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Buy an Amaysim Unlimited 1.5GB SIM Starter for $9.90 & Get $32 Cashback (Approved 15 Days after Activation) @ Cashrewards


This one is a no brainer. Purchase the Amaysim 1.5GB Unlimited SIM at the reduced price of $9.90 (down from $24.90) using coupon 10FOR6, and Cashrewards will deposit $32 into your account approved within 15 days of activating the SIM. No tricks, no gimmicks. Did a lot of work with Amaysim to get them to agree to these terms, so buy and enjoy :)

Please read these important guidelines:

  • You must click out through the Cashrewards link in this post (then select Shop Now)
  • If you have an existing Amaysim acct, you'll need to first sign up to Amaysim with a new/different email address to access this promo
  • Order the $24.90 SIM with coupon 10FOR6 which reduces the price to $9.90
  • You must order a new SIM (not a replacement SIM)
  • Cashback will be APPROVED in your CR acct no later than 15 days after activation of SIM
  • Edit 12:40pm Amaysim has advised the SIM must be activated by June 30 to avail of the $32 cashback
  • Only one cashback of $32 per Cashrewards account permitted
  • Offer applies only to the discounted $9.90 kit, so please ignore other T&Cs on CR for other plans
  • This cashback offer expires 11:59pm AEST June 30
  • Remember that AdBlock may cause issues with tracking technology, so it'd be wise to disable it first

Please note the change above: the SIM must be activated by June 30 to avail of the $32 cashback

Apologies for this late change, but totally out of my hands. Amaysim communicated this via email at 12:40pm.

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$10 for referee and $10 for referrer, after referee makes $20 purchase within 90 days.

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    • Nothing stopping you from buying one. Most people won't even use it.

  • +1

    Just got tracking confirmation, thanks TA!

    • Thanks for the feedback. Appreciate it :)

      • Just a question, it says expected cashback date 7th of Sept, will this be updated after activation?

        • +5

          No, ignore that. It's the default 3 month period in our emails. Our affiliate partner network & Amaysim have given us a written guarantee they will approve all valid transactions within 15 days of activating the SIM.

        • +1


          Alright perfect, thanks for the clarification and your hard work in achieving this deal!

  • +1

    Just received the confirmation email from cashrewards! Thanks OP

    • +2

      And thank you as well for the feedback :)

      • Hi TA, I have ordered but mentioned my number that I need to port to amaysim and not the new number will this ok for cashback offer. Do I have to order a new number in order to be eligible for the cashback?

        • I am sure it is a new connection. you are just porting your number…

  • I bought one. How long before we received a traking email ? I have not received the tracking email yet ?

  • Any other cheeky offer we can redeem from a new number, besides free first uber ride ($20) and a free gyg burrito?

  • does not seem to be processing my payment….

    • +1

      had the same problem

      • +1

        I reckon we are really paid to test Amaysim's new IT (payment) system upgrade..

  • Did anyone receive an email from cashrewards saying your purchase has been tracked?

    • 3.5 hours later and still haven't got one

  • +2

    Cant see Paypal as an Payment option during checkout.
    Also, make sure you disable auto renew from payments once your account is created if you are using it for one month only.

    • +2

      Paypal as an Payment option during checkout

      It would only appear if you select Postpaid

      • Dont want to select Postpaid. Too much hassles later to cancel that. Anyone opted for Prepaid unless I am missing something not to go for Postpaid?

        • +2

          unless I am missing something

          You can select prepaid and provide your credit card details. Like I said, PayPal is only available for postpaid service.

  • Thanks OP!!!

  • @tightarse I just noticed a new condition put in 15 minutes ago "If you have an existing Amaysim account, you'll need to sign up with a different email address & get a new SIM to access this promo" I already signed up this morning and used an existing account for the new SIM, will I still get this promo? Do I need to cancel that? What do I do?

    • I have the same question. I didn't see it when I signed up an hour ago.

      • Yeah that condition wasn't there when I joined up so I wonder what will happen now?

        • I just received confirmation email from CR and expected cash back is $32. so looks like it's ok?

        • @garylau:

          Yeah I got the confirmation but that is automated, guess we'll see in about 25 days ;)

    • +1

      I wonder too - I have an existing account from a previous Amaysim SIM but I don't know if it recognised it as still valid/existing (it's expired).. TA - anyway this can be checked to see if it is eligible against the cashback?

