Bought a TV last week and just smashed the screen :(

I bought a TV for $450 last Friday from Myer using AfterPay, which enables me to pay off the TV over the next 6 weeks. This morning I started setting up the TV and it tipped over and smashed the screen. I'm really devastated because I've been suffering badly from depression and saved up to buy this TV as a way of trying to cheer myself up. It's the first TV I've ever owned, and the most expensive thing I've purchased in a long time. Is there anything I can do in this situation? Now I feel worse than before I bought the TV :(

Thank you

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Update: I took some time away from reading the comments on this post over the weekend because a few of the comments started making me feel very anxious and upset. I was not expecting much of a response to my post, if any, so I hope you can all appreciate that the response I did get was extremely overwhelming. I really appreciate all of you who took the time to empathize and support me. It really did make a huge difference. I received enough donations to replace the TV I broke and a bit extra which I will donate to beyondblue in order to spread the kindness shown by members of this community. Thank you all very much.

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    Do you have contents insurance? Might have accidental damage?

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      Hey, thanks for your reply. Unfortunately I'm currently renting in a share house whilst I'm at uni, and I don't have any kind of insurance.

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        Hey buddy. My perspective… If you hadn't smashed the TV, then you wouldn't have posted this post on here.

        We have seen an outpouring of generosity and support to help you! Wow!!!

        This experience is something to remember and hopefully you can look to how people responded to you when you felt you were in need.

        You were looking for something to make you feel happy. Although what you thought you wanted (the TV) didn't give it to you, you received something far greater than the short term benefit of the TV and that is love and support.

        Furthermore, I've been touched by this post and I'm sure hundreds of others have been too! So thank you for smashing your TV and making us smile today at the extent that people will go to help you.

        You are an amazing person to be able to trigger such a positive story


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          You are an amazing person to be able to trigger such a positive story

          This is either a brilliant work of satire,

          or nauseating, self-promoting, PC kowtowing, mollycoddling the likes of which I have never before witnessed.

        • @Scrooge McDuck: black or white, eh?

        • @Newplace:

          I'm 90 % sure it's the latter, but I give everyone benefit of the doubt.

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          @Scrooge McDuck: your gift of benefit of the doubt is generously accepted.

          Thank you.


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          your gift of benefit of the doubt is generously accepted.

          Generously accepted?

          Don't you mean graciously accepted?

          OK, now I'm 99 % sure you were self-promoting.

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          @Scrooge McDuck: you mean what I know.

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    If you used a Credit Card to buy, ask the Card Issuer (Bank) if Purchase Protection Insurance is available.

    • Unfortunately I don't have a credit card - I used my BOQ Visa Debit card to purchase.

      • It's worth a call to see if they offer protection on debit cards.

        ANZ provides Falcon Protection to debit card holders.

  • Bad luck mate and shame about no insurance.
    What brand was it, and how smashed are we talking?

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      It's a Panasonic and there's a big dent in the top. I tried turning it on and the screen is ruined :(

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        Try contacting Panasonic and see what they can do, maybe they can repair it for less than the purchase price

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    Hi Donald,

    Unfortunately not much you can do. I absolutely feel for you as Ive done the same before (Wii Controller slipped out of my hand) and I was guttered.

    Im in a position however now, that Id be happy to throw $50 your way to get you started again to buy a new TV. I know how much it sucks and if I can help even in the smallest way, Id be more than happy to do so. Ive also suffered depression and wouldnt want you to get worse over something like this.

    Happy to DD or even through Paypal.

    Just let me know.



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      Aaaand now I'm crying again. I really really appreciate it - my Paypal is <Mod: Removed> but please don't feel any pressure to help - this was entirely my fault. I was trying to be really careful and turned my back for a few seconds and must have bumped it. The next thing I knew it was tumbling to the floor.

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        Will get some money across to you tonight when I get home! Hopefully it helps even if in a small way :)

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        Sent you $40 pal, Hope it helps you!

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        Feel really bad for you mate. Don't have too much in my account(same situation as you) but i just sent you $20. Hope to see you feel better. Cheers :)

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      Hopefully a little extra money helps out towards a new TV.

      Wait for one of the house mates to get home before you set up the next one. ;)

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        Sent the last $10 in my linked bank account. Saved a fair bit courtesy of this website :D
        Large doses of B12 often help with depression.I take 5,000 to 10,000 mcg a day. No worries :)
        sidneydiscountstore1 on eBay is good.
        Let's kick in and help this member!

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          Hey DonaldH,

          Cheer up, bro! I know how upsetting something like this can be… your new TV ruined!

