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Donjoy Anaform Power Knee Sleeves - Now $95.95 (Was $119.95, Save $24) @ Better Braces


DonJoy Anaform Power knee sleeves (a pair) reduced to $95.95 SAVE $24 for 4 days only!

These items are perfect for power lifting, Olympic lifting and Crossfit. Unlike other knee sleeves these don't cause discomfort on depth lifts such as squats.

The Anaform Power Knee sleeves delivers knee support, compression and heat retention for general knee pain relief, swelling and mild knee sprains and strains. With mid-level support, the Anaform Power Knee helps provide squat rebound for enhanced performance, textured lining for ventilation and breathability, and neoprene for compression. Thin and lightweight, athletes can wear on the field, in the gym or under clothing for all-day relief. Sold in pairs.

HURRY! Get your pair now. Sale ends 01/05/17 @11:00am

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    • $11 flat rate shipping on all orders. meh.
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    Wow, do these things have gold in them?

    • nah the same stuff Wolverine has to make him stronger ;)

    • Hi Scab, I'm assuming from your comment you feel these knee sleeves are expensive. But the DonJoy Anaform are a high end knee sleeve and are at a comparable price to the other high end knee sleeves on the market.

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    I just buy those 20 buck Elastoplast ones from Cole's and replace them every three months when they get sweaty enough that the velcro no longer holds.

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      But after 12 months you've pretty well paid the cost of these anyway.

      Cheap ones are fine to try out and for some issues, but chalk and cheese compared to others.

      • Took the words right out of my mouth redcreek200

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    well I'm disappointed - saw the word power in the name and expected some kind of battery operated assistance :)

    and these are a good deal for expensive braces, but I will still get the ones from the chemist because they are cheaper and offer the support I need.

  • Best to get some SBD or REHBAND knee sleeves before trying some unknown brand

    • Ly93 DonJoy Performance isn't actually an unknown brand. It's quite popular in USA with NBA and CrossFit athletes wearing these branded sleeves and braces.

  • Is this good for runners knee?

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      I have knee pain right now in my left knee due to aggressive running and zero stretching (I'm up to 185 days of consecutive 12.8km runs on road/footpath surface).

      Just use any knee brace that is tight fitting to give you the stabilization you're looking for. Kmart sell them for $8 and you can also get them from Rebel for under $30. I'd be starting with one of these first before buying a more expensive one. All you need is something that is tight fitting around the knee to hold the knee together. For me, my issue is my patella and the knee brace I have used a few times before (not the Kmart one) works fine. I am getting on top of my knee pain by starting to stretch, so don't need the brace anymore.

      Good luck!


      • You're a champ. Much appreciated!

        • No worries. Always happy to help a fellow runner.

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