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WD Elements 1TB Portable Hard Drive $68.00 @ Officeworks


1TB WD Elements Portable Hard Drive for $68.00 at Officeworks for Tax Time Special

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  • Thanks for the heads up.

  • Is this good for an Xbox one?

    • Should be fine, depends on how many games you want to keep. If most of your games are digital or you aren't a person to uninstall games, then you'll probably fill it up pretty quickly. I would recommend at least a 2TB or even a 3TB drive if your using it for Xbox.

      • thanks thought as much.

      • I've got 1TB of extended storage on my 500GB PS4. I already had the drive lying around, otherwise I might've gone with a 2TB instead, but I think that 1.5TB of total storage is going to be fine for me long-term.

        I managed to fill most of the space by installing almost every disc-based game I had, plus a bunch of digital and PS+ games. But going forward, I think if I'm even a little bit realistic about what games I keep in storage, there's plenty of space. I have about 55 games installed at the moment with a bunch of DLC and still have about 200GB available.

        If there's not a lot of price difference between drives, 2 or 3 TB might be worth getting, but 1TB if definitely viable, in my opinion.

    • I'm using this drive (same model and capacity) for PS4 extended storage and it works perfectly. I'd say it would be equally suitable for the Xbox One.

  • Can anyone pls tell me if this hd is better or Seagate backup plus slim? TIA

    • I have both, Slim looks better.

      • Looks can be deceiving :p. What about performance and reliability??

        • Well, the Seagate is a 2TB and gives higher throughput due to aerial density. I don't have a 1TB Seagate so I can't compare. 2TB is generally faster than 1TB, for sequential IO. Reliability is not an exact science. So far both are doing fine. People bad mouth Seagate drives, but I reckon you hear more about it because more people have bought Seagates. You drop anyone of the drives and you will most likely kill it. Oh, and don't fiddle with the drives while they are spinning.

        • Champion :) thanks

  • Thanks op and excellent first time post op, welcome to Ozbargain :D

  • One thing to consider with these drives (Found out after a 4 day DDrescue Clone for a client via USB 2.0) is that it may actually be a Native USB not the Standard SATA with adapter config of most portable HDD's. Just mentioning this for those who may plan to use it in a PC or Internally in a console, or those who plan to ignore popular advice on decentralised storage and regular backup schedules. https://support.wdc.com/knowledgebase/answer.aspx?ID=1704

    • They are pretty much all like that these days. There was a golden time when an external hard drive played up and you could take out the SATA drive and plug it in direct and hope that the USB board had fried. Those days are pretty much over - they all seem to have a USB chip on the actual drive. Sadness.

  • Thanks got one, plenty of stock everywhere.

  • For $30 more you can double capacity to 2tb but not sure if Toshina or segate better than WD



  • You can also Afterpay this :)

  • Spoke with a Harvey Norman rep - they sent me a "special link" to pricematch. Don't have an OW locally (around 50km to nearest). Just thought I'd advise others that HN will match if you chat to an online rep.

    • Good first comment here on OzBargain ( since been a member over 2 years ). Was just checking your profile to see where you live as I also live more than 50 km away from nearest OW and around 47 for my nearest HN too.

      Thanks for your helpful comment as contribution to our community here.

  • Perfect. Grabbed one today.

    They were behind the counters at Northmead store. I had to ask for it.

  • Can Anyone please tell me if this will be good to take overseas on my 3 months holiday to store my videos
    Or perhaps something more rugged? Anyone recommend a cheap rugged portable HDD?

    • Irrespective of further answer why not look at cloud storage or google pictures with links to those you wish to share or see your pictures and vision blogs. If done properly or auto load if can be done then there is no loss if hardware fails or get stolen. Have a fun trip lay some memories not just pictures or video

  • From Officeworks website:

    Product Dimensions (mm) 0.0013W x 82D x 111H mm
    Product Weight (kg) 15 kg

    weird width and heavy weight, not really portable :S

  • Hopefully more reliable than the Toshiba Canvio units they would sell for around the same price.

    I've two of them fail on me in a few years.

  • Will grab one for a bit of extra PS4 storage, or failing that a new backup HDD for my PC. Nice find!

  • Thanks OP, ordered after 3pm yesterday and it was delivered this morning :)