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Bose QC35 Wireless NC Headphones $349.62 @ Videopro eBay


Cheaper than previous deal (CYBER) & Aus Stock.

Silver Colour here http://www.ebay.com.au/itm/Bose-QC35-Quiet-Comfort-Noise-Can...

Don't Forget 3% Cashrewards https://www.cashrewards.com.au/coupons/5-off-sitewide-at-eba...

Original Ebay 5% deal Original 5% off Sitewide at eBay Deal Post


Mod: For those purchasing, see this recommendation in regards to not updating to the latest firmware.

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  • +12

    Pity you can't use them on your long haul fights to the US anymore (on ME3 airline).



    • +7

      Cheer up, at least we have comments like "Will babies be banned next? They're bigger than a iPhone."

    • +1

      Unlikely to impact many Aussies right? All flights from Aust should be fine.

      • +1

        well if you're flying to the UK and have a stop over in Dubai

        • +1

          Although if you do that with Qantas apparently you are fine.

          "Qantas' services between Australia and London via Dubai are not affected."

        • The United Kingdom is imposing similar bans to the USA, but only on flights departing from six countries – being Egypt, Jordan, Lebanon, Saudi Arabia, Tunisia and Turkey – rather than 10 specific airports as with the US.

          Source: https://www.ausbt.com.au/how-australian-travellers-are-affec...

          UAE isn't on the UK banned list.

        • +1


          QANTAS know how to grease the wheels

        • @Puff Braddy: well i take back my comment then. Good stuff!! but still a terrible idea with these bans

        • @KitchenSink096: I agree completely, terrible idea that won't prevent anything and only cause mass frustration for passengers.

      • It'll impact a lot of people from Perth, because the ME3 connects us to the US and UK

      • +1

        I think the ban will more likely affect bookings of flights routing through the middle east rather than headphone sales. Knowing I couldn't use my tablet, headphones, 3DS on a trip to europe/USA would make me book flights through other countries.

    • +18

      honestly think that ban is the dumbest thing in the world.

      • Yep same

        • Improper context, the US/UK cite "terrorism" related activities, not that. If headphones exploding was the issue, they would ban the use on all flights, and not just ban them on specific routes :)

        • @justcallmeboss:

          Where does it cite that it is "terrorism" related?

          It doesn't make sense either way actually, since terrorists could easily avoid those specific routes by taking a connecting flight?

        • @brotherrfranciz: Completely agree, it doesn't make sense!

          It's cited all over the internet :)
          Look up why the electronic ban was imposed in the first place

    • 'america first!'

    • Wow. Thats just crazy. I just got back from a flight to the US… was using QC20's but just bought the 35s. If they were banned along with tablet/PC from here to USA it would take a terrible flight and make it even worse! UGH. I have to say i did over half a dozen domestic flights over there in addition to international and TSA were no problem at all. Be polite and use your brain packing all good. Its so annoying though that those lunatics out there won't just hurry up and evolve, be a part of the 21st century. :( The restrictions we endure seem to get worse and worse meandering to regressive nutters.

      • How were the QC20's? Looks like I need to get a pair of those now…. sigh unzips wallet

    • +3


    • +7

      The solution is for Apple to produce a gigantic iPhone. That will set them straight.

    • What!!!!!!!!!!! This is getting ridiculitis. Exploding headphones??
      Security officials will be having fun with irate passengers. I already see them in Bangkok seizing heaps of high value cosmetics from unsuspecting Chinese Pax.

      • It's not because of exploding headphones. It's a part of their electronics ban from certain countries…. improper context usage above

    • Better not be because that story about headphones catching fire. Probably some cheap pair.

    • They come with a cord, can't you just plug the cord in and say they aren't BT headphones?

  • +1

    Gee whiz, that's a good price :)

  • +11

    FYI to those who are planning to purchase Bose QC 35: If the headsets have 1.0.X firmware, DO NOT UPGRADE the firmware to 1.2.X.

    QC35 Noise Cancelling Not As Good As Before
    Audio Quality Concerns Since Bose Connect/QC35 1.2.9 Update

    • I wonder which firmware was installed on the pair I tried.

