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Qantas Store 25% off


Received this in my email, it is also on the website.

25% off the required points on eligible products*.

tried and worked on gift vouchers

*Qantas Store promotional code NEWSTORE is valid for use on eligible products in the Australian online Qantas Store from 12:00am AEDT on 23 March 2017 to 11:59pm AEDT on 30 March 2017. Eligible products exclude redemptions for charity and products already on sale. Qantas reserves the right to extend or withdraw this offer at any time. The promotional code may be used for multiple transactions within the specified time frame using points only and/or the points proportion of Points Plus Pay. Discount is applied at checkout to points value only. The promotional code cannot be used in conjunction with any other promotional code or offer.

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  • Thank you!!!

    This is really good!!! never seen it this high and with gift cards!!

    Last time it was 10% off https://www.ozbargain.com.au/node/290391

    This time I saved 56k points and got $1250 of gift cards

    • Could only find woolies group GCs… no coles group?

      • They dont do Coles.

    • Sorry, you got $1250 worth off 56,000 points?
      Am i missing something? What was the voucher for?
      A $500 woolworths voucher is 93,050 points (minus the discount).

      • So it is 46525 for $250.

        I got $250 for 45000 points. (Minus the discount)

        • +3

          im an idiot, i read it as i SPENT 56K point, not saved.
          Edit. Your English was fine, i was the one who didnt read it.

        • +1

          @Danthemanz: I apologise for not using good English ;)

    • +1

      Nooooo. I did $600 gift card worth last time as I don't expect another sale so soon :(
      Good deal.

    • was going to say you're a qantas shill but then i saw your name

  • Title formatting.

    • Capitalized Each Word :)

      • The '2' doesn't look capitalised ;)

  • what can i get…..ummmm!!!!!!

  • to purchase QC35 or not

    • Is Bose available?

      • Better/Cheaper to just buy jb or myer gift cards then purchase at the store

        • How is it cheaper? a $100 myer/jb gift card is ~17500 points. The QC 35 is $499 from both retailers. 175000.755 = 65625 ~ 65000.

        • +1

          [@ilikeradiohead] Via Harvey Norman @ $499 it costs less as HN $500 voucher is 60488 points with discount. JB would be 63450 so both in fact cheaper than Qantas Store @ 65257pts. ALSO one could bargain price down in store.

        • @Borg: And you get an extra dollar on your voucher to spend on anything you like!!

        • [@chriise]…Ha, but lets not forget the saving of 4769 points. Now that's worth an additional $39 (based on HN giftcard price), so in fact a $40 saving, not including the amount you could have knocked the price down at HN :-)

    • QC35 were 57000 points last month when they had a 20% audio sale.

  • +1

    How much is a $100 voucher now?

    Is it still worth converting to vouchers?

    Items are usually marked up normally right?

  • +1

    $1,000 Jetstar voucher for 116,000 QFF points.

    Still better off using it for an international business flight or upgrade

    • Are the Jetstar vouchers an OK deal though? Have the prices been jacked up? I would use this but wouldn't use an upgrade…

      • +1

        From my quick search, Jetstar was the best value giftcard.

        • Thanks. I agree. 5820 points for a $50 Jetstar voucher is OK. Just bought this as I have an upcoming flight I need to book… saves me some cash.

    • +3

      I've always found using points for economy Int'l travel is terrible value. The taxes are too high.

  • +19

    Dammit they increase the normal number of points for QC35 from 72k to 87k! More expensive than when the had 20% off. So dodgy!

    • yeh I noticed it was unusually high

    • Which is why the last points offer for the QC35s were better at 57,610 points….everyones doing the ebay tactics these days!

  • +11

    Prices have definitely been jacked up. Even gift cards!

    • Not a lot?

    • +6

      We should make a complaint especially if it is across the board.

    • +1

      So same question as dodgy eBay sale threads; why the heck have you voted up then?

      • +8

        $250 Woolies card is 45k. Less this discount it is 33k. Last time at the 10% off sale, I paid 40k per $250.

        So to me this is a bargain.

      • Relax mate, its revoked now.

        • -#relaxed

        • $250 Woolies gift card would ideally cost 21750 Qantas point at present considering a fact that Woolworths redeem 2000 reward point (i.e. $10 Woolworths dollar) to 870 Qantas point. With this offer one need to spend 33,000 (including 25% discount) Qantas point to buy back that $250 Woolies dollar.

        • +3

          @ash79: Yeah that's like discount inceptioning. lol

        • @Turd:

          Even worse…. means Qantas points are losing value!

    • AFAIK, wish gift cards are still same priced

    • +2

      All prices were substantially jacked up. Something I bought just last month which I got on sale for 4000-ish points and was normally 5000 something is now 8000. Our points value has now substantially dropped.

    • +1

      so question is: will prices (points required) drop again after this promo code ends?
      I suspect not.

      • Like Sydney House prices!!

    • +1

      Yes definitely jacked up prices. During the 10% off sale last November, the Westfield $500 gift card was 91,650 pts pre-discount (82,485 after 10% discount). Now jacked up to 110,250 pts (82,687 after 25% discount).

