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Free Public Transport in Brisbane this Saturday (25th of March)


As the title says, free travel (from first service till last) this Saturday in South East Queensland. This is to promote the AFLW grand final which is being held at Carrara.

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    Sort of to promote it.

    People with AFL games tickets sometimes get free public transport (to encourage PT and reduce traffic congestion). There were no tickets issued for the WAFL grand final so there was no way for transit police to determine who was going to the game or not. So they made PT free in SE qld.

    The WAFL GF is being held down on the gold coast.

    • Apparently they are relaying turf at ANZ Stadium after the Adelle concert so moved the GF to GC as the only available ground. The Q-clash is following "Suns vs Lions" too just to add to the logistics.
      Not sure how that's going to work.

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      AFLW. Not WAFL.

    • To nitpick - WAFL is the west Australian footy league.

  • Thanks. Does anyone know if this would include free CityCat and trains, as I would like to take the little one to see the various modes of transport?

  • List has buses trains citycat and qlink - light rail (Gold Coast)

  • What a waste of tax payers money. SMH.

  • Awesome, time to head down to the Gold Coast for a free day trip, catch you other Brisbane guys there lol

  • I just get a "This service notice has been resolved." error…

    • Try this link instead - https://translink.com.au/service-updates/110231

      From first service Saturday 25 March until the last service of the day, there will be free travel in celebration of Australia's first AFLW grand final!

      Show your support for all our local footy legends with free public transport offered across the entire TransLink SEQ network.

  • I bet the council has pulled the pin cause its no longer at the gabba.

  • great deal, but i live in sydney. :(

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    Should edit the title to say ALL South East Queensland.
    And edit the description to incl Bus Train Ferry Tram - ie ALL travel from first service to last service on Saturday 23rd March 2017

  • Should probably edit this to say AFLW - WAFL is West Australian football league, and I don't believe their season has started.

  • Makes me wonder what the limits on other 'free travel to event' deals. E.g. if I have a ticket to a Friday evening game can I claim free travel for my morning commute? (Don't think I would have the guts to try though!)

    • Usually on ticketed game days, the free travel kicks in a couple of hours before the game starts.

  • Was thinking to explore Moreton bay islands taking the ferry there.

    • Is there anything to see/do on Karragarra, Macleay, Lamb or Russell Island as these are the only ones I think you can get to?

      No public transport to Stradbroke unfortunately.

  • Thanks for the info but the times are wrong. It is from the first service till tge latest one. Could you please update the description?

    • Updated. It was initially reported to be 8am - 8pm by the ABC. However, Translink have updated the information.

  • They are saying from 12 midnight Friday to 12 midnight Saturday full 24hrs

  • they'd have to pay me to use it.
    last time i tried to catch a bus in brisbane they delayed me, then stranded me 8km from home by closing the busway for an event, and didn't provide any alternatives… they called police on me though when i raised my voice in frustration..

    • I catch public transport in Brisbane just about every day and it's great

    • Hospital did that me after keep wait for 2 hours only find they sent 90 year old nan home 2 hours before her home call me i said incompetence is high in this one

  • Very cool. Will make use of this to explore.

  • Does this mean that I can just jump on a train from Gold Coast and go to Brisbane and back for free on Saturday? I only just moved here and have never used public transport really.

    • Yep. Just watch-out for the crowd that get on at Loganlea and Beenleigh. If you're on a non-express train, then watch-out for Kingston and Woodridge stations as well.

      • I'd be more concerned about the crowd at Gold Coast stations​ (and the rest of the 'city').

        • Why do you say this? I understand the Logan and Beenleigh part, as I have experienced the dirt that comes from that area, but I am yet to experience a scummy area of the Gold Coast aside from parts of places like Coomera that have low income housing.

        • @mdogxxx: Try Southport. Walk around Australia Fair shopping center and you'll see.

      • Haha so true, watch out for Logan area…it's not called Compton Rd for nothing hahaha

  • Awesome, was heading back from Brisbane on the Saturday and noticed the airtrain is free as well. Score. They're also doing refunds to people who have already purchased a ticket.

    • Airtrain ? Seriously ?
      That's a private company leasing the train & track from QR for a profit.