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eBay 15% off Sitewide (Min $75 Spend, Max $300 Discount), 5pm-Midnight


$75 min spend. $300 max discount. 1 transaction per person. Up to 10 items per transaction. T&Cs here

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Use Cashrewards for an additional 1.3% cashback on everything at eBay

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  • My bank account is in absolute CHAOS after these recent deals lol

  • Anyone have any issues with purchases going through without confirming on mobile site?

    Other day inputted code just as expired so didn't go through with purchase (didn't click on PayPal or accept through it) and yet next day saw I was charged and it had shipped

  • Sounds like I need to find something expensive again.

  • are there no hourly deals tonight?

  • I don't need anything so I'm not going to buy anything, thanks for the post though OP :)

  • Yay, more booze! (Cachaca and Peychauds)

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    Does this work for auctions?

    • -1


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    CHAOS? C Hating Amazon Online Shoppers?

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    Can anyone help me with this one? Tightarse?

    15% off works just fine on this:
    But does not work on this:

    Doesn't make much sense - both same seller, same sale/clearance?

    • +1

      hmm, same problem here.. trying to get the evolution pillow:

      it could be because they are listed in the 'Travel/Tickets' category which may be excluded from applying promo codes?
      or perhaps due to the sellers already offering current discounts…?

      Thanks for the help folks!

      • OK you nailed it for me - did not see that it was in a travel category and that is definitely referenced in the T&Cs. Bummer.
        <sad panda>

  • chaos will technically mean 20% ebay..

    • The code for that would be CRASH

      Because that's what will happen to the eBay website

  • Another Hump month sale will come at 6-10pm this evening only.

  • I tried to buy this from ebay

    Tried the "CALM" didn't work, and same with the "CHAOS"

    Anyone mind explaining to me why? Ta

    • +1

      CALM is already expired a few days ago

      and CHAOS only works once (cannot be used again) and your paypal account must be australian.

      • Bought few stuff with CALM code, just didn't work for that one listing..

        I haven't bought anything on CHAOS yet, and paypal definitely AU

        So why?! I just don't get it , it just a normal private listing anyway..

    • think you need to pay with paypal?

      • I did, got this error message "This code can't be applied to some of your items." for both CALM & CHAOS..

        Why on earth?

        • "I did, got this error message "This code can't be applied to some of your items."

          I got that too. In the end I proceeded with the checkout. I intended to contact eBay in the morning to find out what the problem was. However, upon checking my Paypal account, all items were discounted properly.

  • Yay time to buy more useless stuff

  • +2


    • yea crazy price, if only I didn't redeem my Qantas points

    • Damn! That's crazy cheap! I bought mine last year for $399 after 20% discount from Myer.

      Edit: Wow! Sold out while I was typing the comment. lol

    • price error x600 ?

    • What the ef. I already have one thoughhh nooooooo

    • Darn out of stock.

  • Still waiting on cash rewards from the CALM deal.

  • LG G6 anyone seen a good deal or V20?

  • Wish there were some half decent PS4 deals.

  • Any other good phone deals?

  • Young man, there's no need to feel down.

  • +1

    Any cheap good 8TB external hard drives. Amazon prices still better than even with the 15% and 20% off deals.

  • Any Dyson vacuum deals?

  • +5

    I just have saved $600ish by NOT buying a Samsung galaxy tabpro S from COTD Ebay store.

  • Any chance that eBay could be claiming all these 15% off deals on tax as a loss, for example:

    I purchase something on eBay for $1000 but with the discount it comes down to $850 with the 15% off.

    The $150 I save off the original price is then covered by eBay and the seller recieves the full $1000 sale amount. eBay then declares to the tax office the $150 as a loss.

    I'm not an accountant just a thought about how this works.

    Any one have clarification on this ?
    Or did I just unravel eBays Tax scam ? lol

    • They absolutely would be claiming it as a tax deduction…it's not really a scam though. The $150 rebate to the buyer is a perfectly legitimate tax deductible expense the same as any other marketing cost such as advertising etc.

  • +1

    Cashrewards very unreliable still no email from the CALM deal. Only on the larger transactions does it fail to track.

    • +3

      Same issue - waiting til the purchase becomes eligible to raise a ticket (seems to be happening more and more with CR…)

  • Tried to buy a luggage, but says "This code can't be applied to some of your items."

