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Dyson V6 Slim $252.45, V6 Animal $339.15, V6 Absolute $424.15, V8 Absolute $635.80, Samsung 65" $2124 (C&C) @ Bing Lee eBay

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    Dysons … the new eneloops of ozbargain. Think we need a moratorium on these unless they are the lowest price yet listed. But have a plus from me as Im still on the lookout to upgrade mine from 4 years ago.

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    Serious question … why are people all over these Dyson deals when it seems the majority of people think Miele is a more solid brand, and is often similarly priced?

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      Miele don't do battery powered vacuums. These dyson handstick vacuums are great because they provide great suction plus added convenience. With Miele you get a great vacuum but it's annoying to lug around when you just want to spend 30seconds to clean an accidental spill or something. That said since these guys last around 15mins we get away with being able to vacuum the whole of our downstairs area in one go and just leave the Miele we have upstairs.

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      Serious answer - Miele definitely can make good products, although they also can vary in quality depending on a number of factors from model version, build date, and factory. We have Miele major appliances (some have been good, some bad, all expensive) but it's hard to go past the Dyson vacuums - one area where Dyson beats Miele is most (if not all) Miele vacuums rely on a bag to collect the dust. This means that a) the performance of the vacuum is impacted as the bag gets full and the air struggles to get through it and b) you have to keep buying bags. It's sort of like getting an ink jet printer and having to get replacement cartridges. You can empty the bags and re-use, but the performance is never quite as good.

      So - Dyson vacuums are generally the same price or even cheaper than Miele, their build quality is pretty good (maybe not as good as the best Miele but definitely as good as or better than most others out there), and once purchased there's not much ongoing maintenance cost (maybe a new foam filter and - for the hand held jobs - a battery once every two or three years).

      We have three here now - two hand held jobs of various ages (one downstairs and one upstairs) for spot cleans, and a larger DC-11 that has been in service for well over ten years now and is still going strong.


        Cheers. What would be your opinion of the equivalent (not cordless) Dyson model to the Miele C3 Cat and Dog?

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      No one really compares miele to dyson. Once you decide if you want bagged or, not then the decision is simple. These are also battery powered.

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      Have a Miele - suction is excellent but get sick of lugging the thing around, switching power points and the damn thing rolling over or getting caught on door jams.


    Is there a good comparison of the various Dyson V6's? I'm thinking of buying but don't know what the difference is.

    I don't have pets but have a lot of carpeted and possibly dusty areas - is the V6 Slim good enough for most purposes?


    where can I find the option for C&C?


      Under shipping select store location if in stock.. found i had to use desktop to get it to work for some reason.


        Thanks. But I couldn't find the "shipping" under the desktop browser either. Under the postage section, I couldn't find the options that you're describing. $10 shipping is reasonable though.


    Any idea about Kogan vacuum?


    For those with a V6, I was about to buy a Dyson V6 Animal, but then I looked at the V8's and it looks like it has a longer battery, more suction and a (Much?) better bin emptying solution.

    I always want the better thing but you basically looking at double the price.

    1. How often do you have to empty the dirt/dust with your fingers on the V6, because the push button drop thing just doesn't work?
    2. Do you find it runs out of battery quickly?
    3. I assume the suction on the V6 is plenty.

      I am in the same boat as you. Confused between v6 and v8.

      V6 has smaller vaccum head base, less battery life, less suction and no hepa filter than the v8 absolute. But it's 400 higher.

      Thinking what to do.. maybe some one who had used both can help.

      Also does the warranty stay the same with all Dyson products irrelevant from wherea it's bought??

      EDIT : There Is a Harvey clearance store in WA selling absolute v8 for 699. Will Dyson honour the warranty. It's 3 years by default u believe


        Head size does not differ between V6 and V8. There is however different heads between different models: animal (normal head and mini head), slim (slightly smaller than normal head), absolute (has fluffy for hardwood), etc.


      V6 runs out quickly the dust bin always gets stuck when trying to remove the container to empty it properly.

      Not sure if the v8 is worth twice the price but the run time on the v6 would be an issue for some ok for spot cleaning.


      How often do you have to empty the dirt/dust with your fingers on the V6, because the push button drop thing just doesn't work?

      The space between the canister and motor is really narrow and clogs quickly, especially with things like long hair.

      I basically have to use my fingers every time, although if you don't let it fill and empty often it's not as bad.

      Do you find it runs out of battery quickly?

      No, but I only have a 2 bedroom place and it's mostly floorboards and tiles.

      What little carpet I have is short loop pile, don't expect it to work on plush pile carpet as the motorised head will stop spinning (for loop pile it's ok).

      I assume the suction on the V6 is plenty.

      Yes, I've never actually wanted stronger suction when using it, battery life and emptying it are the annoying things not suction.

      Battery life isn't too bad really, I've never had it run out unless using it on max and you can get a remarkable amount done in 20 mins run time.

      The main annoyance is emptying it.


        Thanks for your point by point response. Very helpful.

        I live in a 2 bedroom place too, but it's short loop carpet, so do you think it will actually last the 20 mins. I do my whole apartment in 15-20mins whilst lugging around traditional vac. If so I won't need the V8's battery.

        I guess emptying it as you said is the only real issue but If I empty it after use or 2 hopefully it will be ok…


    I have just noticed that the price for the v8 $636.65 is incorrect as they do not offer click and collect for some reason and there's a shipping fee of$10.


    Anyone know if this will work with the $20 off starting at 10:


    I think that Bing Lee have disabled C&C. Going into their listings, there is no Click and Collect option. Going into a Good Guys listing shows a "Click an Collect" and "Select a store". Can anyone else confirm?


    Thank you! That's great definitely taking my business to good guys then! Been in touch with bing Lee customer service through eBay and they told me there's a glitch with eBay and told me to contact eBay?! What DA! Bye bye bing Lee!


    Anyone a Samsung expert or got a comment about the deal on the Samsung TV here ? It looks like a good deal price wise, but the reviews on it are not particularly great, especially for the upscaling for 1080p content..

    I've been looking for a 55-65" UHD for a while around the $2-2.5K mark - but 99% of what we are going to watch is 1080 for now (and any 4K content is likely to be Netflix..).

    Very tempted to push the button on this but holding back as I can't find many positive comments on their Series 6 and almost nothing at all shows up on OB for the MU6100 range..

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