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Supercheap Auto - 25% Off Sitewide. Free Click N Collect Available.


Super Cheap has 25% off everything on their website. Use code MAYHEM.

Ends midnight Wednesday 17 May.

*excludes freight, gift cards, tyres and servicing

This is part of Click Frenzy deals for 2017

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Supercheap Auto
Supercheap Auto

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  • Beat me by 50 seconds :)

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      Sowwy :)

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      Undercut undercut you!

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      Cash Rewards need to pull their fingers out and get Super Cheap on board I'm calling out to Tightass

    • I got pissed by all these price jacking, what's the point of sale when you jackup your prices. So I shop at http://www.sparesbox.com.au instead, ordered a few oil filters and some other stuff, turn out of be cheaper and free shipping for my order.

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    if you know someone with rewardgateway (like cashrewards for corporates) can also get 15% discounted instant egift cards for a double discount :)

    • Hmm that's me. If I can stack, I had better look for some deals.

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      Can only get 10% via entertainment book

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      Do you have a link to the website for this scheme?

  • Looks like it includes already-discounted items. Cool.

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    Just had a look at some random things and found

    http://www.supercheapauto.com.au/Product/Stanley-FatMax-Xtre... for $147.99

    I wondered if that was a regular price for an item like that, and found it for $79.95 + shipping at https://www.toolmart.com.au/43-649.html

    I dont know if thats a price jacking or SCA's regular price, so pays to do research anyhow!

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      It seems like they have some items that have frequent heavy discounting and the discounted price is really the "normal" price. But then other lines where a discount is genuine.

      For example that Stanley tool chest that is $150 half the time and $500 the other half. It was and never will be worth more than $150.

    • Wow.. who would have thought a huge difference and I thought 25% off was a pretty good.. What a RIP OFF!.
      Thanks for the find!

    • I've been keen on getting a drill press. It was advertised for $99 last week, and is now up to $149, so its still more expensive than normal even with this discount

  • Damn It… Bought a Trickle Charger for my Motorbike last week…Grrrrrr

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      Buy another, return it with the higher reciept

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        Did you put it on your Club card? if so, they should give you credits for the difference

        • Does that work if they have a coupon code to do the % off instead of putting it on sale (i.e. reducing the price directly?)

          Also does it work if you used credits to buy the item in the first place?

        • @toomuchdogfur: oh sorry, I didn't read the deal and didn't know it was a code discount

        • I rang their main number. I said it doesn't work out that way on storewide sale like this one. Has to be when specific products get cheaper. Bummer as I spent $160 6 days ago😦

        • Email from Supercheap says "Sorry as this 25% off discount applies to your subtotal, it cannot earn you additional best Price Rewards credits".

        • @hen dawg:

          Just buy again and return new items with old receipt. It works if you can be bothered, which every ozbargainer should be.

  • Is this helicopter any good? It would be my first one ever so I have no idea about technicality.
    Product description does not say what kind of battery is required.

    • +1

      Looks ok but I prefer radio control over infrared. It would be pretty stable to fly. Battery would be inbuilt for the helicopter and probably aa for the control.

    • You want to buy Macca's for ants

  • Need a light bar for our daughter's car as she'll be driving at night in the country. Any suggestions or tips please?

  • Is it Amazon that's shivering the dudes? eBay, SCA ??
    Damn, HN is exception :)

  • Looking for a car battery charger and jump starter combined? Do they make these? Or two separate units?

    EDIT: Or something that can quick charge the battery to be able to start a car instead of taking all night etc.

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    • Now $2! :)

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        $2 x 0.75 = $1.50, which is the price they were referring to

    • +1

      Thanks :) grabbed 5 pairs :D cheap cheap :D

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    "Ends 11:59pm AEST" which isn't midday.

    • Edited, thanks

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    5 dollar to register to get the $10 credit?

    • 25% MAYHEM code applies to the $5 club registration
      i just did it ;)

      pay for the registration in a seperate transaction, activate your membership, then use the credit on this - brings it down to $42.50

  • Time for an oil change.

    • hope you didn't mean "oil" :P ;)

  • where do you put the code? is it after you click submit payment?

    nvm found it

    • +1

      I had trouble with that too. If anyone else is looking for it it's on the very first step ("Review Cart") of the checkout process. There is an "Add Coupon Code" button just below the delivery options and above "Total Payable" and "Proceed to Next Step" button.

  • When I select pick up it says "pick up today" does that mean I literally have to pick it up today?

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      Nope you can pick up anytime after they send you the pickup ready email/txt.

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    $1.25 off for membership too

  • Website going down?