          Just sent $20 to your paypal to help you out and cheer you up a bit!


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          Thank you so much, Rusty. I'm really overwhelmed by the kindness of this community.

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          I'll cash in my cash rewards funds and send some to you later. .. In the mean time you can look at some tvs on Gumtree, seen some good ones for 150.

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      Should be in your account now!

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        I don't undersfand all these donations. To be honest, the guy has a gym membership is gojng around buying $80 Bluetooth headphones and is wanting to buy a $400 3D printer just to play around with?

        Check his comments and posts….

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          Just checked his posts you mentioned and yes you are right. Someone would have noticed that earlier.

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      You have got to be kidding me, you people sending money to a complete stranger with no prof of his broken TV, who's story could have been fabricated and he uses depression as a method to get your sympathy?

      There are so many countless people who need money in this world, the poor and improvised people who have nothing, let alone being able to afford a tv and you people give money to this idiot who broke a brand new tv? Even though it's none of my business this sort of sociology pisses me off! why is it the foolish get rewarded?

      I suffer from depression and no matter what I buy, the people I'm with and the family I have. There is never a feeling of true joy or happiness. Depression can't be cured by tv or items, it may be a short term fix but that loneliness, anxiety and tiredness from life will come back. From my personal experience, the only way somewhat decrease the severity of depression is by being active (sports), spiritual and having a healthy lifestyle.

      If you have depression you need to toughen up, stop asking people to help you to get out of trouble because when they aren't there who are you going to go to support and comfort you? You can't always depend on others to fix your issue. Depression is your battle, it's within and you need to know yourself to fix yourself.

      I hope you win against depression. If I a person in his 20's can, anyone can!

      Peace be with you.

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        you are right, it is none of your business. people can do nice things if they want, you should try it some time. if it bothers you that much here's a tip - click onto something else and keep it moving

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          If you send him any money please don't post here about it.

          We don't need people making fake posts similar to ones like this begging for money based on confirmation of it's effectiveness.

          You should have no issue being generous and not telling the internet how generous you are if you really care.

          At least don't specify the amount.

        • TM15- even though it's none of my business, does it mean I can't share my opinion? If you don't like what you've read, here's a tip - read another post. So since you don't like my opinion you are calling me intolerant but I think you are the one who's intolerant and have double standards, you also used Ad hominem and saying I don't do nice things. YOU DON"T KNOW ANYTHING ABOUT ME!

          You can believe me or not, last week I gave money to a total stranger in the 3 figure sum. I traveled interstate for holiday and stayed in a share room and talked to a stranger who
          s a mate now. We started talking and his story reminds me of my past and it resonated. I could read his body language and see his emotions and know his story was truthful. For privacy reasons I don't want to go into detail but the crux is I do give and I believe in being nice to people is what makes us human. Philanthropists are people I admire. People who have millions or billions but still have a humble lifestyle and how they spend their money is giving and helping the community is what inspires me.

          Look, I'm not telling what people should do with their hard earned money, what I'm saying is to be careful before giving money to strangers on the internet.

          My take on the internet is to doubt everything and to be skeptical. I've read alot of catfish scams, gofund scams, etc. These forms of scams use your sympathy to manipulate you into giving. I'm not saying this is a scam but the original poster is using the same sympathy method. It wasn't necessary to let people know that he has depression, the guy broke his TV and that's all he had to write.

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        If you did go through depression, then you must know how difficult it is to get through it. You need a lot of support from family/friends/strangers and even small things can set you back a lot. Losing a TV this guy saved for and that happened to be his biggest purchase, is probably a major setback for him. Telling people to toughen up doesn't help and of-course you should know that since you WON against depression.

        Now get of your high horse and help the guy by sending $20.

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          You do realise you're thinking incredibly illogicaly and without good reason? People are quite literally starving to death right at this very moment, yet you're giving money to a comparatively wealthy person for luxury goods (which categorically will not cure depression - though the kind words on here will certainly help!).

          Obviously it's your money and you can do whatever you want with it, but I draw the line at you soliciting donations towards a fancy TV…

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          @callum9999: where did you find out that people aren't also donating to other charitable causes?

        • @imurgod:

          The same resource can't be spent twice. Starving children in Africa could've eaten that $20!

        • @callum9999:

          Ofcourse mate. There are so many problems in the world that need addressing.

          I am really interested to know what have you done recently to help the starving people around the world? Or anyone else for that matter.

        • @imurgod: Where did I say people aren't also donating to other charitable causes?

