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Sygic Navigation Lifetime Software for Android or iOS 19.99€ (~ $29.55 AUD) (Premium World Maps Or Australia and NZ+Traffic)


For the next 24 hours, you can buy the Sygic navigation software (lifetime license) for Android and IOS.
Australia and New Zealand (lifetime) maps and traffic $27.99
Australia and New Zealand (lifetime) maps only $22.99 (reg $65.69)
World (lifetime) maps and traffic $41.99 (reg $139.97)
World (lifetime) maps only $27.99 (reg $111.96)

You buy the lifetime IOS license by downloading the free app, selecting the Sygic store and purchasing your desired plan.

For those who aren't interested in Sygic, you can use:
Waze (free)
Google maps (free)
Apple maps (free)
Tomtom (free for first 80 or so kms)

Sygic is fairly well respected in the IOS App Store (2247 people rated it an average of 4.1 out of 5). Has nice features like lane guidance, speed cameras, crowd sourced radar information and live traffic (if you include it in your lifetime purchase).

If I didn't pay for Sygic, I'd probably recommend Waze. However, in South Australia, Waze is not reliable and frequently directs me the wrong way, even on basic trips.

If anyone has feedback on Sygic, please share it as I've only just started using it.

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  • +1

    I think Nokia own one too?

    • +4

      They owned HERE maps but now sold it to private consortium

      • However it's still decent and free isn't it?

        • yup - just added ads though I think

  • +8
    • +4

      I voted Here wego 5*
      The only issue is no lane guidance

    • +2

      I use Here for while. It is really good.

    • +1

      Same here… Really useful, especially when you have poor phone reception like on Fraser Island or drive overseas. Was a great help driving in New Zealand. Just make sure to tick the box 'use offline' and download maps in advance. Sadly you can't use it in Japan.

  • +14

    in South Australia, Waze is not reliable and frequently directs me the wrong way

    Too many Port supporters using it…

    • +2

      Port supporters using it

      Correct, drinking port will make you go the wrong direction while driving.

  • For free apps, i prefer Here to Google. Google maps is giving wrong route quite often in NSW. Last year I once almost missed my flight in Perth because of Google maps.

    However neither GG maps nor Here provides lane information.

    May I ask any free apps provide that?

    • +25

      You missed your flight because you were too late.. Don't worry has happened to me too. Accept responsibility 😊

      • -11

        No. I would have missed if i had not switched to Here we go

        • +5

          You haven't learnt the lesson yet my friend.

          Let me clarify that for you.

          The lesson was not to use a smarter GPS app, it was to be early and have more time to spare.

        • +3

          :) got it. Thanks.

  • I used to have cracked version of Sygic and TomTom. I was very happy with Sygic.

    We upgrade phone on almost a yearly basis. I wonder if we can reinstall Sygic as many time as we like, and if we can have it on more than one phone (like, one google account on two phones)

    • +1

      I believe you can

    • yes you can.

    • I managed to get a few different GPS to install to an iPhone including Sygic, but i found that TomTom had the best map data out of all if them, and theres no substitute for it.

      The only downside to TomTom is its not good at working with just a street name, which means its helpful to know the exact suburb of your destination.

      Google Maps is not bad now that it allows offline areas but it likes to take me down long dirt roads when theres bitumised ones nearby i could have used. TomTom asks if you want to avoid dirt roads and generally will favour bitumised routes rather than always taking the shortest, disregarding the surface.

  • +6

    Google maps is alright. What is the advance of Sygic?
    Is it really lifetime? Or will they unsupport this and release another app?

    • +2

      Main advantage is that it works offline

      • +1

        there are a LOT of free gps apps that work offline… something like https://www.beonroad.com/ free offline gps is perfect

      • +5

        Google maps works offline ;)

        • +3

          offline isn't available to all areas. Try China/Japan/North Korea for example

        • +6

          @allenhori: North Korea, seriously? haha

        • +6


          Those areas won't be available on the ANZ maps this deal is for anyway?

        • +1

          @allenhori: but on google maps, you can download the map of any specific country/city/region to your phone before going there.

        • +2

          @samBee: that's what I said, if you try Tokyo for example, it won't allow you to download. But using it online is fine.

