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[XB1] Xbox Live Gold 12 Months ~AUD $46.32 ($47.97 NZD) @ Microsoft Store New Zealand


This was similarly posted a week or 2 ago but was removed as not a lot of people could get it working.
It has been put back on sale at the NZ store and I managed to get it working, so got 2 years worth of live for $46.32 per year which is $10 cheaper than anyone online at the moment.

To get the deal you need to:
- Google NZ hotels, pick a random hotel and use their address and phone number for all the billing address details below

  • Create a New Zealand Paypal account
  • Add a credit card which isn't on your normal Paypal account

  • Go to the Microsoft store via the link and make the purchase

  • Add the new Paypal address and again enter the NZ address
  • The purchase should go through as "pending"

My 2 orders were "pending" for 24 hours, when I spoke to the Microsoft store they said it takes 24-48 hours for their billing team to confirm the order.
You won't be charged until the order is confirmed by them.

Setting up the Paypal and completing the purchase only took me 10-15 mins so was worth the time and effort.

If others don't think this is a deal or too much hassle, please report it so a mod can remove the deal. :)

Any questions please let me know!

Screenshot of completed purchase
Screenshot of extended date

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  • And by doing this I can input the code in to my aussie xbox one with an aussie xbox live account and it is valid?

  • Thanks op for the write up of the instructions, order pending processing for me :)

  • I gather you login to the MS store with your Aussie XBox account details (and not create a new NZ account at all).

    Also, you said you purchased 2 x 12 Month Subscriptions. Can you just hold on to the other code for a year to use when the first one runs out or did you have another need for 2 subscriptions? Do they expire?

    Thanks for the bargain by the way! :)

    • +1 vote

      they stack up to 2 years

    • Yes you log in with the same Xbox account details, don't have to change anything!

      Not too sure if the codes expire, I wouldn't think so once they are activated. But maybe do the online chat with Microsoft to confirm.

      Codes are stackable, so you basically redeem them one after the other.

    • Thanks heaps DvD and Shads.

      I just renewed mine in January this year so I'm guessing if they stack up to 2 years I'd be able to use at most 1 of these vouchers (a second voucher would push it over 2 years)?

      • All good!

        Purchased 2 x 12 Month subscriptions and have redeemed both.
        I'm now good for Gold Subscription till 20/02/2020 :)

        Thanks very much Shads! :)

        • My subscription was ending in a couple of weeks so was very glad that I got this to work. :)

          Glad to be able to assist everyone here too, I know it's not the easiest finding good deals on Xbox Live.

  • Thanks OP! bought and redeemed with no issues.

  • Shame you can just use a VPN to locate you in NZ rather than have to setup another PayPal account - and link another card. Good deal though OP, but I'll wait until I can get a sub-$50.

    Question - once you've made the purchase and redeemed, can you then cancel the NZ Paypal account pretty quickly?

    • I think you can close the Paypal account at any time, I closed one of my AUD Paypal accounts linked to my email address, setup the NZ one with the same straight after.

    • I simply removed the linked card and left the pay pal account open.

  • Do this 10+ times
    Create account on G2A (under name of Broden if not already taken)
    Sell for $55 each


  • Hi

    Can I use my Amex that is linked to my Microsoft account instead of a Paypal account?

    So far it's gone through the review and place order page.


    • I tried using my normal VISA but it didn't let me place the order, kept coming up with "cannot process order at this stage". Just meant that the site doesn't accept cards which aren't from New Zealand.

      If it lets you place the order then you should be all good, otherwise you'll need to setup the Paypal account.

      • Didn't work with my Amex.

        I have a small authorisation charge on my card but the order didn't complete and came up with an error.

  • Good deal, if you can't be bothered with the effort and decide to equate time spent/$10 this is another good option. ($55)

  • Anyone else getting an error code after pressing buy and download?

  • When creating the new zealand account, what do we do in the passport section, Whats the workaround?


    Awesome, it worked for me :) Just bought 1 year, extended till May 17, 2018

  • Worked for me too. Thanks OP.

    Great Find! Almost Half Price!

    I used a mate's address in NZ lol

  • Just checked, price has returned to normal $79 as I went grab a second subscription.

  • And they cancelled my order from this yesterday too! So this became a wasted exercise. Getting cranky with Microsoft and live. Would be nice if I could just a get a good deal from them. I have been using the service for around 13 years.

  • has anyone successfully gotten their code?

    • My codes took 24 hours to come through as they were "pending" until their Accounts department cleared the order and payment with my credit card.
      Judging by some of the comments, some people received their codes quite quickly.