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DANIU 25 in 1 Multi-Purpose Precision Screwdriver Set AU $3.41 or US $2.50 Delivered @ Banggood


I nearly purchased this but realised that I had already ordered one from a recent deal and that it was on the way

Features :

Wallet type packing, highlight grade.Wallet type packing, light and portable, internal type batch head bayonet fixed, not easy to scattered, different from the traditional plastic box, easy to crush, scattered.

High precision screwdriver head, a high-end steel(chrome vanadium steel)by special heat treatment, hardness can reach HRC52-60.
Full set of 24 batch head, complete specifications, can be adapted to work in many different fields.Suitable for most digital products, various types of computer, mobile phone, camera, glasses, watches.

The handle in the aviation alloy material manufacture, light and durable, the tail adopts the precision bearing design, flexible and easy to use.
With a compact and assorted package, easy to carry everywhere.
As professional hardware tools, it provides you the most powerful function.
Suitable for most digital products, various types of computer, mobile phone, camera, glasses, watches.

Specification :

Holster Size(L X W) : 20 X 10.5cm /7.87 x 4.13in(approx)
Five-star screw driver : 0.8 1.2
Torx screw driver : T2 T3 T4 T5 T6 T7 T8 T9 T10 T15
Triangle driver : 2.3Y screw driver : 2.0
Cross screw driver : 1.0 1.2 2.0 3.0
Flat screw driver : 1.0 1.5 2.0 3.0
Point screw driver : 0.8

Added code ELEC for further discount. Thanks Altomic

Use either 7903df or 809da8 to get it for $3.41. Thanks to oppick

Use 809da8 as the other code has expired after been used 500 times. Thanks jessedc

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    Description brought to you by Google Translate.

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      Wallet type packing, Wallet type packing, Wallet type packing, Wallet type packing, Wallet type packing, Wallet type packing…

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        That's all good, but what type of packing do they use?

  • cheaper than aliexpress

    • 31PC set - $3.34 delivered

      12PC set - $1.54 delivered

      It's not the same product, but it does the same job.

      • I don't think those are precision tools?

        • they are :)

      • the 31pc set requires shipping which makes it AU $3.61

        • Sorry I'm using the AliExpress app which gives extra discount reflected in my post, including shipping.

        • @PR0r: cool

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        I got one of this and the quality is poor…

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    Use code ELEC to get it for AU$3.84

    kudos for this code goes to cymon from this comment

    • +1

      Good advice.

    • +2

      Thanks. Added to deal

  • +1

    Are these decent?

    • +9

      They are great. I've had a set for a few years and probably used it 50-60 times. None of the pieces have bent/broken etc.

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  • +1

    Got charged $4.37 they ripped me off (jokes)
    Looks like a decent set at under $5 dollars

  • +2

    got one thanks

  • +1

    Ordered one for $3.84 with code ELEC. Thanks OP.

  • +1

    why does it show AU$5.76 for me?

    edit: app works, PIA to use.

  • +1

    picked one up :) giving my old jakly set to my bro

    • +8

      Harsh. Did he sleep with your gf?

      • lmao

  • How do you buy from that website? I click Buy It Now / Add to cart and nothing happened. Tried both Chrome and IE, same result

    • never mind, tried again and it worked now.

  • +3

    Don't Forget your Cashback !

  • Ordered one for USD 2.81. Should convert to $3.77 using a zero conversion fee card. :-)

  • I give it a 99% chance the 5 star 1.2 isn't actually 1.2.

  • Thanks, could be handy to keep in my car.

  • +1

    Got one, thanks OP

  • +1

    Cheers OP. Banggood delivers

  • I love banggood

  • NM

  • What a banginggood deal

  • It's coming up at $4.31 with ELEC for me.

    EDIT: It fixed itself.

    • Once you go to checkout it should fix itself.

  • +1

    Thx OP! Got one!

  • +1

    Does anyone know if the Y shaped tool in this set open Nintendo devices?