      Also haven't got my cashback email confirmation even though I ordered 10:45am =/ damn

      It does appear in my Click History though

    • Need an answer to this also please TA

    • +3

      Hey TLoS. If you can cancel your order, I'd suggest you do it. A new acct using a new email address is the way to go :)

      • so I assume I can't take up this offer with the same CR account anymore?

        • +2

          You can indeed, as the previous one will come through eventually as cancelled to CR, and will be declined by Amaysim at a later date :)

        • @tightarse:

          want to weigh in on those that purchased during the site crash, whose orders went through, but not showing any tracking on the CR site?

          would be good to know if I should cancel the order or it will be honoured

        • +1

          @SBOB: Hey SBOB. I can't see why it won't be honoured. Just ensure you have a click-out to Amaysim in your CR account (Click History) at the time of purchase, and you've used a new Amaysim acct for the purchase, and you'll be fine :)

        • +1


          ticked both those boxes (have 2 click outs, second one was the actual purchase)
          and never been with amaysim before

  • Thanks

  • Cheers OP! Just signed up. Looking forward to the CR.

  • +1

    Everyone, please see the change in the terms: the SIM MUST be activated by June 30 to avail of the $32 cashback.

    Apologies for this, but it's totally out of my hands. Amaysim just communicated this to me via email.

    • +1

      Thats ok but when do we expect the sim to arrive if we order today?

    • +1

      Havent received my tracking email yet, Purchased over an hour ago. Do i need to do something?

      • Same here. I purchased around 30mins ago via Chrome and haven't received tracking email. I'm a bit worried right now

      • +1

        When ever i purchase something via cashrewards it usually takes a long time to receive the tracking email. Sometimes the next day. I will update once i receive mine. I ordered the sim 30 minutes ago.

        • I received my tracking email at 5.04pm Sydney time. It does mention the $32 cashback :)

  • +1

    WTF! Ordered the SIM based on 3 months condition and now condition has been changed and activation must happen by 30 June 2017. What's next, may be I will be told that I didn't go through CR website as well (as I haven't received an email confirming the same).

    I will be one grumpy guy if that happens to me..

    • +3

      As I stated above, and in the OP, all I can do is apologise. This condition was obviously discussed and now changed by Amaysim. All I can do is call it out as it is. I hope you don't hold it against me :)

      • Thanks TA, got the CR email so that's bit of a relief.

        • +1

          Great news. Thanks.

        • @tightarse: not receiving tracking yet after an hour of successfully order

      • +3

        Bait and switch. See you in court, pal!

        • +3

          Don't forget to post here first.

      • +3

        You did your best TA. But CR is way bigger than Amaysim and should have discussed with them to remove this if you had backup emails on what the original agreement was. You should not do business with partners which flip on their words. What if they say 2 weeks later, that the sim must be active for xx days otherwise we will no pay CR and CR wont be able to pay say for the 10000 new sign ups to Ozbargainers. It wont happen I know 99.99% but consider what if it happens ?

        • +4

          I totally understand, and thanks for the input. Issue here is that there's an affiliate partner between us (CR) and Amaysim. Unfortunately, this particular error occured in translation and as hard as I tried to turn it around before posting the change, they just couldn't do it. Please don't think for one second I made the change happily - it killed me when I got the news and tried everything I could to allow it to remain. Fortunately, I believe most, if not all the buyers will activate anyway before June 30. Big lesson learnt.

        • +2

          @tightarse: +1 to that TA. For everyone requesting a new number is probably the easiest way to make sure to get the Cashback as all Amaysim's sims come preactivated :)

  • +1

    Excellent deal, OP! Thanks also for all the patient clarifications and updates.

  • +2

    I'm more concerned about this point as I used an existing account to make the purchase
    If you have an existing Amaysim account, you'll need to sign up with a different email address & get a new SIM to access this promo

    • +1

      I had an existing account, signed in, ordered, and got the CR tracking email, at least (and before paying through BPay). The relevant thing is the new service (SIM): a new account, at least according to the deal conditions, is not necessary.

  • Doesn't the prepaid SIM come pre-activated if it's a new number?

  • Stuck when trying to pay, rip.

    • Same here…

      • I got it to work, try a different browser that doesn't have adblock, Ublock, ghostery or popupblocker.

  • +2

    OMG, your arse is deliciously tight.

  • +2

    Hi OP I accidentally used the same email address that was on my dads' account for this deal. Forgot I signed him up.

    Went back into dad's account and changed the email address on his account. Will I still be eligible for cash back?

  • Done and done, thanks OP!

