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eBay 15% off Sitewide with Min $75 Spend (10PM to Midnight)


15% off sitewide when you spend $75 or more. Difference is max discount $600.

See all CRAZIEST deals here (Updated hourly)
(Mod: we've updated previous 15%/10% off code deals with this new code, for those who missed deals earlier today.)

T&C's. Requires Australian PayPal account, excludes postage cost. Excludes Services (316), Cars, Bikes, Boats (9800), Tickets, Travel (11,730), Bullion (178078) and Gift Cards (172,009).

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    Man, I'm so sad. I went to put in the code right at 12:00.


    • +4

      Looks like you saved yourself the money with buying al this junk

      • You're right~

        Could have been swimming in an endless supply of popcorn but I guess it'll never be.

        • You mean endless supply of health issues, diabetes, weight gain, etc. You were about to spend $179 on popcorn WTF? Man and I thought my purchases were discretionary, but all good. :P

        • @overshopper: haha it would be slowly consumed over the course of a few years

        • +1

          @Fishingsloth: fair enough :P

        • @Fishingsloth:
          lol so you like to eat out of date food

        • @Laura11:That is my frugal way

    • I'd gladly take your money instead and cook you popcorn

  • Bought a Buro Metro Task Chair from Staples for $251.80 at 15% off then realised the 20% off code works for it as well, what should I do?

  • Nice bought a sub at 15% off the cheap ebay price. Now as long as it doesn't cost more than $130 to plug her in I'm ahead..

  • Curious to hear what some peoples impulse buys were..

    Mine (none of which I really needed):
    Face Cloth Warmer
    Towel Rack
    3xJDM Squash Air Freshners

    • +2

      DJI Spark Combo ($1189 before 15% off).
      Sony a6500 remote ($9.99 before 15% off).
      49mm ND filter ($12 before $15% off).

      I bought a Manfrotto Advanced Travel Backpack that was $129. But I used the $20 off $100+ items for that.

  • bloody ebay/paypal 1st go it says coupon code error at like 11:58, next minute tried again, ebay says coupon code expired!!!! WTF ebay????!!!!

  • Thanks OP, spent a lot of money!

  • Scored 9 sets of Elixir guitar strings for $136.01 shipped. Works out $15.11 per set of strings, which is awesome for these quality strings. Can never have too many guitar strings.

    • Frack, I need new strings didn't even think of that!

  • Got the Bose Soundsport in-ear headphones with mic for $67.15! Still available for $79 @ Microsoft

  • Sad, no Samsung Galaxy S7 deals. Need a 20% eBay coupon for Vaya already.

    • Isn't CRACKA20 working?

      • Thanks, it's working, but looks like Black out of stock and it's $75 more than last deal. Used to be $629 but they jacked up the price.

        • I just bought a grey import from APus Express. Wasn't going to pay over 600 for it.

        • @scrimshaw: I asked them to confirm what model it was, wasn't going to get stuck with a US version again.

  • +3

    I just Ordered Canon 5D mark IV for AU $4,239.00!

    I put the discount and it was dropped to $3600!!! Good deal! Thanks :)

    • +1

      nice how they didn't cap the discount to $300 like they normally do.

      • Terms state it's capped at 600.

        • oh did it? i couldn't see that in the OP link.

    • Well done! You made the most of the deal!

    • That is next on my list! Just need to find someone who wants to buy my 70D

  • +1

    Slept through it, I'm devastated..

    • I stayed up all night for it, even more devastated because I didn't buy anything thanks to them raising prices in time for the sale. They've gone back down since though.

      • +4

        Even though eBay absorbed the fees they still raised prices. Pure greed.

    • EOFY is just around the corner, so you have plenty time not sleep through again :-)

  • Got a local Galaxy S8+ for $1,131

    • Same here at Mobileciti.

      • Has yours shipped yet? Nothing here

        • Yeah just got a notice about an hour ago

  • +3

    I'm glad I didn't spend a cent on Ebay yesterday and managed to resist all temptations.

