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20% off Tech at Participating Stores @ eBay


Starts at 10am. Stores include:

  • Gadgetcity
  • Ausluck
  • Avgreatbuys
  • Shoppingsquare
  • custom_hometheater
  • itglobalsale
  • ctd_au
  • futu_online
  • pc.byte
  • oz.buy
  • ambertechonline
  • luvyourphone
  • k.g.electronic
  • futuregear
  • nofrillssydney
  • ryda-online
  • mastore_sales
  • mybigbrandsstore
  • fromchinawithlove
  • buymobileau
  • staplesaustralia
  • nationwideappliances
  • bneacttrader
  • modernpower.solutions
  • asusnotebooks
  • elgato_shop
  • lenovo_australia
  • lapy_king
  • tick_tocks
  • warehouse_1_online

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The offer entitles you to 20% off the purchase price (excluding postage) at Participating Stores on eBay.com.au during the Offer Period, for up to 3 transactions and up to a maximum discount of $1000 per transaction.

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  • +26

    not again …

    • +44

      Haha I know right.

      Why is it that everytime these sales come around I have a complete brain freeze and don't know what to get.

      Then after it's over I'm like damnnn I should've bought xyz in the eBay sale!!

      • +5

        that's what the 'watch list' is for. can make notes too re price when saved.

  • Wow… Another so quick!!

  • +36

    waiting for the price rise to happen

    • +1

      Found the Seagate 1TB External Hard Drive at PC Byte for $99. Even with the discount it's still more expensive than Officeworks at $78. Rats.

  • +27

    yay !!!

    • +109

      What did you do to the real JV??

      • +172

        dad forgot to log off his computer when he went off to the footy.

        he's still not back…

        I'm going to upvote everything !!!

        PS. how do you BOLD text ??

        • +12

          was going to say start posting weird stuff on ozbargain but your dad does a fine job at that. so going to be pretty hard to top that.

        • +19


        • +9

          Hey JV jnr, what does your dad do for a living that he gets to post hundreds of comments on an internet forum all day long? I'm genuinely curious

        • +44

          Nice try jv. No kid adds spaces between exclamation marks !

        • +6

          Please leave room for this being JV pranking.
          If so, nice prank JV, well done

        • So JV is not your mum too?

        • @Gimli: I am the real JV

        • +2

          How much did jv pay to go to the footy?

        • Ahh that confirms he's a guy….

    • +7

      Go home jv, you're drunk

      • Find me a good deal on rum and that will become a reality very quickly :)

    • is there like a history of these famous ozbargainers like broden and jv? i see them alot and get upvoted a lot so popularity much be high but i cant quite put my finger on them why?

  • +32

    inserting premature "code does not work" comment

    • -4

      is 'does not work' code for 'ejaculation'?

      • -2

        I think the code for that is C20THISUSUALLYNEVERHAPPENSTOMEISWEAR

  • +17

    code does not work

  • +9

    Hahaha you ripper! Been planning to build a PC this week and I couldn't buy any parts because there were no OzBargain deals.

    • +15

      Don't get too excited. You'll probably save $5 on MSY prices

      • $5 is better than nothing right? I probably should've added the obligatory 'Prepare for pricejacking' comment.

        • +6

          Praying no more pricejacking, looks like a lot of stuff is already jacked

        • +1

          @Azif: Expect no less.

      • Looking at a WiFi card that comes down to $25 post discount, $19 on MSY. I guess that's not to bad though because it includes postage.

    • -1


    • Ditto. Picked up an i7 7700, CPU water cooler, some DDR4 and Z270 SLI mobo. Delivered is about 5% better than the best prices from pcpartpicker (which excludes postage). I would pay a bit more for instant satisfaction, but the local MSY is all out of stock.

  • +1

    Is anyone else seeing "This page may have moved or is no longer available" when they click on the link?

    • Yeah probably because it doesn't start until tomorrow……..?

      • Yeah I realise that, but I (apparently) incorrectly assumed that the link was already available to view. Obviously I was wrong.

  • -2

    What's this?

  • +6

    Ausluck jacked up iphone's prices!! Been waiting for the tech sales from ebay for months, finally it's here!! But now i really do not know what can i buy..

    • +6

      of course they did.

      Every. Time.

      • +15

        Indeed EVERY SINGLE TIME

        Boycott Ausluck

        • +3

          ctd_au have done likewise. iPhone 7 32gb phones were $899 yesterday. Now they are $979.

