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JBL Everest Elite 300 NC BT On-Ear Headphones - $129 + $11.90 Shipping @ TVSN


It looks like a pretty good deal on a decently reviewed pair of headphones (and not to be confused with the base level JBL Everest 300, which doesn't feature noise cancellation). Below is the listed set of key features (hyperbole included at no extra cost)

Key Features;

• Connect to any Bluetooth enabled device for amazing sound quality without the hassle of wires
• These On-Ear headphones are ergonomically designed to fit the unique contour of your ears, you will experience unprecedented comfort
• For the first time, JBL combines the immersive experience of active noise cancelling technology and lets you control the amount of outside noise to let in
• With the press of a button, TruNote Technology automatically calibrates the sound of the headphones uniquely for you
• Experience greater simplicity and a longer battery life with the auto off feature which powers the headphones off automatically when not in use
• Built in microphone with echo cancellation technology delivers natural sounding calls

JB Hi-Fi has the same model in black and red for $299 - https://www.jbhifi.com.au/headphones-dj/headphones/jbl/jbl-e...

The lowest on Amazon is US$153 + shipping - https://www.amazon.com/dp/B01D0CEM9E/sr=8-3/qid=1494189450/r...

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  • These or QC35?

  • Please consider adding "On-Ear" to title and description.

  • Is it too soon to ask if these are coming from Colombia?

  • Expired already? It still adds to cart at this price.

  • I wonder why there were no reviews even though it is on clearance.

    • The TVSN website doesn't appear to be a hotbed of active feedback on pretty much anything they sell - even their bestsellers only appear to get one or two reviews.

  • sold out

    • Yeah it was limited stock to begin with. It's no surprise that it sold out quick when Ozbargained.

      • Now it looks to be in stock again - though listed as limited stock still.

        • Now currently listed as out of stock and shows so when trying to put it into the cart.

          It was probably just a case of peoples carts were expiring and a few of the stock went back into the system and then sold out again. I believe when an item on TVSN is added to the cart, the stock status for it is reserved for nearly an hour.

  • Now showing as back in stock with limited stock status and it's adding to the cart. You better be quick. I guess more peoples carts have expired without paying and gone back into the system stock.

    I don't need it myself as i already bought one from TVSN last Thursday for the $129. My bad as i neglected to post the deal on Ozbargain, a bit naughty!.

    I'll have to see how it stacks up against my Marley TTR over-ear headphone set when i actually receive the JBL Elite 300 headphone set it in the post.

  • Keep checking as every now and then it goes from out of stock back to limited stock and adds to the cart. You might get lucky if you keep checking but you have to be quick. It's currently back in stock for the moment. I'm thinking there's peoples cancelling their orders or some thing.

  • I got mine today and it seems to be quite good. Doesn't have as much bass as my Marley TTR over-ear headphone but still quite good. It does seem to have better treble.