      • +2

        I wonder which firmware was installed on the pair I tried.

        Connect your Bose to your computer and run the application. It should tell you what version it is. If it was upgraded to 1.2.X, the 2nd link I've posted shows the official Bose method of downgrading to 1.0.6.

        • Apparently downgrading to 1.0.6 doesn't help ether.
          I have noticed a lack of positive pressure after the update as well.

        • @udyz:

          Yeah once you upgrade > downgrade it won't make much difference.. the damage is done so to speak lol

        • @dingdong3000:
          Yeah, disappointed :(

          They believe the 1.0.6 updated did not alter ANC part of the firmware hence it will not downgrade ANC after it has been upgraded to 1.2.9/10.

      • Could be a bad batch?

        I doubt it. The issue arises after people have upgraded the firmware.

        • I mean, upgrades to a bad batch. I'm just saying it.

          I like how Bose try to handle this issue, first they ignore it then they start doing something after 200 odd people complains about it.

          Still its a small amount compare to amount of units they sold but not everyone update their products.

        • @boomramada:
          Bose moderators were actually deleting previous threads. They only stopped when this tread got the attention of some tech media.

    • Hi i just got a set plugged into PC via USB and checked the bose updater it says 1.06. I take i should leave it as is?

      • +1

        I take i should leave it as is?

        For the time being, yes. Don't be in a hurry to upgrade the firmware because Bose don't know what they've broken.

    • agree with this, i have bought these during the last sale and am not very impressed with the noise cancelling. they pretty much dont do anything to block higher frequencies such as human voice

      i have upgraded the firmware (before reading all the warnings) and then downgraded, but that made no difference

      • +1

        they pretty much dont do anything to block higher frequencies such as human voice

        Base on the complaints from the Bose community forum (the first one I've posted), the active noise canceling feature was completely munted after the upgrade. The downgrade to 1.0.6 didn't help either.

    • Thanks for the heads up, the mod should put this in the main description at the top

    • Bose is posting regular updates at Bose QC35 Issue Reports and Current Status.

      I understand Bose has released firmware version 1.2.10 (16 March 2019) but it is still too early to determine if this actually fixes things or not.

      • (16 March 2019)

        Where'd you get the crystal ball from mate?

        • +1

          Where'd you get the crystal ball from mate?

          Whoopsie. Type-o. I meant 16 March 2018 2017.

  • wow. good price. purchased at the $400 mark. good product

  • wow - excellent price

  • +7

    I love my QC35's they are truely outstanding. The train commute melts away with a tablet, Netflix saved to my device and getting a seat !! I hesitated for months, then took the plunge, excellent buy, no regrets.

  • +4

    God damnit I bought a pair during previous cyber deal this is about $25 cheaper, OP you just ruined my night :-(

    • +1

      Second this… Dammit… Oh well stil much cheaper than retail, there are people who paid full price for this though

  • Imagine if this was 20% off, it would bring these hp down to $285!
    I think I will wait.

    • +2

      You'll be waiting a long time.

    • -3

      let me guess you where that guy that didn't get into real estate 5 years ago cos it was going to crash….:)

  • +2

    At the moment I use just a $15 pair of sony earphones. I need some headphones but these seem pre expensive…my question is: Is this investment worth it? Are these worth the price? Should I get these/>

    • +1

      Comparing $15 sony earbuds with $350 wireless headphones is apples and oranges. Is a Ferrari 548 worth it over a Hyundai Exel?

      Depends on who you are, and how much audio quality/wireless/noise-cancelling capabilities mean to you.

    • Yes, if your going to use them, they are excellent. Best set of headphones I've ever tried, worth the price.

    • You might want to consider how you're planning to use them. I bought mine since my workplace is an open-desk arrangement - which means a lot of noise. The headphones are useful for when I need to focus on work.

      It's also incredibly useful when flying too.

      • Ill just be using it for gaming but ive never used noise cancelling as i hate how you can hear your own breath and voice.