    • works for me

  • Anything worth getting? I need a good jack for a VZ Holden Wagon and oil

  • I have some giftcard amounts left. Do they accept giftcard as a payment method if ordered online? (Note: not trying to buy giftcard, just paying using giftcard). I can go into store, but not sure if this deal will be available in-store, by just quoting special code?

    Thanks for any info.

    • +1


      • BTW I just found out it is possible to do a partial payment with giftcard and the rest with other methods.

  • Can we use egift cards in store?

    • +1

      Yes, and can even split payment - partial giftcard, and some other method.

      • +1

        Nice. 10% off with the entertainment book. If they arrive by tomorrow, great. If not, next time.

        • Didn't know that (10% from EB). Learn something new :-)

  • I just bought some nanolicous car wash! I'm super keen to give this stuff a try..

  • +1

    I have some $100 gift cards which I brought for $85 just nothing to buy…..would be getting a 40% discount off $100!

    • petrol chainsaw $75 (~$65).

  • +1

    Also free delivery for parts. Just replaced both my rusty old wiper blades for $24 with free shipping! Cheers OP.

  • Silly question but what is a good brand for wiper refills?

  • http://www.supercheapauto.com.au/Product/Black-Decker-Cordle...

    Is this a good buy? Been looking for sometime

    • I bought the drill driver in the last sale for $75 and so far it's been far better than the ozito it replaced. Keep in mind the battery takes a long time to charge, not sure if it's a better charger in this kit

    • +3

      Work up on the wet and dry sandpaper. Start at 400 until you get to 2000 grit. Use a spray bottle to ensure constant water while sanding. Alternate stroke direction between grits. Finish with some heavy cutting compound, then wash well and spray with "Dupli-Color Touch-Up Paint - Top Coat Clear". I did it 6 months ago and it's still looking great. Cost much less than a kit, and same result compared to when I used a kit in the past.

      • Do at your own risk! :)
      • +1

        If you're going to top coat clear, DON'T BUY ANYTHING IN A RATTLE CAN, with one exception.
        It's acrylic, and isn't going to weather well over multiple years.
        You want 2k paint
        You click the bottom of the can in, and it mixes the paint.
        Please look up safety before spraying 2k though.

        Usually, this step is just for UV protection, and waxing the headlights regularly with your weekly wash handles that.

        • Dupli-color has weathered fine for 6 months. The included lacquer in the kit I used previously did not last this long.

        • There are enamels that are UV stabilised now, you can use those too, rustoleum 2x makes one as seen in the Chrisfix youtube

    • None of the above.
      You usually wont need to go harsher than 1200grit sand paper.
      Then 2000 grit sandpaper.
      Then Meguires PlastX

      • Depends of the depth of oxidation.

  • Do they accept change of mind returns? I bought a pressure cleaner yesterday, still haven't opened it.

    • +1

      They're usually pretty good for change of mind / wrong product, always got a refund.

      • +2

        Got it refunded :)

  • Does anyone knows how long it takes for the Entertainmentbook SCA gift card to be issued? Stated on the website to allow 2 business days. As the deal ends midnight tomorrow, it's short of the 2 business days. :(

    • +1

      Received mine on the same day

      • I ordered mine last night 11pm got it 3pm today.

        • arghh… too late, I already made my purchase on SCA as I didnt want to take the risk.

  • +1

    prices just went up. I was checking price for the air compressor. It was $149, then I refreshed page and it went to $152.9

  • Thanks OP. Needed some car detailing products and this promotion was timely.

  • Hm will see how much they increase the prices…..

  • Yep, some serious price jacking going on. I actually saw a page load and a price go from thirty something dollars to over $40.

  • +3

    Looking at roof racks - RRP from manufacturers site is $393; SCA price is $407. Admittedly with 25% off its a reasonable discount, but its a pretty silly thing to be doing

  • 25% off on Gerni! Just in time, save nearly $200. Thanks

  • A drill and a jigsaw delivered to my door for $37.44. Ridiculous!

    I don't even need a jigsaw.

  • +2

    25% off on Gerni!

    Bought a 120.5 PCAD for $186.75 (RRP $249). This compares favourably with the 120.5PC at Bunnings for $199. The "AD" basically gets you 2 or 3 extra attachments, such as a pipe for drain cleaning, which individuallly are worth more than the $50 difference in standard RRP.

    Also went to Bunnings and got them to price beat some other Gerni accessories. It's notoriously hard to get Bunnings to price beat anything so I'm rapt with the results.

    Thanks OP!

  • Bought a $189.00 fuel filter for Toyota Corolla for 130.00 (using a $100 gift card bought a 5% off from Woolies).

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