expired Fly on The Etihad Residence (3 Room Suite in The Sky) from $31,000 to Europe or NYC and Receive $4000 Cash Card @ Escape Travel


Fly on The Etihad Residence (3 Room Suite in The Sky) to Europe or NYC and Receive a $4000 Cash Card - Exclusive offer from EY.

First 5 bookings win a bonus $1000.00 (Only 30 bookings will receive voucher).

email: jose.bishop@escapetravel.com.au

2 of the bonus $1000 have been redeemed - Only the next 3 will receive a bonus $1000.00

A few people have inquired the difference when one poster searched online for pricing and received 20604 one way

If you have a look the 20604.12 price is coming up on the option with Boeing 777 flights for one sector. If you click on it gives you a warning that the entire flight is not in the same travel class. Meaning it will not be all Residence.

This is due to there only being the Residence on a380's and not the 777 so you will have to split the fare with First Class and as a result drops the fare below our rate.

Direct with Etihad the price comes to 46599.54, therefore our price is discounted plus the Bonus Cash Cards.


Manufacturer: B/E Aerospace

Each A380 will have one The Residence available for single or
double occupancy.

The Residence has a total area of 125 square feet.

Living Room:
· 60.4 wide two-seater reclining sofa, upholstered by Poltrona Frau
· Electronic seat controls and in-seat massage
· Retractable ottoman, upholstered by Poltrona Frau, with built-in carry-on stowage
· Chilled mini-bar in ottoman (chilled for up to 15 hours)
· Dual 23 dining tables with custom marquetry
· Full height (64 sliding doors )
· Custom-designed carpets
· Three design/color schemes, featuring unique upholstery, table marquetry and custom carpets will be introduced across the A380 fleet

· double bed, upholstered by Poltrona Frau
· Under-bed stowage
· Side table with integrated drawer
· Headboard with reading lights and ambient lights
· Backlit fret-work walls and signature projection light
· Full-length wardrobe

Ensuite Shower-room:

· Full-height shower (4 minute cycle)
· Toilet
· Vanity unit with magnifying make-up mirror
· Hairdryer

· Personal Inflight Butler
· 5-star dining by Inflight Chef
· Custom menus on request
· Luxury bedding, amenities and shower products
· Sleep suits
· Luxury limousine transfers

Example Pricing:

2 passengers to New York from $58,000

1 passenger to New York from $46,000

2 passengers to New York from $48,000

1 passenger to Abu Dhabi from $37,000

2 passengers to London from $54,000

1 passenger to London from $41,000

email: jose.bishop@escapetravel.com.au

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