[Price Error] Mac Pro at Qantas Store for 93K points, or 5K points + $520

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A friend brought this to my attention on Sunday morning, but you can get the last generation Mac Pro for 93,000 points (using barometer for 4230 points for $25 Myer gift card, that's only about $549. If you use the Points + Pay slider to reduce the points to 5,000, you only have to pay $520. Not sure if it's a mistake or just clearance, but I ordered one Sunday. Hasn't shipped yet, but should in the next day or so.

Price error (moved to forums): Emails are now coming through confirming the price error. As compensation Qantas are providing 2000 points and a 20% discount code for those who unsuccessfully ordered.

9 News Article - Shopping frenzy as Qantas store mistakenly sells Apple computer at $4000 discount. Thanks cheaper

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    Wow that's 100% a mistake, 5000 points + $500 is completely insane.

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      I think so too, but this model has just been superseded, and I don't imagine many people buy their Mac Pros from Qantas, so maybe they just have heaps of stock and want to get rid of them due to the new model?

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          This model has been superseded. They launched a new model with a minor spec bump keeping the current design. They also announced a completely new design coming sometime after 2017.

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          I'm afraid you're mistaken. The Mac Pro was revised ALONG with the announcements of a new design "not this year".

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          They are the masters of vapourware

          Yeah nah.

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      A quality deal, despite it seems to be a price error.

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        Yeah I wonder too.

        I mean technically once the you have been billed, the contract has been made and you could take them to VCAT or similar to enforce.

        But who could be bothered.

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          There are dozens of examples of companies cancelling orders over "pricing mistakes" and it's a pretty boiler plate term in every online stores T&Cs that they reserve the right to cancel orders. You wouldn't have a chance.

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          Had a look and there is:

          9.1 Order cancellation by the Member:
          a) Once placed, orders cannot be amended or cancelled by the Member.

          9.2 Changes to orders by Qantas:
          a) Qantas reserves the right to refuse to provide any Retail Reward, terminate, remove or edit content or cancel orders (or part thereof) at Qantas’ discretion at any time. Without limiting the operation of any other Terms herein, Qantas will not be held liable for loss or damage arising from the exercise of these rights.
          b) If Qantas cancels an order (or part thereof) a Frequent Flyer Service Centre representative will contact the Member and explain the reason for the cancellation.
          c) If Qantas cancels an order (or part thereof) the Member will be provided with a full refund for the order (or that part). Subject to the reason for the cancellation, Qantas may offer the Member a substitute Retail Reward of equal value instead of providing a refund. The Member may decline to accept substitute.

          This probably explain it, because I always thought they could cancel for honest errors. But a lawyer at work was very of the view they couldn't, but i would guess he wasn't aware of these clauses being used.

          At least we will get a 'reason' for the refund haha

        • @blackfalcon53:

          They're going to be making a hell of a lot of phone calls.

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          @blackfalcon53: Pretty rude they put it in terms and conditions that YOU can't cancel the order BUT they can…

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          @jonathonsunshine: Pretty standard everywhere.

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      shows when in cart
      "The estimated delivery is unavailable"

    • It's coming up as "PTS719,690"
      So I doubt they'll be honoring this

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      No, I think that's just how they differentiate the two models. Read the description. It's the whole thing. Apple doesn't sell parts like that anyway.

      And It's a Mac Pro, NOT a MacBook Pro.

      • -6

        My bad, never heard of a Mac Pro before

    • No one said it was a Macbook pro. This is an entirely different type of Mac compared to the regular run of the mill Macbooks and iMacs.

    • In The Box:

      Mac Pro
      Power cord

    • In The Box:

      Mac Pro
      Power cord

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    This surely is a pricing error

  • Want to see if they'll honour this.

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      Very unlikely that they'll honour the deal.

  • Link doesn't work.

  • lol damn i only have 600 points

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    Phenomenal. Purchased one myself!

  • Just entered it using 5000 points and $500, lets see what happens…

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    Seems like a pricing error, but so so tempted to try it out.

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    I just ordered 1 now.

    • OP edited comment - solved

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    Ordered one with 93k points. I'll see how this will turn out.

  • Received confirmation email and the transaction is pending on my Amex - Let's see what happens.

  • excellent. Bought one with 5k points and $520
    my 93K points are worth more in dollar value so elected to pay $520

    • Decided to do the same, fingers crossed. Lets see how this turns out!

