This was posted 4 years 5 months 9 days ago, and might be an out-dated deal.

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eBay 15% off Sitewide (Min $75 Spend, Max $300 Discount), 5pm-Midnight


$75 min spend. $300 max discount. 1 transaction per person. Up to 10 items per transaction. T&Cs here

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eBay Australia
eBay Australia

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          I've also had mine frozen for no reason, never had a buyer claim against me or anything that would necessitate this. The only crime was using PayPal in the first place.

  • I really need to go to pc part picker and decide on a set of specs in time for these events.

  • 20%, Please.


  • Cheapest Mavic flymore combo is $1849 - 15% is $1546.. nowhere near $950
    Yep confirmed, missed out big time on that deal.
    Cant see anything comparable happening in the next 9 days :(

    • i still cry about that

    • +1

      So hard to buy something when you know it's been cheaper.

    • Heres hoping for a repeat hourly deal tonight.. i will not miss out if it comes around again but i suspect that ship has sailed!

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    More excited for the Mega Deals - glad to see we get an extra 15% off the Mega Deals starting at 6pm :D

    • +1

      what are these mega deals you speak of?

      • Hourly deals
        I am sure they will be posted here once they go live - or just check the eBay home page at the hour starting at 6pm.

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    Someone with some TV knowledge reccommend me a 4K TV <900 on eBay around 50ish inch. Would be forever greatful :)

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    I have nearly maxed my credit card with these sales =(

    • Same!

  • make sure you click show worldwide results.. suddenly my search is over. ebay wins over aliexpress for my new phone redmi note 4x 16GB(the tightarse model)

  • 25% eofy please! Haha

  • +9

    I'm pretty sure eBay is just trying to send us broke before Amazon comes online

  • Perfect…bought a camera yesterday in anticipation that there will be another deal.
    Thanks mate

  • Waiting on a good deal for 2tb Seagate game drive

  • all your bases are belong to us?

  • Damn it. Already 1000$ worth of stuff in CART. I am not going back home, my wife is going to get crazy :D

  • eBay run by ex dick Smith people?.

  • +10

    My credit card bill this month will say:

    Ebay australia
    Ebay australia
    Ebay australia
    Ebay australia….

    • +5

      Mines full of "PayPal Australia" already

    • +2

      Should be using PayPal.

  • +3

    20% or GTFO

  • Where's the 20% deal!? :o

      • +1

        LOL. This is getting ridiculous though. Every other day a variable % off Ebay sale and item prices increased by sellers…
        Does this deal work on items purchased from US sellers?

        • +2

          Price jacking isn't a problem for me as I generally don't purchase from big stores.

          US purchases work fine as long as you purchase from

  • Compatible with Cash Rewards Cashback?

    • +2

      historically, yes

  • My Body is Not Ready

  • papa needs a new 13 inch laptop

  • -1

    TA works for eBait too?

    • +3

      Amazing what you find when you're involved in the affiliate world. I find a lot of good deals myself.

      • +1

        I'm sure you've helped a lot of ozbargainers including me with your deals too.

        • +1

          Indeed. Cashrewards work with companies and their affiliate networks to provide cashback…

  • waiting for a new discount code now. Thanks

  • Any QC35 under $350 delivered?

  • Looking for a good NAS any recommendations?

  • +1

    Any decent prices on 11-13" inch notebooks with touchscreen?

    • +1

      Build your own with cheap and low power parts.

      • .. notebook not a desktop, if that was a joke im unable to identify it as one =O

        • Sorry it was for the post above.

        • Can't manage to reply to BarginHunter's post properly…..

  • Looking for QC25 sub $200!

  • +5

    Answer to the last four comments: maybe search for it yourself?

    • Searching is not the problem, it's knowing what's the best value and most recommended.

  • C HAOS? who's Hao?

  • Previous deal was better as there wasn't the $300 discount cap. I bought a nearly $3k fridge and got around $400 discount last time.

  • Any deals on 1070s?

    • I gave up looking for 1070s and settled on a used 980 Ti OC. Bit cheaper bit better performance (atm).

