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Free Shipping at EB Games


Free shipping at EB Games
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EB Games Australia

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  • Thanks. Works on preorders too.

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      Might be a silly question but why would you get free shipping on ridiculous ebgames pre order prices? Given target, bigw and even jb most of the time undercut them by a fair margin. Is it easy to get a price match after you've paid with delivery?

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        As easy as any other price match with EB. You take your receipt in store after your item has been delivered.

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          Kind of defeats the free shipping ;)

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        think of the carrot points!

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          Hahaha yep .. nearly as good as my bronze frequent flyer miles.

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      Your comment count is ridiculously high

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        Well you keep buying your games there and getting ripped off then…

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          Indeed. EB is only good for exclusive or in store price matching when you've been given an EB gift card by your aunty.

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        I know… I'm very disappointed and I've issued myself a community service order…

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    Now kids, instead of paying postage for your USED games which you thought would arrive NEW (as you ordered them), you'll get those USED games sent free! If you are buying USED games to begin with, then this will continue as planned: they'll be sent free too! If you are hoping to get some stuff we list as in-stock and it happens to be listed for a super-low price, well think again. We like to bait you. We'll adjust your order without your permission before your order is sent, because we really can't count stock properly in 2017. The infrastructure is just not there yet.

    Thank you for your support.
    Here's some carrots!

    -EB GAMES Australia
    Above the law. Above honesty. Beyond integrity.

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      Last time I ordered from EB online, I had one item for delivery by postage and 1 for instore pickup. 2 days later I was notified that neither was instock.

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        Not surprising in the slightest.

        If it's an online order, they don't discount the postage for the 'not-in-stock' items either. So they make adjustments to your order but they don't make adjustments to the total postage costs. They might send only a fraction of what you ordered & they'd rather keep the postage high & have you do the legwork to claim postage costs back for multiple non-sent items. Of course now it's free, so that might be a plus to some…but my days are done with these crooks.

        • Oh really? Ive never checked that. So they never refund the postage cost for each item not in stock? Ill have to go through all the purchases cancelled from a few months ago.

        • @Sammyboy:

          Need more actual customers of EB games to neg these deals in the future to help the community not be victim of EB games horrible (and most likely illegal) trade practices.

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      Good one, Max!

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      Happened to me twice with EB. They peddle second hand games as new and remove baited items from orders but give tiny amount a via PayPal back to compensate after I tell them to cancel the whole order. It's also the first time PayPal hasn't sided with me over a seller, so I've had no recourse.

      Their sale items should be banned from this site until they get their act together.

      I'm glad your post got so many upvotes, people need to know how bad EB games trade practises are online. Mine might get buried under downvotes because I negged the deal based on EB games being dodgy as all hell (valid neg designed to help the community), and the EB games sockpuppetting account brigade won't like that. My post will be buried because this site gives a free pass to certain retailers for sockpuppeting & vote manipulation, EB games of which is one.

      • My post will be buried because this site gives a free pass to certain retailers for sockpuppeting & vote manipulation, EB games of which is one.

        OzBargain does not give a free pass to any retailer. Should you have any genuine suspicion or evidence of sockpuppeting then please report it to moderators via TWAM so we can investigate and action accordingly. We are yet to receive any report of this.

        All users can see every vote made on a deal and by who in the votes tab, please submit any suspicious activity you see, OzBargain also has a number of automated and manual checks in place to stop and/or report any fraudulent voting.

        Please refer to Neil's recent Improving the OzBargain Environment post

        "Don't make up a conspiracy theory. Ask us!"

        Also a reminder of this: "Spot an aggressive or unnecessarily angry comment? Report it by hitting the report link."

        Please report comments, DO NOT retaliate with another aggressive comment and/or personal attack.


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    I didn't buy anything but I did donate to the Starlight week campaign. https://ebgames.com.au/featured/starlight

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      Is this donation tax deductible for the buyer?

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        If not, would EB get the tax deduction?

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        If not, people should donate somewhere else.

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      Donate directly. It's tax deductible

  • Wait for mystery box

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    Would never buy FROM EB. They're hilariously expensive. If you want to support local business and pay a little more, buy from the gamesmen. At least they're an Australian owned, family business.

    • I'd buy from EB if the price is decent. Read a story about a former employee of gamesmen treated really badly so I'd be wary of then.

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        And you think EB Games staff are treated well? You should see how much pressure they put on them…

        • I personally know at least 6 ex eb staff who have all been treated terribly. I'll go so far as to say that some were treated illegally. EB is a terrible business that deserves the same contempt as it dishes out. I'll support jb before I give eb a cent of my money.

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          I think it would depend on branch to branch, but regardless I'd go for wherever is cheaper.

        • @imurgod: Ex employee and it happens a lot. Depends on the manager, but if the manager treats you like shit then the higher ups will look the other way. There are good eggs but the culture in that business overall is toxic.

        • @mooseymoose: I've heard that. Not acceptable in Australia. I'm surprised more staff haven't pursued them for various Management Liability claims.