        • +1

          I think you hear yourself only when the mic is on for these. There's good engineering behind it btw - so you have a balanced perspective of the sound picture ie not yelling at the top of your voice/completely unaware of what the other side is receiving. Definitely a plus for me but each to their own. If I were only using it for gaming, I personally wouldn't shell out the big bucks either cos the noise cancelling feature is the expensive part.

  • still waiting for delivery from last deal paid 14th march picked up from sender 23rd

  • Damn I knew it would go down….just didn't realise it would be so soon.

    Must've been because of that huge cyber response. Mine arrived in about a week after the last sale. Ah well.

  • Can you combine this with the Groupon deal? Spend $85 to get $100 in Ebay.

    • +1

      Dont think so. You can only enter one code on ebay

  • I have been combing the internet looking for a deal for these, and as late as this afternoon almost pulled the trigger at $420. This is an absolute bargain! Does anyone know if they will match this price in store, I am flying on Monday and would love these by then!

    • +1

      They have top notch service so unless their warehouse pricing is different to their retail pricing I would imagine they would let you pickup the eBay order if you called them in the morning

      • Great to hear. Not going to hold my breath, but the item location is Brisbane just like me! Will call them first thing tomorrow and let any other people in a similar predicament know. Thankyou OP!!!

        • +1

          I saw you were based in bris so that's why I thought you might give them a call. I think it might coincide with their Fortitude Valley moving sale which they're advertising so I'd imagine thats where the pickup could possibly be (says Eagle Farm on eBay though). They are top rate so they'll sort something out for you!

        • @doweyy: It's worth a try, but their online business is different from their stores. They often match the prices on their website, but I'd be surprised if they match the e-bay site.

          Eagle farm is where their head office, commercial divisions and warehouse are (they sometimes have warehouse sales there that are competing with their own stores) so I'm not sure you can pickup from there. The click and collect posts to a woolworths pickup so it may not arrive in time.

          It says postage ETA could be as early as Friday, but I'd suggest with limited stock available, they'll be sold out tonight and any purchased after that would go on backorder for later delivery.

  • Has anyone gone from the QC25s to the 35s and regretted it?

    Need to get some contrary opinions. Is the NC just as good?

    Can the battery be replaced?

    • Can the battery be replaced?

      The battery cannot be replaced.

  • Phenomenal price for a quality pair of headphones.

  • Would i get a tax invoice to claim gst. Going away soon

    • +1

      Sure can! I will be doing the same.

      From the previous deal

      I also just called the store - nice guys

      The tax invoice with GST will come in the mail with the box

      no online invoice

      • thanks!

      • Just made my next flight about $31 cheaper….:)

  • Really wanted the sony's but for this price is hard to pay the premium

  • +2

    Damn you OzBargain. This is the fourth pair of headphones for me.

  • $50 cheaper than what I paid 9 months ago is a bargain. Awesome sound quality if you listen with a Samsung smartphone.

    • +6

      Why Samsung smartphone?

  • Good price, just connect my Bose QC35, a new firmware 1.2.10 is available.

    • +2

      Don't download it!! Read the comments above, it reduces the quality of the noise canceling drastically.

      • Thanks for the notice.
        will avoid the 1.2.10 and keep on 1.0.6.

  • Purchased my pair during the last deal and received them last Friday.

    Stopped by their store yesterday to grab a TV and was some sight seeing dozens upon dozens of these headset laid out on the ground in their packaging ready for postage.

    Can't recommend the boys at the Brissie DFO store enough.

  • +6

    I Don't know if I really need it. Anyway I bought it….

    • The ozbargain motto! Haha

    • +1

      I don't need it either but just purchased it. Perfect timing, my birthday next week so she can't complain… I hope.

  • Unheard of price!

  • -1

    will be making two trips to the UK this year these headphones would have been great such a shame they'll now be banned.

    the best active noise cancelling I've tried to date

    • Banned? What makes you think that headphones will be banned?

    • The UK isn't as affected by the ban because you can take them on any flights from the emirates, but direct flights and Singapore etc you are banned. US routes are the worst affected.

  • Any excuse I should tell to my gf to get them? Very tempting :O

    • +2

      Tell her it's good at cancelling her nagging noise…

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