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          @All Blacks NZ: Well, if you must know, I donate roughly 20% of my wage to the UNHCR, Red Cross, Oxfam, Water Aid, MSF and Plan.

          Why this information is remotely relevant to the point I was making I have no idea? I'll make it again though - stop trying to guilt someone into "donating" towards a new TV for someone who neither needs it nor is unable to get it for themselves when that money could be used for so much better things. If you want to give YOUR $20 to the guy then great, it's your money do whatever you want.

        • @callum9999:

          20% of your salary? I wish there were more people like you in the world.

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          @All Blacks NZ:

          20% of your salary?

          Steady on there chief! We don't know how much he earns…

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          @Scrooge McDuck: Haha minimum wage so it's probably not as much as it sounds. It's the thought that counts though!

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        People are emotional, and that's why this comment has been downvoted, but thelyrics hasn't said anything wrong. It would be understandable if the OP had shared pics of his/her broken TV but until then you are just sending money to a complete stranger with no proof and a possibly fabricated story. I hope OP gets their problems sorted but blindy sending them money is just highlighting everyone's naivety and emotionally fuelled actions.

        The point of my post here is not to say OP is a liar or that people here are silly (I don't believe that), but rather to say that what thelyrics has said is reasonable and should not warrant neg. votes.

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          Nexo, I don't think anyone disputes that fact. The neg votes come from the one ignorant line that anyone who has battled depression has heard "If you have depression you need to toughen up". If only it were that easy.

          Also, regardless of how naive people may or may not be, how does it not warm the heart that there are still people so beautiful inside that they are willing to help out without question?!

          That's what this world needs. If the OP is doing the wrong thing (and I doubt it since he never requested a cent), that's on him but to see the response is a thing of beauty.

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          Okay, I may have missed that part of their comment. I agree that shouldn't have been said.
          And yes it's lovely to see the generosity in people but it does hurt a little knowing OP didn't provide any proof. It wouldn't hurt to post a picture of the TV.
          Thanks for the calm and collected reply :)

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          It's probably been missed in all the comments, but OP posted a picture here

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        • @Nexo: no reason not to be calm and collected. You were not nasty and had a valid point.

          My original post was removed anyway for making a personal attack, which I think is good because it makes me think that the person who reported has faced themselves in the mirror and is ashamed.

          Have a great day.

        • @imurgod:

          Have a great day.

          My disingenuousness meter is off the charts! 🚨

        • @Scrooge McDuck: your meter is broken then.

          I was completely sincere to nexo as I thought their comment was also sincere (hence my upvote).

          Try not to flame with no basis.

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        That doesn't sound like the words of someone whose had therapy for clinical depression.

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        Commenting Guidelines

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        I suffer from depression and no matter what I buy, the people I'm with and the family I have. There is never a feeling of true joy or happiness.

        I suffer from depression, and while buying things isn't a long-term solution, it can give a short-lived boost to varying degrees. And it satisfies some of our base urges; losing a TV isn't a huge deal but if it's your ONLY form of entertainment then that's a huge additional burden.

        I know where you're coming from. You probably have something on top of depression - which is a realisation how many other people in the world go through life so bloody easy and with so little effort. I also suffer from this. Still in this case I think you've overshot it. It's fine to be hmmm suspicious but don't piss on other people's parades when they're poor.

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          but if it's your ONLY form of entertainment then that's a huge additional burden.

          We're all here with OP on OzBargain…

      • thelyrics - People can do whatever they want with their own money. Giving to someone when they have the capacity to do so make this world a better place all around.

        I do share your concern about buying TV to help with depression though.
        In principle and looking it literally it is no different to anxious people taking alcohol to relax or people popping sleeping pill for insomnia.

        OP - Yes it helps, but by masking it.

        If you don't learn the skill to cope with whatever the underlying trigger is (rough upbringing, feeling unloved, feeling not lovable, financial stress, lacking personal direction, feeling unfulfilled in life, excessive guilt, "why me" mentality) , then all it takes is another mishap before you are back to square one.

        OP, managing depression is a process not a solution. It begins with recognizing and accepting it , follow by taking on problem heads on. You most likely need to build up your support network (friend/family/doctor/counselor) first.

        If you are under 25yo - Headspace is good place to start
        Alternatively if you have health concession card you are eligible for Brisbane Mind (if living north of the river) which entitles you for 12 bulk billed sessions with counselor. Speak to a GP who you can relate to and I hope you will eventually master this skill.