  • I have a prepaid account with kogan which will expire on the 25th of this month.
    I'd like to keep the same number. If I choose to keep my current number will the port start immediately or can I delay until the 30th of June?
    Or should I choose get a new number and try the porting once I get the new number sim?

    • I too wondered if I could override the new number with an existing number upon SIM activation but the best I can get out of live chat is "Right now, we are not allowed to transfer your existing number to the new number"

      • +1

        So the 'porting' would have to happen when you receive the new sim right?
        Else if you port now, without the new sim, the one being delivered would have to be already ported?
        What if Aus Post lose the sim?
        Can you ask to keep same number, receive sim and wait until near June 30?

        Just asked in a roundabout way via live Chat

        If I choose to keep my existing number when buying a new sim, does the porting over to my number happen when I receive AND activate the sim?

        the transfer request will only process once you have your new sim
        and you initiate the activation on your end
        that is the only time the the transfer will start to process :)

        So I am ordering one and then activating it near June 30

  • +1

    Consiracy twist… It not just for more accounts at Amaysim….

    How many Ozbargainers are opening another CR account just to do this multiple times?


    Is CR being put up for sale?

  • No email confirmation from an order at 10:54am, which went through (account active, shows sim being processed/on its way)

    TA, want to confirm that amaysim's site having issues wont be an issue for those of us who ordered at the time??

    • Ordered mine around the same time. No email but Amaysim account does say "Start getting excited - your amaysim SIM card is on its way!" is this the same for you?

      • yep

        • I used 2 existing accounts so I just discovered I'm ineligible for any cashback. Will see if I can cancel them.

        • @Click_It:

          i wasnt greedy and just signed up once as a new customer
          still no tracking email

          TA, want to weigh in?

        • @SBOB:

          1 was for me and 1 for my wife as a go-between porting from Lebara - Amaysim - Kogan but I cancelled it now. 3 hours and it hadn't been shipped anyway. I dare say not many will be shipped out today which means next Tuesday at the earliest.

  • Did not track for me, just checked, had issues with payment process around the same time

  • Sorry if someone already ask, Can i buy any $2 amaysim and activate ? Or sim need to be same as they send in post?

  • I didn't read the terms carefully, and signed up a new sim with an existing amaysim account. I have just cancelled that new sim.

    If I sign up another SIM with a new email address, will I still be eligible for the cash back?

    • Yeah bugger, I did it to. Cancelled it now.

    • How can you cancel, i made the same mistakes as well =(

      • I added it to my existing account by mistake too. Cancelled it via Live Chat.

  • I just bought one, however haven't seen any transaction in my CashRewards account.
    There should be one with the status of "Pending", right?

    • +1

      Not just yet…be patient

  • Any idea how long these will take to arrive in the post box? I go overseas for a month the end of next week and won't be able to activate it by June 30 if it is not here by next Friday

    • 2-6 business days they tell me in the email they sent.

      • ok well 2-4 is fine, more than that and it's no good. Sim can still be activated after that just no cashback?

        • Yeah I think its 3+ months to still be activated.

  • +2

    My favourite part was that you can pick different phone numbers.
    You can enter 5 digits and you get results with those in the number (unless you pick 88888 - asians jackpot)
    Then use phonespell.org to see what the number spells so you can give it out to people like that eg 0468 HOT DOG

  • +1

    No tracking for me either, purchased 3 hours ago.

  • existing account ordering new sim …. eligible for cashback ?

    • 'fraid not. Needs to be a new account (new email address).

      • What if I have used the email before? but no longer with Amaysim?

        • I think it needs to be a completely new fresh email with them but I could be wrong.

        • @Click_It:

          Damn, I have left them more than 1 year ago…. thought I would be treated as a new customer..

          Waiting for TA to clarify on this..

        • @victorheaven:

          Yeah it could very well be. Honestly I'm not sure, this whole thing has gotten really confusing if I'm to be honest. Best see what TA has to say on it.

        • +2

          @victorheaven: Hi victorheaven & Click_It. If you have any concerns re use of old email addresses, I'd suggest cancelling your order with Amaysim via chat then re-ordering with a new acct (new email address). As far as CR goes, this won't be an issue as we'll get cancellation notification once Amaysim consolidates its sales. You will still get your one-off $32 cashback on a new order, as long as you cancelled the previous one before activating it.

        • +1


          Thanks mate, will do that.

        • @victorheaven: Absolute pleasure. Have a great weekend :)

        • +1


          Cheers mate :)

  • so if you have to apply via cashrewards link does that mean you cant use the refer a friend link?

    • You sign up for cashrewards with the referral link and then use the regular cashrewards link.

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