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eBay 15% off Sitewide with Min $75 Spend (10PM to Midnight)


15% off sitewide when you spend $75 or more. Difference is max discount $600.

See all CRAZIEST deals here (Updated hourly)
(Mod: we've updated previous 15%/10% off code deals with this new code, for those who missed deals earlier today.)

T&C's. Requires Australian PayPal account, excludes postage cost. Excludes Services (316), Cars, Bikes, Boats (9800), Tickets, Travel (11,730), Bullion (178078) and Gift Cards (172,009).

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        @tightarse would have known what's coming.

  • Half the stuff I wanted to buy is already sold out. :(

  • I bought a projector few weeks back on a sale with 5% code .. But, I could have saved $100 bucks had I waited few weeks. That is 6 blue ray movies. Damn. Ocassionaly, visiting ozbargain depresses me. 😢

    • $91 actually.
      Also missed the reco.
      Enjoy what you have.

      • Why not enjoy what you have and enjoy an extra $91? 😏

      • :). I am forever thankful for that 5% code though. I almost bought it without it the otherday. 😂😂

        • +1

          Current deal is the best I have ever seen.
          Paid more than yourself for both my 1080p projectors. No sweat.
          Prolly fortunate to miss the reco. BenQ not the best firm to deal with directly.
          All the best! Monte Carpetsnake.

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      saw Darth Vader keychains on ebay for a dollar, just buy 75 and your done!

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      50 fidget spinners. Never run out again.

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    Am I able to buy something now, then use the code later when I pay for it? (assuming the code actually works, and gets confirmed @ 10pm).

    • -1

      Thats a NO.

      • Are you sure? I remember reading on whirlpool a buyer was waiting for a coupon code before paying for an item and in the process got a seller irate.

        • Well I haven't tried this recently, but it didn't work a few years ago when I tried it. Ebay is generally onto this sort of thing. Of course you could always try your luck can always cancel the order later…

    • Yes. I did just this (won an auction a couple of hours ago) and it worked just fine. Don't know if there are time limitations though.

    • You get asked for the code when you pay for it.

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    Got lucky, bought a Black and Decker Cordless vac for $211 on the just finished 15% off
    The not so Good Guys have now raised the price on it from $249 to $299 on their ebay site, while it remains at $249 on their own online store.

    • Real Good Guys do not wear black hats.
      Think Del McCoury said that.

    • yeah they raised a few of their prices since 6pm code expired.

  • +1

    CBIG15 was just emailed to me by Cashrewards.. there is also CRACKA20 - 20% off selected stores at eBay includes Catch, Grays, Dell, Teds, House and heaps more!

    • Tried a thing on good guys, This code can't be applied to your order. :( Is it valid for a particular time?

      • It expired at 6pm.

        • Thought that was the 15% one :( Damn

        • @pisoj1:

          Your right no idea now lol

    • CBIG15 didn't work for me. I also got the email.

    • Sorry, probably a noob question, but can we stack cracka20 with this 15% code? eBay does allow 'vouchers' to be stacked, but probably not two '% off' vouchers.

  • They still haven't fixed the issue with these codes. If I buy a $4000 TV from target, Ebay discounts me $600 but the invoice comes back as $4000 from target. Next day I return the TV get a full refund for $4000 and pocket the $600. Ebay is making the loss but why would they care if you choose the keep the product or not. They are doing this for traffic and inflating their bottom line.

    • Not really. Target might request for proof of payment through paypal which will show the actual buy price.

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        I genuinely returned an item 2 years back during a promo and got the full refund. No questions asked. Just then I purchased a few items and my browser froze whilst it was processing. I looked at my paypal to check it did not go through and this is what I see: https://s9.postimg.org/g0mo1s40f/Screen_Shot_2017-06-01_at_7...

        Might be as simple as closing your browser half way through the transaction and pocketing up to $600. I don't find it ethical so want exploit this but others may.

        • Do it, see how you go. Worst that could happen is you end up with a 4k TV you don't want..

        • @useruser:

          I know from past GoodGuys have been very strict with PayPal payments and will always request your paypal receipt for collection and returns.

        • @useruser:

          Or a criminal record

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      Target will not give you a cash refund if you paid via paypal. They will reverse the transaction and you will not get the $600 extra.

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      Yeah, no. Thats not how it works at all.

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      Not really, Targer never sells a $4000 TV

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    The prices of the items I had on my watch list have been jacked up by BING LEE. I'll take my business elsewhere I guess.

    • +6

      and now the Good Guys have too.

      Was going to buy something but not anymore

      Ahh well, their loss!

  • This won't work with the US site yeah?

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      • But will it still work for purchase from US seller who provide shipping option to aussie?