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        Wow get off your high horse and actually read all the comments, not once has he used his depression to score money off anyone here, all he wanted to know was ways in which he could possibly get his television fixed.
        Believe it or not, people actually do good things for others without expecting anything in return. And if I want to donate $10, $200 or $10000 to this man then I'll do so.

      • I agree with everything you just said, depression definitely cant be cured by items but knowing that you have the love and support of lots of people around you (yes, even strangers from on online community) definitely helps. In saying that do i think he's real? No, not considering that his account is literally half a day old.

      • I completely agree with you. This is how society work these days. People can create an emotional sob story that other people can relate to and instantly there will be kind hearted others that are willing to help. It's happening all around us everyday but you may not realise it.

        You do have to know that the people sending him money are not necessarily weak or simple minded but instead they have been through similar experiences or witnessed someone else close to them going through it. Its their money, they can do what they want with it.

        Yes, it's true that there are people in the world starving right now and need food but there's really nothing immediate that we can do for them. The people that decided to help this guy by giving him money think that they have done their good deed for the day or week or month.

        Personally, I won't give this guy money based on a psychological illness that hasn't been verified. Nor has he shown evidence of a broken screen with proof of purchase. For all we know he might be sitting back in a gold chair smoking a Cuban getting pleasured by a worker or workers from the red light district laughing at the stupidity of some of those generous donators.

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    I feel so sorry for you man.

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      Thank you :(

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    Really sorry to hear that Don, sometimes bad things happen. I smashed my tv when I was moving house - I left it lying face up on the back seat and STUPIDLY put something on top of it. When I got to my new home, I spent an hour wiring my home theatre. Plugged in the tv…. cracked to buggery! Not a lot we can do but learn from the experience.

    You could try asking Myer very, very nicely if they'd replace a broken unit. Highly likely they won't do anything, but maybe they'll feel some compassion and try to help you out.

    You could also try to get a quote to repair the TV, but generally these things are cheaper to replace than repair. Have a look on Gumtree to see if anyone has any free TVs they're trying to get rid of, could be a cheap temporary fix.

    Again - sorry to hear the bad news. Hang in there!

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    Sorry to hear about the broken TV.
    It must be devastating.

    I scratched a TV moving once too. It happens to everyone, but still hurts.

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    I'm sorry that happened :(

    OP, which city/town do you live in (if you don't mind me asking)?

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      Thanks Katie. I live in Brisbane.

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        Ah, I'm in VIC and have a TV that I've been meaning to give away on my local fb page - I was hoping maybe you were nearby so I could have given it to you to tide you over until you get a new one.

        Sorry I couldn't help, but wishing you all the best :)

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          Thanks, I didn't really expect any responses to my post at all so I'm very surprised and grateful for all the support here.

        • @DonaldH: You could use the offers of cash from others to arrange ground shipping from VIC to your place. Just an idea!

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    can i ask what the model number of this tv is

    i can find out if repair options are available

    is there a picture at all. like colours blurred around?
    are there cracks and blotches all over the screen?

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    Get a USB TV tuner and watch on your laptop? eBay has some like this and this.

    You can even get tv tuners for your phone these days…

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    I am so sorry to hear that :( Just sent $20 to cheer you up!

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        He's suggesting that OP should go back to Myer and lie that the damage happened during shipping — unethical as heck and not recommended, but he's not misunderstanding anything

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          That kind of fraud makes TVs more expensive for everyone else.

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    The generosity of the community is so great to see. Make sure you upload a pic of your next tv when it's all set up! Don't be hesitant to reach out to a close friend or family member, or even the folks at beyondblue, black dog institute and lifeline for help and resources. You aren't alone :)

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      I am absolutely blown away by the kindness and generosity shown here, and will definitely post an update on the weekend.

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    Maybe have a chat to your local op shops and see if they have any TVs come in. You might also want to talk to your local council about what they might be getting in their e-waste. It won't be the latest model but there might be something.

    I couldn't see anything about TVs but a site like Ziilch might come in useful for future household goods. I hope you get a replacment TV and you get help with your depression. Best of Luck.

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    @DonaldH, I've just paypal'd you $25 … hope it helps …

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      Not much but threw you $10 as well. Hope you get there!

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    Ahhh so sorry to hear. $10 has been sent to you as well 😊

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    Sorry to hear, mate. Just sent you $25 towards your new TV. Best wishes for everything!

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    Sorry to hear mate, it's always my worst fear handling a TV! I'd be happy to send you a little bit of cash to help take some of the stress out of replacing it, if you want to send me a message with your bank details and I'll transfer it that way. And as others have said please remember you're never alone dealing with your mental health!