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Logitech Harmony Ultimate One Touch Screen IR Remote $169.95 with Coupon at JB Hi-Fi


Check you're emais for your coupon . Here is mine 92393828176
$120 off original price
$5 shipping

  • Motion-activated backlit keys and touchscreen
  • Eyes free gesture control
  • Vibration feedback
  • Harmony Ultimate One controls up to 15 IR devices and is compatible with over 270,000 models from more than 6,000 brands.


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  • Coupon is probably generic, the one in my email: 92393828176

    EDIT: Just saw you added the coupon, cheers!

    • Yes - mine is the same #.

      Wish it was an offer on a Logitech Harmony Elite (I missed last years great deal on this one).

      • Yeh same, regret thinking about it for too long when the offer came up!
        Ended up buying one from eBay from an alright offer.

      • That's what I'm waiting for, they went for $199 at their cheapest I think.

  • Haha, tempted to buy this to infuriate my wife.

    • +1

      If you bought it you'd put her out of a job.

  • +3

    Hate the placement of the play, fast forward, rewind etc. buttons.

  • Be aware that the positioning of the much-used play control buttons above the touch screen makes it nearly impossible to use.

    Better off with a 650 for $60, or waiting for a deal on the Elite IMO.

    Edit: ninja'd ^^^^

    • +5

      I have one that I bought at the Dick Smith fire sale and it really isnt that bad - "nearly impossible to use" is such an overreaction

      • +2

        The 650 is a much better design and more functional than this one, and half the price.

        • I agree that the 650 is a better design and the better remote - but there are some negatives including the fact it uses AA batteries.

          I was just trying to point out that this ultimate one remote isnt impossible to use

        • @flashi007:

          Never had a 650 but previously used 525s. One thing I noticed is that the IR is nowhere near as powerful on these.

          I used to use a 525 to hit a light switch awkwardly placed in a hallway at a 90 degree angle by bouncing the IR off the walls. Not possible with the Touch though, I need to get with a couple of metres for it to work.

          Guess it was made with RF use in mind.

        • +2

          What else are Ozbargainers going to use the 100's of eneloops they have lying around (which is what I do)? ;)

        • @flashi007:

          AA batteries are a positive. Last for many many months - my set were put it after I bought it at the Dick Smith sales and I haven't had to change them. Remote doesn't become useless when battery stops holding charge.

      • +3

        Yeah agreed. Maybe it's not ideal, but I use mine with Kodi and rarely need to use those anyway.

        Maybe my usage pattern is different to everyone else but I'm normally using the direction buttons to get around and start playing, and left/right to jump forward or back while playing.

        For the few times I need to pause or stop the remote isn't in my hand to begin with so I can grab it positioned to use to upper buttons anyway.

        I really recommend looking at one with a hub though.

      • +1

        I bought a Touch for $30 on Gumtree, which is virtually identical to the Ultimate One (minus tilt sensor and vibration feedback?), and then paired it with a Hub from the Dick Smith sale.

        I really wanted it to work, as the RF to the Hub and the IR / bluetooth of the Hub is excellent.

        However, the whole screen tap / screen lock and unlock implementation, along with the position of the touchscreen in relation to the playback buttons, means there is every chance you will be accidentally brushing the touchscreen and firing off unwanted commands.

        It's most likely that's the reason they put the screen back at the top for the Elite, with the playback buttons underneath.

        Also, compared to the other Harmony's I have (525's, 650's, a 670, and the Smart Control), the design just doesn't feel as good in the hand, and doesn't work with the screen and playback buttons positioning.

        IMO $170 is way too much to pay for this remote (especially with no Hub included).

        • +1

          @kirt, does the irony of owning a single remote to command all your components smack you in the face when you look down at your coffee table and see the FIVE universal remotes you own sitting there? I think you're doing it wrong, my friend.

        • @bigrizz:


          Just one universal remote per room in my house (3 x 650's - one in the home theatre, one in the bedroom, and one in the family room).

          The old 525's, 670, Smart Control, and Touch are in the cupboard ;)

        • @kirt:

          Aha! Gotcha. Fair enough. You're off the hook from the universal remote police for now, mate. ;)

        • @bigrizz:


  • These are excellent I have one
    one warning is that its a fixed battery so its hard to replace if it fails

    • I have the RF version which allows you to have a closed cabinet thats cool too

      • +2

        If you get a hub later (say a cheap Smart Control) you can set this one up to use with it over RF.

  • People without the jbhifi code can also buy off ebay.
    Normal price on ebay is $190 so not sure how much of a deal this is.



    Using ebay Voucher code CHOCCY


    • Generic code this time anyway.

  • PC Case Gear sell it for $185

    • Shipping cost usually kills any deal for me at PC Case Gear

  • These universal remotes are the best! I have 3 running in different rooms. The smartphone app is even. And I got it running with my amazon echo, it really brings it to the next level. This is the original ultimate. The new one adds lighting control with Phillips Hue, etc.

  • I hate my Sony remote from my 55X9300D TV, I don't get how they can make a great TV and such a shitty remote.

    Small, clicky buttons with stupid Netflix and Google Play buttons that I never use taking up the best spot (wonder how much they pay Sony for that).

    And you can't even tell which way the remote is at night as it's symmetrical.

    Really frustrating and annoying.

  • All gone by the looks of it.

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