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Huawei Nexus 6P 4G LTE 64GB $394 Shipped @ luvyourphone eBay


Huawei Nexus 6P 4G LTE 64GB $394 Shipped.

From the product description

"The phone is in a 'Near New' condition and very similar to a new item. The screen will be 100% mark free with only very minimal hair line marks on the body of the phone. Original accessories will be supplied but we may substitute original accessory brands depending on availability, with a mains charger and handsfree included. The phone will be supplied in original packaging."

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    • What's so funny?

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        It's not that funny

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          So why are you laughing?

        • @0p: lol

        • Ok, now why are you laughing?
          Is this some kind of joke?

  • Note:All phones graded Used or Heavily Used come with 3 month warranty only. Battery warranty for all phones is strictly 3 months

    Bought Nov 2015 form Google and got replacement twice because of the battery issues (covered under google warranty)

  • used phone, used toothbrush…. just gross

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      You put your phone in your mouth on twice-daily basis?

        • I can accept that it's covered with a good variety of germs, but so is every centimetre of your skin and living environment. I'd be interested if there was actual evidence that phone use causes illness (I imagine they might actually prevent it, because no one uses public / pay phones any more!).

    • depends whose tooth brush.

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    I got this phone new one year ago for $550.

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      Thanks for letting us know, I was only just wondering if you had one.

      • I hate Google for this kind of bs. My Nexus 7 (2012) became so slow as to be useless after the first Android update, less than 12 months after I bought it. Factory reset didn't help.

        I also hate Apple but at least our iPad 2 is still useable.

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    The nexus 6p suffers from problems with the battery and the microphone. I'd stay away, especially with almost no warranty.

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      My ones been good, dropped it @ 100ks on the bike. Still works good.

      Are you talking from experience?

      • Yes I have one with the microphone going muffled if not held exactly so that the mic lines up with my mouth. Fixed by rooting and turning off the noise cancelling. Out of warranty, so I can't just get it replaced either.

        • so its fixed.

          not a hardware issue by the sounds of it, simply firmware which is not such a big issue. No need to stay away from a phone like this then

        • @bti_jet:

          A lot of people claim that turning off the noise cancelling doesn't fix it for them, and a number of people have had it fixed by getting a new device. My theory is that it's an issue with variable sensitivity in the microphone components between production batches, which isn't taken into account in the noise cancelling algorithm. Also, when rooted, your phone don't get automated updates, and you can't use google pay.

        • @iampivot:

          Couldn't tell u, the only issue I've had is the Bluetooth disconnects every now & then, but that happened after I dropped it.

          Otherwise doesn't skip a beat. Rooted & flashed since day 1

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      I've had one for a couple of years. Absolutely perfect. The only reason I'd recommend to think twice about this phone is it's only guaranteed security updates for another 17 months.

      But, as you say, lack of warranty is always a concern no matter what the device.

  • I wanted to buy this and looked into the seller - they have a really bad rep for sending out phones that mostly work but have various faults like broken SD card slots. Some folks said it took legal action + 12 months to get their money back.

    • eBay rating seems quite good (46141) 99.2%, curious what source did you use to look up the seller?

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