        • You must be on ebay.com.au not ebay.com or any other site that has a different country domain.

          if your browser URL bar doesn't show .com.au that means you have somehow left the Australian site, and it won't work.

    • +1

      It may not work on the US site however as per hansraids question above it WILL work on the AU site if you search 'Worldwide' and purchase something from someone OS who is happy to ship to Australia. I just did it with an Amp from the UK a few minutes before 6pm. Saved $400 compared to the cheapest local price so I'm happy :)

      • +1

        Sweet. What a good deal.

  • -1

    Looks like this code isn't ready yet. Please try again later.

    • +3

      Well that's why it says 10pm-midnight

      • +1

        Man..I can't read. This what comes from educating young folk…

  • I just won an auction and this will give me a slightly better discount than the current $10, is it safe to wait?

    • Should not be an issue. You've just won the auction, so you should pay within a reasonable time frame (of within a day or two).

      • Thanks for the reply but I was thinking more in the lines of how the eBay system would treat it, like would it see the time I won and not let me use this code which started afterwards?

        Pretty sure I'm overthinking it, but better safe than sorry!

        • No, they won't pay attention to your purchase. ebay should be too busy at the moment.

  • Just wait it out I'm sure they will have 20-30%

    • +4

      I wouldn't count on it. ebay has never had a 20% sitewide sale, unlike the 20% from a selection of sellers, which is a bit iffy as many have jacked up their prices in anticipation.

      • +2

        They have previously had a 20% off sitewide sale. I bought a graphics card back in 2014 from a private seller during the sale and literally just sold it to somebody tonight within 5 minutes of advertising it during the 15% off sitewide code :)

        That sale was a very long time ago though and I do not recall another 20% off sitewide sale since then.

        • +1

          Agreed. I bought my GTX 970 when they had that sitewide sale..

    • Is what you want to buy is still in stock…

  • Any decent prices on a notebook/laptop when using this code?

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    The Dyson V8 Absolute was $749 couple of hours ago and it's now $899.

    Good Guys are a holes

    • What a bunch of aholes, lucky I got it with 10% off when it was 748

    • Still $749 at Bing Lee.

    • The Not So Good Guys have also increased the price of the LG front load washing machine (WD12021D6) from $598 to $699.

  • +1

    ok so we're all waiting for 10pm then?

  • I held out for the 20% but it never came so will jump on 15% tonight.

  • I can't think of anything I need to buy :(

    • Brahmi :D

    • Same boat, save 100%, but I'll probably try a price protection claim with my 28 degrees credit card.

      Bought a dryer awhile ago using the 5% off, hope I'd get another 10% back from it since it's Sitewide.

      Gotta take screenshots etc too to be safe

    • +4

      Is it 10 p.m.?

  • Does anyone know if cashrewards work when checking out on ebay using paypal? Or we have to use credit cards for it to work?

    • +3

      It's always worked for me with paypal

      • Thanks!

  • +5

    The eBay sales are too much for me to handle. Can't find anything to buy, but once it ends…

  • +1

    counting down 3600, 3599, 3598 …

  • Can you use the code multiple times?

    • The 15% code valid at 4pm-6pm can only use once per account. This will likely to be used once only.

  • Should we wait for another code or go with this one? What's everyone's thoughts?

    • +3

      The safest option would be to wait until 2019.

    • +1

      I wouldn't be surprised if eBay had a 20% site wide code this month that lasted for like an hour.

  • Feels like dicksmith all over agian

    • +1

      kogan. Dick smith would be the countless eneloop deals. I actually only own 4 eneloop batteries in total, weird huh.

  • -2

    Question: I fly out on 31st August. Can i claim TRS if i purchase today?

    • They have to be bought within 60 days of your departure

    • Crap! Sorry i meant 31st July!

  • Just to also check. I can use this code on anything? Even second hand items in an auction rather than buy it now?

  • pick up some QC35s for $352.75 here! only 2 left!


      • +1

        Out of black, and the store that you posted for the 4-6pm deal put up some more but jacked their price >.>

  • Used the CBIG15 15% off code (4PM to 6PM) for a macbook air but haven't received any confirmation email from ebay or paypal for the transaction however my credit card account shows charged 2 times with paypal…has anyone faced same issue ? What should i do dont understand if the order is confirmed or not…

    • if its not showing up on ebay under recent purchases, you will likely receive the money back next day. sounds like you may miss out on the discount though

      i had a problem earlier in the week where paypal was charged, but the items were still in the cart, with ebay not showing any confirmation id bought stuff. charges were reversed the next day

      see if you can chat with anyone on ebay or call them tomorrow

  • +3

    WOW, good guys just jacked the moto z play price from $499 to $599, that's more than 80%

    • +2

      Yes 80% if you failed maths :)

    • +2

      I noticed as well, however TGG website still shows $499.

    • $599 is back to the RRP