        • +1


          I'm more tempted to these 2:

          World (lifetime) maps and traffic $41.99 (reg $139.97)
          World (lifetime) maps only $27.99 (reg $111.96)

        • @allenhori
          was always wondering why? really inconvenient

        • @allenhori: add Thailand to that list. Doesn't work for me.

    • +7

      google maps doesnt have features like speed camera, speeding warning, which lane to stay etc i found those features really useful when driving on foreign soil

  • Are there any apps for Android that reliably tell you what the current speed limit is? Also warn if you are over would be nice..

    • +2

      Waze seems to do this pretty well - speed indicated in the lower corner of the screen, flashes up red when you go over.

    • The app Speed Cameras & Traffic by Sygic does this

    • +4

      HERE WeGo - Offline Maps & GPS(play.google.com) displays speed limit and warns if over ( you can set at how much over it warns you). I have always found it very reliable.

    • I have been using a car dashboard app that shows on screen and warns when over the speed limit, Automate ( https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.bitspice.a... ). I generally just use google maps as the navigator with it but do have lifetime sygic as well. It works with most of the main navigation apps.

      The Sygic implementation shows the current speed limit when it changes or when you are speeding and only shows for a minute or so, not so good on long roads if you miss the change and want to know the speed limit. The automate display of current speed is permanently on the main screen but it is small and light blue, I find it hard to see. See image here, current speed is the 115kmh bit in red, speed limit is the light blue [50] https://lh3.googleusercontent.com/dyutCHOvned0MBdoymipRGyTh-...

    • I use Drivemode. Has a lot of other features too, like text to voice for speaking incoming SMS, music, maps, etc

  • +6

    I've been using it for maybe 18+ months and it's all I use.
    Got it on special, but it's worth every cent at full price if you are after a paid product.
    Doesn't stuff up and it accurate and as I work night shift, I use the HUD option, which is excellent. Big and colourful on the windscreen and does its job.
    Has all the warnings for everything from speeding, sharp bends to railway tracks, red light cameras etc…
    I'm out in the country and drive 50+ Km's to work at a small country town and it shows all the smaller roads and speed limits fine.
    Got Homer Simpson and Snoop Dog's voices for a laugh. Snoop's is o.k, but Homer is good and has some good phrases for different things. Obviously becomes very repetitive after time, so I change to something else and bring him back in a few months or so. Kids love Homer.

    I prefer this to a GPS unit as it's quick to throw on the cradle and chuck in my pocket when I leave the car, so don't worry about it being knocked off from either the cradle or glove box.

    Have used some of the free apps mentioned and they are good. Definitely try them, but as I said, for a paid product, I think it's worth it.

    Edit, when I changed phones, it reinstalled fine onto the new one after logging in to my sygic account.
    The offline feature on it is great. No problems.

    • +1

      How you instal Homer in Sygic?

      • +1

        Can't remember the exact process as it's been at least 18 months, but I pretty much bought it in their store and followed the instructions in the settings once it showed up as purchased.

      • Last I checked celebrity voices are no longer available.

    • Does it have traffic?

      I really only use sat nav to find the least congested route.

    • I just downloaded it and it seems alright.

      But after some testing, the app seems to really struggle with specific house/street numbers. It seems to find the general street and a general number alright, but if you type in a specific house number e.g. 3, it may route you to 13 or 23 or something like that. I wonder why it does that?

      That is a disadvantage for me, as opposed to Google where they direct you to exactly to the letter. Is it due to lack of map accuracy?

      I'm ready to pay for the pull upgrade as I want to use it when we drive overseas later in the year. Does anyone know it's performance overseas?

      Edit: I've bought the app since and found out you can get 5.4% cashback for iTunes?!? Don't forget people!

  • +2

    I like OsmAnd.

    10 best GPS app and navigation app options for Android

  • Does it work with Android Auto?

  • +2

    Does it have speed camera warnings?

    • -1

      Probably not because they have a separate app with iap just for that feature. LoL

      • And that was last updated November 2015!?!

        They should really clarify, as the Sygic Nav app states that it shows speed cameras?

        • I'll verify it for android app tonight, still have $88 telstra credit expire on august. :)

        • +2


          Don't think you can use your Telstra credit on the sygic eshop? Btw the version on the eshop site and that on Google Play have some subtle differences. E.g. the former covers Japan as part of Asia but the latter doesn't.

