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iPad Pro 9.7" 128GB Wi-Fi $797 Officeworks


Now superseded models of iPad Pro have dropped at Officeworks, was $949 for the 128gb wifi model yesterday now $797 for the space grey and gold. For comparison, the new model is $979 for 64gb model and $1129 for 256gb, both wifi only models.

128gb wifi cellular model is $997 (Space Grey).

Some variants are available online, others instore only.

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  • Link to Gold and Space Grey

    OP, you might wanna add the storage capacity in the title.

    • updated :-)

  • Just wondering if the 2016 MBP will drop as well (even though I dont expect it to drop significantly). new to apple products. thanks

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      Probably, but you can also check Apple's Refurb Store for some decent discounts. Not much different to a new one, Apple cannot legally sell these as new. Refurbs tend to be returned/faulty and but have been fixed. Comes with same Applecare Warranty. Only thing is you cannot customise them like when ordering new.

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        Yes, the vast bulk of refurbs are products that have been returned under Apple's 14 day "no questions asked" return period. They are thoroughly checked, cleaned, and repackaged, then sold through the refurb channel.

        So most often the only "fault" they had was the the buyer wasn't fully happy with their choice and elected to return it. Refurbs are not lemons that have been patched up and resold, which is how the "refurb" word might sound to many people.

        Since they come with full AppleCare / 2 year Australian Consumer Law warranty, AND have had the additional repackaging inspection check, it could be argued they're a more reliable purchase than a white box one, with a decent 15-20% discount on top. For this reason, Apple refurbs are actually quite sought after, and the section of the store that sells them is often frustratingly empty!

        • Apple refurbs are actually quite sought after

          I've had Apple refurbs as replacements for warranty failures. They looked indistinguishable from new - new casing, new glass - and I was told they don't reuse batteries.

    • If u want a significant discount, just buy used. Apple products are know to maintain high prices so u won't be able to find a good deal.

  • +10

    Paid $1100 for the 128GB less than a year ago. Use it for watching YouTube videos. Bloody hell.

    • well done you have had it for a year
      buy a time machine go back in time and buy a $100 generic chinese tablet

      • Sometimes I use Kindle as well. I guess that's worth it… Sigh. I had a cheap tablet before this but they just lag, can't stand lag. Paid over a K to avoid lag. Felt worth it at the time. Oh well.

        • may as well buy a standard ipad there is no real pro feature - marketing rubbish
          I have the larger pro and the air
          both get used the same - just wanted a larger screen to watch videos

        • +1

          I hope that isn't true! Looking to get an Ipad Pro for my wife who is a graphic/textile designer, she borrowed one and seems to think the use of the pen with Adobe Creative Suite apps would be great.

          She has an iMac with Wacom at home, so this is to allow her to be productive when out of the house.

          I've already explained to her it is still lacking some killer apps, but IOS11 seems to have improved things at least.

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          I would give your pro to your wifi and just get a iPad then for $448 if you only use it for light tasks like YouTube.

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          Don't get me wrong, would be good for the creative purposes it offers. And it's a reliable machine, hence why I bought mine.

        • @aussman:

          Well that's no true. There is a difference between the two products. Better screen in the iPad Pro and support for the Pencil and Smart Keyboards.

          Plus better processor and RAM.

        • @daven1985:
          as apple would say you don't compare products on specs alone!
          end user result is pretty much the same
          don't use the keyboard nor the pencil no usage scenario I have requires them

        • @aussman:

          Well… the other fact I forgot to mention was the screen has a different coating. And the LCD panel is detached from the screen giving them a different feel.

      • I would have snapped it in half by now. Life's too short for cheap androids.

      • But the screen…..

    • Initial impressions of iOS 11 make the iPad look much more viable to a latop now with the new dock, better multitasking and file management. So have to wait and see though…so now you will do youtube + something else

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      The screen quality and processing speed of the pro is incredible though, until the new iPad Pro come sour I don't think there was a better way to watch YouTube than your 2016 iPad Pro.

  • Thanks OP. Got myself a cellular model.

    I really couldn't justify the price of the new cellular model.

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      120hz wasn't tempting enough?

      • Mine won't see an overpriced Apple pencil.

    • +10

      Smartass post backfired

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    The new IPAD PRO was just announced.
    What does it mean? Retailers are going to sell the previous model as much as they can before release day. So if you wait for another month you can buy it much less or you can buy new model with new price tag!!!!

  • I just bought Ipad pro 9.7 32GB wifi at JB hi Fi how can I get paid the difference…. is there away I can get 128GB instead

    • you cant

    • +2

      Some credit cards have a 30-day price guarantee

      • not the same product

    • Only way is to try and return it and buy this

    • Demand a return if it was within two weeks ago, beg for one of it was within a month ago.

    • It's worth checking the Mac Rumours Buyer's Guide before throwing down cash on Apple products. Apple products are announced on a semi-regular cycle and details often leak weeks to months beforehand. Even if you plan to purchase an outgoing model, you can save some cash by waiting for the sales that accompany new product announcements.

  • The 32GB IPad Pro Wifi cellular was just $700


  • Still a good price and good iPad.