  • Just ordered one 5k + pay. Phenomenal deal if this pans out! Thanks OP!

  • Used 15k points and paid $460.

    Fingers crossed!!

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    Ordered one also. Absolutely amazing deal.

  • -1

    Obvious pricing error is obvious. Thanks for sharing.

  • Do I need this?

    • +19

      Are you new here? lol

      • -1

        I am exactly 2 months old…

        or  10 weeks old
        or  71 days old
        or  1,714 hours old
        or  102,893 minutes old
        or  6,173,629 seconds old

        Already got enough computers so I'm gonna give this deal a pass.

    • +2

      true ozbargain never ask this question…

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    Surely a pricing error. They retail for ~$4000 don't they?

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    This site can’t be reached

    The webpage at https://www.qantasstore.com.au/ might be temporarily down or it may have moved permanently to a new web address.

    • +1

      Works for me still.

  • -2

    Anyone got a promo code?

    • +2

      … what more promo do you need…

      • +5

        C'mon mate. Whenever true Ozbargainers always hesitate when they see a Add promo/coupon code button…

  • Adding my name to the list. Also ordered using 5k points and $520.53.
    I wonder how this will turn out…

  • I just ordered too….time to upgrade my 2010 iMac.

  • +1

    Got one $520 + 5k points…fingers crossed.

  • +1

    What is a quick way to earn ~3000 points?

    I want to give this a shot! :)

    • +3

      You can call and buy points. IT's about $40 per 1000.

      • Thanks, I think I've probably missed this deal/error but I'll remember that for next time.

  • just ordered one…thanks op

  • Ordered one, let's see if they honour

  • Shopping cart

    There was a problem adding an item to your cart. Please try again later

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    Now that this 'deal' is on OzBargain…it is 100% dead

  • Ordered one as well. I don't need it but why not its a bargain price. This is the updated lower priced base model. Thanks OP

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    "but I ordered one Sunday. Hasn't shipped yet, but should in the next day or so." - and because you pasted it to ozbargain, they will now notice all the orders and cancel all of them.

    So I hope you appreciate the upvotes because it just cost you a $500 mac pro lol. Should have waited for it to be delivered before posting.

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      Yep, feel sorry for OP. Should have kept this one to yourself for a while longer.

    • +18

      Yea OP is a true footsoldier, + vote from me for this reason.

    • you lose OP….and everyone else that ordered hahahaha

    • +1

      He/she will get 3 badges possibly, if 10000 clicks reached.

    • -6

      Yep - just goes to show how idiotic the OP is. Deserves to have their order cancelled.

      • +10

        User name checks out.

  • x

    • Move the slider down the bottom.

    • -5

      Heh, not sure why negged…. because ebay? :D

    • +2

      A lot of users don't like the idea of people buying with the intent of making profit when they missed out and actually wanted to purchase the item for themselves to use.

      • -3

        Hmmmm fair enough…. I accept their petty anger towards me.

        But QF will refund my points anyway. Theres no way this is happening. Just a bit of fun for a Monday.

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    I have a sneaking suspicion they'll pick the error up and cancel it when 5000 Mac Pros are ordered in the next 2 hours.

  • I ordered one, see how it goes :)

  • Thanks OP, just ordered one.

  • +10

    don't even know what that is but i got one.

  • +7

    You guys are professionals.

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      that refers to paying 3k USD for a 4k USD original price tag this is $350 USD for a 4k USD price tag, big difference.

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    Pity they didn't limit stock for it then the first few people might have got one as this is probably clearance price. No way they'll order in thousands to satisfy the ozbargain hoards now.

  • still works.
    just placed an order

  • -6

    bought 3, hopefully they honour it!

  • Damnit, I only have 2300 points!!! :(:(:(:(

  • Ordered, received confirmation email and my credit card being charged $520.

  • +5

    lol. 0 will ship.

    • let us dream!

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    Wow, just got one myself. This is the first time I have ever used my points since starting it a few years ago and only racking them up on my Woolies everyday reward card since 2012, I'm lucky I had just enough!

    There's no way this isn't a price error though. Yes, there's a new one on the way - but this is Apple we are talking about - a ~4.5k machine, which doesn't become a ~$500 dollar machine just because a new one gets announced.

    Will be a nice surprise if it goes though.

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    There is an urban legend that someone has ordered 40!!!

    • +7

      Broden lives!!!

        • +1

          this guy, ruining it for others :)

    • How did you find out that? Just wondering.

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