        • +2

          @ntb: You cannot pay for it with Google Play. I tried but it directed me too their website. Don't know if we can pay it with Google Play

        • -1

          @WantToPayLess: Google Play shows this app offer in-app purchase with item ranging from $10-$39.99, and I could see the option to "Restore Google Play" but we have to give them out CC details instead of using Google Play account??? How did Google even let this one slip through?

        • @ntb: I confirmed with Sygic. They do not support any form of Google Wallet at the moment. Only credit cards.

        • +1

          @ranagade: This is from their own site does that makes them liars? My guess is that they are trying to avoid paying the 20% cut to GG while Apple will never allow developers to take CC directly in their App store.
          "Premium licenses purchased via Google Play store:
          Some of premium licenses for GPS Navigation & Maps Sygic can be purchased also in-app and processed directly via Google Play store. Google in-app purchases don't provide you with a product code since they are bound to your Google account. Your license is automatically activated after you make a purchase.
          To restore your purchase, login to the Google Play Store with the Google account which you have used for making the purchase, start Sygic, go into Sygic Store -> Restore/Manage your purchases -> Activate/Restore -> Restore Google Play. If you get asked to log in, use the Google option."


        • @ntb: Hmmmm. I wonder if the discount is available via the in-app purchase!

        • @ranagade: there's no in-app, support told me they would include it in the next update, so basically it means they disable iap during sale to avoid paying fee for GG. LOL.

          "You can use only payment card or paypal for payment.. Google play payment is not available at the moment. We are working on it and it should be available in one of the next updates, but as of right now we only support payments using a credit or debit card or a paypal account via our eshop."

          PS and sale is still on.

    • +3

      only does if you purchase the full package. Speed cameras, speed limit, i got it for iOS, does its job brilliantly.

      • What are you referring to when you say full package ?? I'm confused. Please help

      • What are you referring to when you say full package ?? I'm confused. Please help

    • .
      Yes,it does

      • Thanks, is that on the Android version?

  • No love for Maps.Me?. Will check out the other suggestions. Thanks!

    • +1

      +1 for Maps.me I survived 3 countries 2 weeks ago without 3G or wifi (besides the hotels) even on the road car hire in Japan I only used this. The offline map is reliable azz.

  • is a license for both ios/android?

  • +1

    Thumbs up for Sygic,everything apart searching function is perfect, especially GPS seems to be very sensitive with this app, well worth the price overall,IMHO

  • Can I pay with Google play balance?

        • +2


          Ignore the troll, you can't pay with google credit…

  • So is the $28 for a cross platform licence or do i have to buy each individually?

    • Only for Android and only have data Oz and NZ. if want to use other countries, you should consider the World version.

  • Is this going to work with HondaLink in a 2016 Jazz? And will it work while the car is in motion?

    • +1

      I believe HondaLink uses a different version of Sygic to this one on offer.

  • Waze is a free app and also notifies of traffic, speed limit and speed cameras

  • SA country users here and currently find Sygic pretty nice to use, bought it around Christmas during their sale and have been using it happily since. If lane guidance, heads up display and other smaller features like that aren't really for you then Here Maps or Sygic Free is probably best for you.

    Waze has been a love hate relationship, I have spent a lot of time improving the map but I find it lacks a lot of POIs and can be somewhat painful to use in a lesser traveled section (foothills and country enviroments).

    • Hey you SA fellow,

      How r you doing down there? Everything closes at 5 anyway what's the hurry to get anywhere..


  • +2

    What countries does the 'World' licence include? Are we no longer part of the world according to Sygic?

    • +1

      If you click "Go to deal" then "See all features" it has a list of all the countries it includes. The world licence includes all the countries that the Australia & New Zealand licence includes, so we are in fact part of the world.

      • Nice! I didn't see that dropdown. World looks very good! It would've helped in korea and Japan where you can't download offline maps in GOogle.

