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Motorola Moto G4 Plus 16GB Black $283.10 Click and Collect @ The Good Guys eBay


Motorola Moto G4 Plus 16GB Black $283.10 Click and Collect or add $8 Delivery @ The Good Guys

Credit to Bkoolrocks Cashrewards 2.6% Brings the phone price to $275

Updated 11/4/17 with new C5AUS code
Original 5% off eBay deal

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  • Would the officeworks PB work for this to bring it down another 5%?

  • +1

    Damn still a good deal though!

    • Clearing stocks ahead of the Moto G5 launch, rumoured to be April in Australia.

      Some G5+ models will have NFC. Still unsure if configuration is dual SIM + microSD card like G4 or second SIM slot is shared with microSD card.

      • +1

        Glad there will be no 2GB version this time around, especially frustrating when the physical stores here only sell that version. 16GB/3GB & 32GB/4GB with the 625 processor from the Moto Z should be a great combo.

  • +2

    Great looking phone, but no NFC and no ac wifi make it a deal killer for me.

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    I know its local stock but I would be willing to spend an extra $100 for a 64gb moto x force phone, delivered and grey import.(@ eglobal)

    Better battery, internal storage, better resolution and shatterproof screen for that extra.

    That's just me though.

    Fyi, I got one for my wife. Delivered in two business days of ordering via dhl. Metro area.

  • Shame, just bought one on Monday!

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    I have finally gone for Moto G4 Plus intsead of xiaomi note 4 that some other advised, although xiaomi seems to have better hardware specs. Mine one is also now upgraded to Android 7 in the recent automatic update!

    It is Motorola, and yes, it is Lenovo. But at least it is a model that selling to overseas so it must have at least tested to pass all safety requirements. And I don't have to spend times to due with the roms…

    But I would suggest the 32GB model not because of I really need more storage. It is because 32GB model has 3GB ram while this 16GB model has just 2GB. And it is just roughly $20 more on eBay (but not AU stock).

  • +1

    The newer Moto G5 Plus is already released in India..

    I'm going to hold out for the Moto G4 Plus to drop in price when the G5 Plus becomes available in Australia.

    • Yep, me too. I think I got a targeted 10% off ebay voucher which expires at 17/4 so could get it for $269.10 CC @ the ebay Good Guys, but still keen to wait a bit more to see the G5 plus price and hopefully the G4 plus will drop further. I might miss out though, so not sure.

  • Any comparisons of this phone and any Xiaomi phones?

    • +3

      Has band 28 most Xiaomi don't.

  • got the samsung galaxy s7 with the Optus 25% off deal. after taking the free gear fit 2 into account S7 costed about $350 to me. that's why i love OZB

    • which deal is this?

      • 25% off New Monthly Mobile Plan with Optus , it's on a 24 month contract. I assume commenter is saying that after taking off the value of the plan and the free gear fit 2 the phone only cost them about $350 equivalent.

        • Hmm considering Vaya has a $16 prepaid plan for 1GB unlimited talk and text, not that cheap IMO

      • yes it is 24 months contract as Hamza said. i was paying $25 per 28 days so around $27 on per month amaysim for 1.5gb data. this plan gives me 7 gb data plus unlimited calls and 150 international minutes.

        after trying amaysim a few other i would say the top tier providers offers the best network

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    Wouldn't the current CYBER 20% off deal at DiskSmith be better? $257.29

    • Grey import I guess

  • +1

    Price now shows as $349 on TGG ebay.

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