    • Same here. I couldn't believe that LG G6 (the phone i want to buy since last 3 months) went down to $585 last night but I just had 300 bucks short. Hating life but slept well though.

      • -1

        Omg I want that phone too. Btw I found someone who nearly scammed me very convincingly of almost 400USD$ omg. He sent an "ebay transaction" but it was actually a fake email that pretended to have ebay 30 day money back but wanted western union payment method which had I paid I wouldnt be able to get my money back - it already happened before. BTW Best Buy supposedly had it for only 288USD/11.99 per month but I dont know if I would be able to use it in Australia/Warranty/Shipping omg. And I need a phone as I need previous phone data to recover for legal compensation battle as I am an abused teen FML right who goes through this shit. And I just got the really good Samsung Galaxy S6 edge from JB Hi-Fi last yr when they did that deal when I sent in my antique flip phone from 100 yrs ago which actually could be worth alot actually IDK cuz it was that old - but they gave u hundreds of dollars and you only had to pay like idk 300 to 500$ on the s6 edge but yea it's filled up and I had bad memories and I need to recover programs to try get back phone recordings who knows how to? Is recovery programs all I can use?

        • +1

          My eyes are wet after reading your story. ;'(

          Always buy from reputable ebay retailers like dwi digital cameras, e-global or shopping square.

          Sorry idk about recovery apps

        • @Braintrain1000: aw thanks. My eyes have always been wet for awhile. 😣
          And I was a very beautiful healthy happy supermodel talented (truth literally) teen but sacrificed that to be in an abusive school hmmm… oh please that isn't even the full story. That ebay thing was just something small I contacted the scammer asking is this a scam??? cuz he wasted so much time and energy in such a situation. I posted in ozbargain forum begging for a lawyer/forensic counsellor and that post got taken down for some unknown reason wtf. My life is a fall from grace recently. Recently being kind of awhile.

  • oh how did i miss this

  • +1

    Someone told me it was half price storewide. Logged in and saw the 15% off code. Ended up buying a puzzle tabletop which is discounted to below $75, then quickly grabbed something of $20 just before 12pm. Conclusion: go to bed before 10pm :-(

  • I took advantage of a DJI drone from a small aussie retailer with a near $500 discount all up + cash rewards bonus. I bought Genuine Aus stock with warranty; pricing came very close to grey import version (without warranty and foreign power cables) so I'm happy! It's only good when these EBAY details aren't advertised as retailers can't jack up the prices… One of the reasons I bought and supported an official distributor of DJI and small business who would t have reacted to this ebay change allowing me to actually get a good deal.

  • I ordered a bunch of stuff at about 11:55PM using the discount code

    All of the orders were cancelled and refunded with no explanation. They don't exist in my eBay purchase history and everything was placed back into my cart.

    Now I have the sellers emailing me and calling my personal phone to sort out these orders


    • 3 out of 9 items in my order were cancelled. This is so annoying. Not sure why as the order was completed at 11:45pm.

      • They might have oversold their stock.

        • No, I went back last night and there were still stocks.

    • I had the same experience for the 2pm - 4pm code as well. Bought around $100 worth of stuffs and all were refunded on the same day. I only received the paypal email for the payment but no "ORDER" email from ebay. order details were nonexistent in my ebay account as well.

      Called ebay and their reply was that one of the sellers' paypal account needed to be "updated" (that's her wordings) and said hence the order had to cancel in bulk for the whole transaction.

      I spent over 30mins over the phone with ebay (had to provide all the transaction ID for each item) while they were looking into what's wrong. Told them i was using a coupon code and it has already expired.

      Finally they agreed to give me a $20 credit in the next 5 - 12 business days. I have no written confirmation or whatsoever but yeah let's hope that it is true.

      • Names and reference numbers are important. Ask for an email before you get off the call next time…

  • Noooooo forgot to use cash reward!