  • +4

    I bought a "lifetime" subscription for sysgic a few years ago. Not used it in a while, needed to take a trip and thought I would install it on my Nexus7 '13. The app has changed and guess what? Now I need to pay for it all again. Send them an email and chatted with someone about my "lifetime" subscription and was told, oh, we had an update to a different app look and new subscription model… it still works, but I get very limited access to functions and maps. Meh, just gone back to Waze, it's free and gets updated with real time alerts and quick map issue fixes.

    • +2

      You make a valid point, companies change their minds about subscription plans all the time, who's to say Sygic wont do this again.

      I had a look at my invoice, and emails for proof of purchase, and it does not say "lifetime" anywhere, I'm guessing they did this on purpose, just in case they do change their minds later about the subscription plan?

      So I guess, take screencaps as proof?

    • That sucks, and reinforces my greatest fears as well.

      Who supports Sygic, are they owned by a big corporation like Google? How can they give me the confidence to believe they'd be around for long enough to give me a lifetime support on this products? Unless they're referring to their product's 'lifetime' and not my lifetime? lol

    • Same as me. Can still load maps but traffic is now an additional purchase. Not sure if lane guidance still works, I have a feeling no. Otherwise yea it's good, been around for ages. I've personally been using it more than 5 years, or rather have had it installed at various times over that period..

  • Thanks OP Bought one

  • May i ask how long for the lifetime?
    About 3 years?

  • +1

    Sygic is probably the best I've used. HERE would be the next step down. I made the mistake of switching from Sygic to HERE in the car in Sydney once, and instantly got funneled into the wrong lane and forced to pay an unnecessary toll.

    Advanced lane guidance is a PAIN IN THE NECK. But it has been on all GPS apps I've used.

    e.g. I went to Sydney and 80% (or more) of the time it was difficult to tell WHICH lane it's showing you should be in. Partly because it often doesn't show which split to take until you're right on that point (or just past it, grr…) where you have to make a choice or be funneled off in the wrong direction - and partly because stupid government often divides the lanes with obstacles for hundreds of meters (like short reflector poles and solid lines), long before the screen map splits into 2/3/4 lanes.

    In most cases I had to slow to a crawl, watch the screen, and try to guess which lane the map was going to point to. Often I had to guess by matching (hoping) the road angles I saw on the screen, matched the angles ahead of the road I could see through the windscreen. I was often in a cold sweat because of watching traffic around me, coming up behind in the rear view mirror (due to me slowing down to 30-40km/h waiting for the map to show the lane split), watching the phone, road signs, looking for double-unbroken lines, so I didn't get locked into the wrong lane, etc. - all at once. It might be different with a passenger. But due to traffic I often had to look up right at the time it suddenly became obvious which lane I was meant to take.

    • Have you tried a garmin GPS with voice command (to operate and search), life time free map updates, lane guidance , real photo junction view, real good GPS reception that still works in the deep city or cloud/rainy day, robust build quality that will not overheat or afarid of dropping on the ground?

      • Garmins can still give you grief, no device is perfect. I sometimes run both Garmin and phone app like Sygic or gmaps for backup and confirmation that I'm being taken the right way.

      • The problem (with all the ones I've seen), you can only sometimes see the colour line ahead over the lane you're meant to "come out" on… but even then, it's often not until the road physically splits (viewing through the windscreen) from 3 side-by-side lanes out to different angles, you know which lane their line is drawing over. I had to zoom out on the map, slow right down, and try to judge where the lane I was in was going to angle off to. Hope the line 'redraws' on the correct lane in time, before I run out of room to change lanes. One I clearly remember in Sydney… There was several lanes before some toll tunnel. They were shown as one line on the screen, with lane guidance. Before you can tell (through the windscreen) which lane the GPS is drawing over, the council has these stupid ~50cm vertical bars every few meters, sticking up out of the road to divide the lanes - something like 200m before the lanes even split! Signs saying 'this way to xyz' are useless, because you're heading to abc, and because you don't come from there, you don't know you have to go through the xyz on the sign, to reach abc which is the next suburb over. Anyway, there stupid poles forced me into a toll lane long before you could tell which lane you're meant to be in. Then I couldn't move over despite being the only car on the road. (Poles would have damaged the car.)

  • +2

    this maps, seems not support live search street name while typing, so you would need to typing the whole street name corrently, then hit search?

    Also it askes you to input street no. then street name, then city, then state….

    seems very 1980s

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