.


    pricey. i am waiting for the silver.
    LENOVO15 for below $2499
    and LENOVO20 for above $2500
    not sure if still valid.


    I got my X1 carbon for like $1200.

    I hated mine as it was the model where they moved the touchpad and put in the touch sensor menu bar in replacement for the F keys.

    If you want a PC, just get the carbon or a dell equivalent.


    Get a macbook air 13", the battery life wins over anything. You will never go back unless you need to use publisher lol.


      Besides the F-strip you don't like, what gen is your carbon and what battery life did you get?

      I would get the MAC if it all comes down to not having a windows to consider but the Macbook air design is old school. Only reason why Im upgrading from Macbook 12 is needing more ram , and having loved the light design - and that this new Lenovo has the new 7th gen processor

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        There is only one generation of ThinkPad X1 Carbon with capacity function keys — Gen 2 from 2014. Lenovo learnt their mistake and quickly reverted back to physical keys in gen 3 :)

        You can get X1C gen 5 with i5-7200U / 8GB RAM / 256GB SSD for $1899 currently. Unfortunately the i7 models aren't on sale.

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