  • +1

    Yay just put through a price protection claim for my Coles MasterCard. Looking forward to $150 back! :D

  • Is it possible to use "Mac version of MS word" on iPad Pro?

    • You use word on iPad and login with your Office 365 account, which is similar to the Mac version of word and all your documents can sync.

      • so you can use Mac's version of MS Excel as well? I think it's called Numbers?

        • Oh no, I thought you mean the Mac version of Microsoft Office.

          Apple's iWork suite for Mac (Numbers, Pages, and Keynote) comes free. There are iOS versions of Numbers, Pages, and Keynote and you can sync your projects between the Mac and iOS versions and these apps also come free.

          Microsoft Office (aka Office 365 when you subscribe to it) is completely different to iWork. If you don't specifically need Office (Word, Excel, etc.) then iWork will do just fine. Print your documents as PDF for maximum compatibility for non Apple user and you'll be fine.

          If you need Office for some reason, such a you routinely deal with .docx files (especially if you're in government or deal with spreadsheets a lot) or you absolutely must have Excel or Publisher for your work, then iWork will not be enough and you'll need to buy that Office software or get an Office 365 subscription. For most people though iWork is fine and sending your resume as a PDF is also fine, Office 365 is an unnecessary expense.

        • @AustriaBargain:
          Thank you. Much appreciated.

    • Unfortunately not

    • You can only run software from the App Store on iOS devices.

      Microsoft sells Word, Excel and PowerPoint as 'free' apps on the App Store, however to access editing features—as opposed to read only—you have to purchase a yearly Office 365 subscription from Microsoft.

      There are other similar office applications available on the App Store that have different business models. Apple offers Pages, Numbers, and Keynote as completely free applications (they make their money by selling you the device). These can read and export many Microsoft office file types, though there may be some minor formatting changes due to difference in how borders, fonts, and paragraphs are managed. If you don't need mailmerge, pivot tables or complex excel formulas you can probably get on fine just with Apple's office suite.

  • Great price for a great iPad plus the new software features coming in iOS 11 should make it even better! Bought my 128Gb wifi about a month ago for $886.

    • yeah - I was really looking at getting a Mini, but with the iOS11 changes coming I'm really torn between getting the Pro now to leverage added iOS11 functionality.

      • I'd put the extra towards the Pro over the Mini 4 if your budget stretches that far. No hardware update on the Mini in a long while to me means support for it will drop soon and leveraging the new iOS 11 features would really benefit from a bigger screen with multitasking etc.

      • It depends on what you are looking for. If it is portability get the mini4, if it is functionality get the Pro. I have a mini4 but the new 10.5 inch ipad is singing to me.

        • Get the iPad Pro or the new one.
          Either purchase you won't regret.
          The mini is great but not so useful if you have a big screen phone with you already.

      • The new iPad 9.7” should support all of the new functions for iOS 11, and if you don’t need apple pencil or the extra power it’s a much better deal than the mini.

  • I didn't follow developments. How did they refresh the Pros? Did they just double the storage? Or did they update the CPU too?

    $979 for 64GB is not great.

    • They also updated the CPU to the A10X.

      9.7" size replaced by 10.5" size but in a similar sized case (with slimmer bezels).

      Nice upgrade but for the price difference, I'll stick with the old model.

  • in short newer iPad Pro has this

    Faster refresh screen at 120hz (but this varies depending on task to save battery). Also makes Apple pencil have less input lag down from 38ms to 20ms not that you would notice
    Faster CPU - A10X (6 core -3 Big 3 Small CPU with 12 Core GPU).
    Larger screen at 10.5 inch and slightly larger dimensions. This means new keyboard and accessories for it.
    Camera upgrades to same ones used in the iPhone 7 (front and back cameras)
    Base model starts with 64GB - goes up to 256GB and 512GB.

    No idea on RAM until release.

    • I guess it's too much to expect to see some new features? Is the iPad line just going to be iterative upgrades from here on?

      • No one really knows unless your work at Apple HQ.

        But from what I notice there's a trend

        New design one year
        the next is a bump in specs
        the year after maybe another bump in specs

        and then new design

        Sort of along the lines of iPhone 6 one year and then 6S the following year then iPhone 7 etc etc
        Same with the Mac line, new design one year, following year(s) spec bumps and then big major design/feature a few years later. Repeat

        So this would be the "2nd Gen" iPad Pro line after 18 months. Too early to tell their lifecycle.

        Other manufacturers do this too. Designing takes a few months/years to come up with vs a few months of spec upgrades.

      • iPad's pretty much got everything you can think of, its more down to the software now to make it more compelling to other tablets.

        Saying that I'd like to see waterproofing & a HDR toggle option + a microSD expansion slot (unlikely)

        • I would like OLED screen, quick charging, and sure HDR. SD will never happen. Apple makes a good ton of money upselling you on storage space which they won't be able to do if you can supply your own cheap storage.

  • I couldn't see my order online in my account so I called them this morning and apparently it got cancelled!

    She couldn't be sure but she suspected it was due to credit card risk on a high value first order.

    She's going to see if she can get it fixed and call me back.

    • Had to call again. All sorted now. Order shown as dispatched.

  • Space Grey sold out?

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