      Maybe it will explode, but that's all part of the fun! :)

  • anyone used yet?

    • Yup. Worked great.

    • Yes, worked for me as well. Got a Samsung Galaxy S8+ Orchid Grey from MobileCiti!

      • $$?

        • Final amount came to be $1131.18 AUD. Flying overseas next month so hoping to get GST refunded!

        • +1


          Which you have paid with a $1000+ item

        • @futurenow: Sorry, would there be any problem in getting GST refunded on a $1000+ item?

        • +1

          @esjay: Make sure u have a tax invoice with ur address on it.

        • @kingmw: Yeah, thanks for the info. MobileCiti are pretty good with their invoicing. Got all the details on it. Although the amount shown on the invoice is not the discounted one (after using coupon - CHAOS) but rather the original amount as listed on eBay by the seller!
          Does it mean that I can claim GST on the original amount?

        • +1

          @esjay: Yes you can claim the GST from the original amount.

          Also use the TRS app otherwise you will queue up for ages at the airport.

        • @kingmw: yup, thanks mate!

        • +1

          @esjay: Lastly are you travelling alone or with others?

          Only reason is that occasionally they are really strict if it is >$900 and they expect you to bring the item back into Australia. I personally have never had this problem and my bargains have never been that expensive!

        • @kingmw: Thanks for the heads up mate. I am travelling alone this time, and am looking to claim GST refund on goods worth $2500 in total. So basically hoping to get back approx. $250.

  • myer has new the 2017 mackbook range in stock, already 100 dollar off, apply the code for the discount!

    • They're saying "New" but the specs match last year's, I bought anyway but it would be nice to get the latest model.


  • Thanks TA.
    Just bought the Xiaomi Mi Vacuum for $407. Delivery in 4 days :)

  • Any good watch deals? I am after a Citizen eco drive/Casio ediffice. I am travelling next month and I would like to claim GST as well. Thanks..

    • Yeah, this is a good deal, plus you get $300 off.

      • Thanks..looks like a good watch.. But not citizen/casio. :(

        • The price is right though :)

        • +1

          @F-22: yes.. Would have bought it if it was citizen/casio. :)

  • Just picked up a near new Tokina 11-20 for $443 inc postage about about 800 velocity points. Thankyou!

  • Nooooooo. I have 2 x $200 prepaid visa gift cards which I had already registered into paypal. Did not realise paypal will not allow split payments!!! Is there a way to get around this?

    • Goto the post office and buy a load and go visa card. One off cost of $6.95 (because you can always reload it free) and register that with PayPal. I always use it when I am given Westfield gift cards. I just go to a post office situated inside a Westfield and use the voucher to reload the visa. Never had an issue.

      • Yeah crossed my mind too. Pity too late now, as I'm not willing to gamble if there will be any stock left of what I want to get. Will do that for the next purchase as there will be a few more ebay sales im guessing. Running out of stuff to buy though lol

      • how does this preload card work? Seems interesting!

  • +1

    Whoop! Just got a 13" macbook pro from Myer for the same price Apple's selling them refurbed. Hopefully it's this year's model.

    • +1

      hopefully? you didn't check before you buy?

      • +1

        I was about to buy last year's for $10 refurbed from Apple, so even if it's last year's model I got a better deal. Either way the speed differences between models is negligible.

        They're listing them as "New" and they recently ditched the old ones on a sale… But the specs match last year's ones, so I'm not sure.

  • +3

    Lg g6 deal please?

    • +3

      Please let us know if you find something. Thanks

  • +1

    thanks TA! was spewin when i remembered i needed to buy something and the last 15% had passed! this is perfect timing! bring on the 20% next :)

  • Working on car parts for once, what a miracle lol
    Got a Nismo S-tune airfilter cheap, normally most japanese parts seem flagged as cars

  • I need 20% offfffff

  • Any good deal for a 15 inch laptop with ssd for less than $600?

  • Braun Oral Care 3000 for $85 delivered. Hope it's decent.

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