        • @unity1: Yeps they do this all the time. I believe the prices posted can be RRP or even slightly higher.

    • +3

      Put in a report to ACCC.


      The more reports that they get, the more chance these retailers will get a warning and will not be tempted to raise prices.

  • +4

    Anyone got a link to search he stores?

    • +20

      search he stores

      that is very manly of you…

  • +14

    Here's some pages I've found that show cameras, phones, appliances, computers, TVs in the sale:




    TVs & Entertainment


    • +4
    • Why do you have Teds Cameras on there when they are not part of the sale?

      • Don't ask me, ask eBay. That's their sale page at the moment for this deal. It might change by 10am when the deal goes live.

        Good pick up though. I wonder if this was a mistake and the coupon won't work at those stores, or maybe it will work until they realise it!

        • I just tried to use the code at Teds and it didn't work. So no Teds this time it seems! If anybody else has had a different experience then let us know.

  • +1

    Bugger, not again.

    • +7

      don't drop the soap then.

      • +3

        but he likes to be clean.

  • +1

    Hopefully the S7 edge will hit a new low!

      • +7

        Find it yourself ffs.

        • +1

          tren, hard

  • 20% discount on S8 please?

    • +3

      yes, they do have it via buymobileau , they are selling it at local price, non Samsung warranty (which is only 12mth instead of 24mth direct from Samsung australia) ..and no VR

      • +1

        I hope people avoid that…. disgraceful.

        • selling grey imports is not disgraceful, however, check my comment below: buymobileau has a habit of cancelling your purchase if they are running out of stock —> now this is discgraceful

        • +1

          selling grey imports is not disgraceful, however, check my comment below: they have a habit of cancelling your purchase if they are running out of stock —> now this is disgraceful

        • +12


          Selling a Grey Import at local price is disgraceful.

        • @scuderiarmani: agree!!

        • @scuderiarmani: Disgraceful it maybe… Seems to work for Gerry and Co.

          What is even more disgraceful is people actually buying at that price and shopping at Hardly Normal.

    • -1

      You'd better wait and see if there will be new explosion news in next few months first…

  • +6

    Wait for them to Jack up the price by 18% to give you a realistic 2% discount.

    • +6

      1.18 * 0.8 = 94.4% which means a 5.6% discount.

      • +1


        Ok… 2% it is. :P

  • +9

    Yay! I love price jacking!

    • +1

      Lol bearosaurus missed his cue

  • +3

    Any RaspberryPi 3 deals from any of those participating stores?

  • Did anyon spot oneplus 3t in participating stores?

      • +1

        Naah.. Other store are selling this for around $550 without any discount..

    • if you're in no rush the oneplus 5 should be coming out in june

  • hoping to get a gopro hero5 black for less than $440… heres hoping they don't jack up the prices

    • nofrillssydney or rydaonline will probably have it.. got it from one of those stores (can;t remember which one) for around $450 in jan

  • +6
    • +1

      Not working

      • +2

        Not sure why im getting negged? "One or more of the seller user IDs you entered was not found." Im using google chrome.

        • +1

          Doesn't work for me either - same message

        • +3


          When someone usually posts the link u don't need to edit it

        • @terahammer: Hey tough guy

      • +5
      • SOLUTION: After loading this search link… Simply enter what you want to search for in the Ebay search box that says "insert-search-term-here" and it should search just the required stores :-)

        Eg, disregard the error when loading the initial link…

  • dang bought a router yesterday

    • -1

      1-Refuse delivery.
      2-Buy it again.

  • Some possible Galaxy S8 / S8 Plus deals from buymobileau (Grey imports)…. thoughts??

    S8 Plus - $1,079.20 (free postage) - http://www.ebay.com.au/itm/Samsung-Galaxy-S8-Plus-64GB-4G-LT…

    S8 - $959.20 (free postage) http://www.ebay.com.au/itm/Samsung-Galaxy-S8-64GB-4G-LTE-/22…

    • +2

      yes, grey imports, and buymobileau has a habit of cancelling your purchase if they are running out of stock.

    • +2

      have a look at their reviews… 91%? no thanks

      • -1

        Lol don't rate a seller purely due to 91%. Look at Shopping Square they are at 98.9% but they are so dishonest and dodgy.
        Looks like quite a lot of the 91% was due to "Fake Item Location, actually sent from HK".

    • +2

      Terrible feedback from that seller

  • +3

    Here we go again

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