    There is this option that does

    • +10

      I can let you know in a few months

      • +7


        Waits patiently by computer

    • +1

      I bought this from a PC shop in Preston for $15… Yes, it does have the Nintendo head!

  • +11

    I bought four, got three for my friends. I don't have any friends yet, but I'm sure these as gifts will help me get 0 to 3 of them!

    • +2

      Can I be your friend?

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    • +3

      Just sent you a friend request

    • +1

      May I be your enemy?

      • Field of Nemesis is filled, but a bog standard enemy is available?

    • +2

      All Ozbargainer's are you friends, we have to sick together.

      • +2

        "Sick together"??

        I'm sure we would, if we got together - after sufficient alcohol!

  • Thanks, ordered one.

  • +13

    I got 2 better coupons
    It's US$2.5(AU$3.41) for it after using the 20% OFF coupons:

    • thanks, got me an even better bargain

    • +1

      Bought two using your codes. Thanks.

    • I got ripped off 40c more, omg

      • +1

        Cancel order if it's still processing and reorder :p

  • +2

    This Ozbargain business is a balancing act - go too soon and you miss a additional coupon code - go too late and you miss the deal altogether - I went a little early and got the AU$3.77 - I'm still happy thanks OP….

    • +2

      Totally agree. Hopefully you used cashrewards to help soothe the pain.

      • +1

        Soothing the pain … or rubbing more salt.

  • Bought one cause FOMO

  • +1

    Thanks OP and oppick bought one . Cheers

  • Impulse buy 🤔

  • Thanks OP. Bought 3 came to $9.36aud total. $3.12aud each using code 7903df.

    • Did you get something extra off for signing up with Banggood?
      Cost me $3.34aud

      • +1

        Not sure how I got them cheaper. Been signed up with them since 2013. Didn't use points either.

  • 2.50usd can't complain! I'm sure I'll use it eventually…

  • So tempting to buy another one.

  • +1

    I am not sure I need this, but I am sure I want to buy one.
    You know… just in case I might need it…

  • +2

    Bought this for no reason. it will be useful eventually.

  • got it for $3.34 with 24 degree
    thanks op

    • Bugger, just got approved for a 28 degree credit card and there's already a cheaper one available 😃

  • Already got a stanley set with the little bits and pieces, but for the price of coffee, why not!

    • +4

      You pay $3 for coffee!?

  • +1

    Thanks bought one

  • That's a wrap.

  • I have a set of these. With mine the Collet won't hold the bits in the handle.
    From memory they arrived with some rust starting on the bit holders.
    For $2 it is OK, if you don't already have tiny torx etc.

  • Thanks OP, Work will be proud of my bargain purchases when I claim "plant" expenses haha. Crap or not, for the price, hey.

  • +1

    Shows as Restocking…….does this mean all gone?
    Yeap……Just spotted as being "Out of Stock". I won't be as lazy ordering next time!

    • Unlucky if you missed out, I'm sure they'll be on sale again.

  • +3

    It's available again on pre order, with stock becoming available 12/6

  • FYI all, Topcashback gives a better cashback rate than Cashrewards (this falls under the 'electronic' category, which means you will earn 4.5% on Cashrewards as opposed to 6% flat rate with Topcashback).

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    Thanks OP/Resubaehtgnolhcs. Preordered one.

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    purchased, ty op

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    Hi all, in case if you don't want to preorder, Wish.com app has this same item for $5, free shipping. I just bought one and used my 0.25c to $4.75. Yes, I am a stingyasian.

  • Just got an email stating that "It will restock around 6/12"

  • First code has hit it's 500 limit. Second code still works.

  • Got one, why not!

    • Showing as preorder for me

      • Me to when I checked out.

        • Says this now:

          Due to the huge demand, Orders before May 27th 22:45 p.m. (Beijing time) 2017 we will send for you before May 27th, and the orders after May 27th 22:45 p.m. (Beijing time)  we will send for you as the preorder expected time. 

  • has the new code expired??

  • I can't order… :(

    The Preorder button just times out

  • Ordered one/thanks OP.

  • coupon expired :(