  • +1

    DJs egift cards are good value with 25% off

    • +1

      Too bad you are stuck with DJs cards, not as versitile

      • +1

        only ever get gift cards you intend to use straight away
        good specials on now at djs especially nespresso

    • i stuffed up :( was in a rush so ordered the physical DJ cards instead of the eCards. now i have to wait 2-3 weeks for them to arrive T_T

      • phone and see if you can cancel

        • i've tried for the last two days in a row :( it's also clearly stated in the T&C's that an order is final and cannot be changed. so frustrating.

  • This is doing my head in.
    Can someone do the maths and comfirm the gift cards value VS selling points value please?
    1. So taking Turds example 33k for $250 Woolies card:
    = point value of 0.757576 cents per point
    but if you 'sell points' 33k is worth approx $330 Yes???
    2. The website has $1000 Qantas Voucher for 186,000 - 25% = 139537 QFF,
    = point value of 0.7167 cents per point
    but if you 'sell points' 139537 is worth approx $1400 Yes???

    • How do you "selling Points"? it is illegal and against t&C and they can revoke the amount.
      Unless you have the same surname?

      • Yep, I know, I assume that the safest is to book on some's behalf in their name? I've never done it, but 1 cent per point seems to be about the going value.

        • Do you trust them? Do they trust you?

          *shrugs it depends on what you really want…

        • @Turd: Agree, but I have bought a lot of things on OZB. And that certainly takes a lot of trust. And the buyer has the most risk, not the points seller.

        • @Peck: From other OZB'ers? Dammm Anyways sounds like your maths is right. But for me I can self generate QFF points with minimal effort so gift cards is best :)

        • @Turd: Share

        • @Peck: Cant!! Just read t&c's and stuff.. You will eventually find out things. And if you tell the world companies will close loopholes etc…

      • -1

        Don't be a party pooper you Turd lol

        • +2

          I didnt negative.

      • you can sell and plenty of people do it
        people like me who buy millions of points have developed ways to mitigate risk protecting the buyer and seller.
        even with these discounts you get much better value selling your points or using for business class flights

        • If you're caught and the points are forfeited then who eats the loss, the buyer or the seller?

        • @DChiuch:

          and when i buy i take on that risk however i still work with the seller to minimize any risk

        • @tuvz: how - any tips?

  • Can someone please share a link and briefly explain how can I buy WW voucher. I was looking to buy yesterday but couldnt get it. Thank god I couldnt but want to get now. Please help guys. Appreciate it.

  • just logged in and my 33k point is expired LOL. Lifeeeee

    • how did that happen?

      • My guess is overlook didn't generate points (flights, credit card, car etc) for 18 months.

        • I stopped using one of the card. are you meant to earn or spend to keep the points? between then and now, I did accumulate 33 point tho…

        • @overlook: What a cock-up!

    • +2

      You can probably get your 33,000 points back which are worth about $230. YOu can call Qantas and they will give you a points challenge can read more here - http://www.perthhacks.com/2016/10/what-to-do-when-your-qanta...

  • Thanks heaps guys. I ordered egift. Thanks a lot

  • +8

    This is a bullshit sale.

  • +3

    Yesterday I was just checking points for the Woolies egiftcard and wrote down that it was 13500 for $100 and 33750 for the $250. Now with the 25% "sale" the points needed are now much higher so that the "discounted" points are the points YESTERDAY. I wish I'd taken screenshots so I could complain to the ACCC!!!

    • -4

      Why didnt you buy yesterday?

      Like house prices they will only keep on going up

      • As I said I was just checking points, and found out that I don't have enough yet to buy the $100. Was so excited when I saw this deal as I thought with the 25% off I have enough for the $100 giftcard. LOL! But then found out that points have been jacked up.

        • ah right.. too bad I guess? or apparently the prices were changed in the morning, so maybe if OP had posted earlier!!! we would have gotten the discounted rate at yesterdays price!!

  • I assume the points have probably been jacked up across all the other categories as well but I only took note of the points required for the Woolies egift cards as that was what I wanted to get yesterday. This is unacceptable Qantas.

  • +2

    Prices def jacked up today. $100 gift card was 14100 yesterday, 16170 today.

      • +4

        What does that have to do with anything?

        • +2



        • +6


          Maybe I don't want the vouchers? Maybe I didn't have enough points? maybe I did? Maybe it is none of your business?

          You seem to be getting very concerned about me buying vouchers.

        • @Expon: Yeah coz prices are 'jackedup now' so just wondering why you say that, despite knowing it was cheaper yesterday. I didnt know it was cheaper yesterday

        • +1


          Exactly @Expon. Why so concerned @Turd?

        • +2


          There's no logic to what you're saying.
          I only know now it was cheaper yesterday because I just happened to check. I would have been none the wiser had I not done so, and would probably just had bought today (if I have enough points).

        • @Turd: I checked yesterday and it was 9500 points for $100 wish card. Too bad I was so drunk I couldn't finish the transaction.

        • @superready: LOL! Damm

  • Apple tv FTW !

    @ 42260 points now down to 31695!!

    Thanks OP

    • +3

      Not bad if one wants to use points. I suspect only worthwhile buying if one wants to use up the points and in this case a reasonable buy (not overpriced).
      Alternate Method: One could buy a $250 JB Gift card for 31725pts (after 25% discount)and do some in shop bargaining. Current in shop price is $238 for same model

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