          The managers are irrelevant. The company culture is a big issue that they need to address.

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          @imurgod: They skirt around the legalities. In my case I did not want to involve witnesses and it was my word against theirs (I recorded as much as I could but it was still admissible). Better off that I just leave, which I did.

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      I cannot recommend anyone to buy from the gamesmen. After organising a special price over the phone for a couple of items and making sure the price included delivery costs, they ended up charging me an extra $40 for delivery anyways. As it took several days for the charge to appear on my credit card and they'd already posted my only choices were to accept the order and extra costs or return everything at my expense and lose on postage both ways.
      When I called back to discuss the extra charges I talked to the same rep who I'd originally dealt with. He outright called me a liar and refused to be of any help. They are dodgy and extremely rude to customers.

      • Wow, I've only used them a handful of times but I found them very helpful. My mate comes from the central coast to shop with them and he loves them. If you're into racing simulations, they have a great selection.

        Are you sure you're not lying about what they told you? :p

        …. See what I did there?

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    On all seriousness, what's generally a good value (ie. competitive prices) to buy at EB? games/console/accessories?
    Reason I'm asking is because I have $200+ credit with them.

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      Price matching games you want is the best bet.

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      Almost none.

      Though they used to run trade in bonuses on new release games there were amazingly exploitable - trade-in a new game for $80 (Stock price $99) after price matching for <$79, get 10% bonus trade credit from member card and 5% bonus from Edge taking it to something like $90. I paid for my XB360 and PS3 by exploiting this on each new release, between different stores. All employees that I know did too!

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    What are these 50 positive voters ordering?
    Everyone knows EB overcharge for their products.

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      Probably very little. There's no one talking about specific bargains, people are talking about how bad EB is, the listings all look very average in price and EB games have enough local stores that free online shipping seems like it would have got a few upvotes and be left at that. Are all the upvoters regional customers with no access to a EB games shop?

      Occam's razor in this case would be to me that some of the 60 upvotes are a result of sockpuppeting and vote manipulation.

      I negged the deal based on a few orders I have put through them ended up being send 2nd hand stock with ripped manuals/boxes or sent in single plastic sleeves (no box/manual), orders missing, being overcharged, ect.

      The sockpuppetting brigade can't have that neg out in the wild, they are downvoting my neg fast because they want others to buy all those crappy damaged 2nd hand games where the decent deals will somehow be missing from the order. How horrible for the community..

      • +1
        • +1

          See now that was actually a great deal (but it's out of stock for online shipping for a while) - it's very suss how that deal has about the same upvotes as this free shipping deal (which started after the other deal ran out of stock).

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        I collect for last gen consoles, current gen pre-owned games, rare games, and special editions. EB are generally the cheapest place to shop at on the market for all four of those things if you know how to use their systems to your advantage. Their price matching policy, while relying on the initiative of others is also pretty much unbeatable.

        I would have picked up around 70-80 items for myself from eb in the last 12 months, and another 100 items for collectors I know, that I picked up because the price was much lower than the market.

        Don't accuse everyone who disagrees with you as being a sock puppet; thinking everyone who disagrees with you has an alterior motive is a really nasty and narrow minded habit to get into.

  • Any good games on sale (under $20)?

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  • Damn it i just ordered something yesterday

    • Well at least their postage is pretty reasonable.

      • Yeah, though I only ordered a $10 game, and postage was $3.50 so I could have saved myself 35%.

        • You would've only saved 26% if it will let you sleep a little easier ;). You would've saved $3.50 on a $13.50 total spend ($10 game + $3.50 postage).

  • Thanks OP! I've been eyeing a copy of Shovel Knight on PS4 since I enjoyed Specter so much on the Switch but didn't wanna bother going to Forest Hill (nearest copy) or paying shipping. Stoked on it. Cheers!

    • how much did you pay? 39.95?

      • Nope. 40 bucks for it was more than I wanted. The 2 for 50 deal was what I did, but there was nothing else I wanted, so I ordered two copies. I'll walk the other into my store when it gets here and say I hit the wrong button and only wanted one. EB are pretty good with returns I've found.

        One time a couple months ago when they were doing a BOGOF thing I grabbed a couple of old PS3 games, ended up being 20 bucks for the pair. One was 20, the other was 18. When I returned them a week later (got bored of the one I actually wanted) they gave me 38 back which was great.

        • I just checked comparegames and JB Hifi has it for 26.67 inc shipping.

        • @Don Pablo: Aww shit. I should have had a look at JB. Oh well, cheers anyways dude. As usual, the odd time EB has something half decent, someone else already is offering pretty much the same deal.

  • Thanks OP, just used the coupon code for the Guardian and Zelda amiibo figures, which have just been added to their website (pre-order).

    • Advent children Cloud looks wicked, so Ive preordered it - free shipping is nice. I think Amiibo in general are a good choice for this coupon.

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    Thank you. i got Persona 5 steelbook finally without shipping fee. They all are sold out at JB and they never know when the next shipment is.

  • +6

    Shame Game went under. Always found them to be a reasonable alternative to EB.

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