    Is it because it's "Travel" stuff? This doesn't make much sense..

  • No YAS106 soundbars!! Where's Bing Lee? They had it the other week :@

  • anyone can recommend some good bluetooth speakers?

  • If only these deals didn't have the$300 cap. I want to pull the trigger on a $4000 fridge

    • How you search the fridge catagory? Very few choices of seller in WA, and TGG and Harvey Norman ebay shops have very few variety .

  • -1

    Any good deals on Bosch washing machines

    • Appliance online eBay has a decent range of Bosch washers

  • -1

    Any IPS screen laptops for sale?

  • I see that the former DSE Marketing guy has landed a job with eBay Australia!
    I will be incredibly surprised if this is the last code for the next 10 days…

  • Done, thanks TA, you've come through AGAIN :)

  • Ok ok ok… These are the things i dont really need but the 15% made me realise that i actually really DO need them.
    A Samsung s8+
    And a dji spark drone
    Any good deals on those anyone found?
    Im not a good finder…

  • Just in time! saved almost 50 for the auction that i had win! cant be happier

  • Perfect timing! Just got a Intel NUC.

    Thank you!!! :D

    • Which one sir?

      What are you doing with yours?

      • The NUC5CPYH. Bit old but thats a good thing in my case as I have old (DDR3L) ram already. Should be good enough for a home cloud server and won't use much power so economical.

        $150.80 delivered is pretty good imo…

        • That is tempting indeed!

          I'm wanting one for pretty much the same use case plus for Plex, currently using my main power hungry gaming rig : (

          I'll probably put this one on watch and pounce if and when we get the 20% off lol

        • I'll probably put this one on watch and pounce if and when we get the 20% off lol

          Has been cheaper in the past so you could get a much better deal.

          I was going to purchase one in the next week anyways and thanks to Mr.A I managed to save $25.20!

  • Wonder what's the market price for DJI Spark?

  • can anyone confirm if they can still use the code to purchase items from 2 different ebay account but through the same Paypal account?

    I've bought something through my ebay account and the wife and I share a Paypal account that's tied to our joint acc/CC. When she tried to purchase something using her ebay account, the code isn't being accepted and is given the "this code can't be applied to your order".

    I did notice on the t&c that its 1 purchase per person but is it perhaps tied to Paypal rather than the ebay acc?

    • +1

      I think it might be as you can only get the discount if you pay via Paypal? Maybe that is their way of stopping people with multiple ebay accounts using the code twice…

  • Buy this:

  • +1

    I still can't decide whether or not to pull the trigger on this one:

    • What a bargain. Modified shape too (guess the round ones are over rated). Better be quick though because it's flagged as "1 watching".

  • Hmm not sure if I need the Samsung ssd

  • +1

    Got a parking fine today of $155 and got absolutely pissed because I knew there was something better I could have used the money for —> EBAY.

    • +1

      Don't forget to input CHAOS on the infringement notice slip, so you'll get 15% off your total fine.

      j/k :P

  • No purchases tonight but did sell an item for a few grand, because of the sale, so I'm happy either way 👍

  • +1

    So broke now…

  • Damn, missed it again!

    Oh well, guess there'll be another one tomorrow…?

  • Did anyone make a purchase yesterday and not receive the automated email from PayPal of your payment? Its in my transaction listings but I didn't receive this email so not sure how Cash rewards will track it (I know it can usually take a few days for the CR email to come through)?

  • 20% next wednesday last before eofy?

  • So PayPal took my money last night. Now I wake up and check, the items are missing from my eBay purchase history. And all 3 items from different vendors have been refunded Wtf? Anyone else the same?

    • Similar glitch happened for me too :(. Paypal transaction got completed but no history available in ebay purchases :o. Heck, all the ads are there too as if nothing happened. I am now contacting all the sellers individually. The server definitely crashed yesterday night.

    • yup same thing. i got the paypal receipt email but not a confirmed order email from eBay. this morning all my items were back in my cart and all my payments were refunded on Paypal.
      wondering if it didn't get processed in time, i submitted my order at like 11:55pm…

    • this has happened to me before

      contact ebay chat, they will get you to buy all the items again and credit your paypal the discount amount.

    • +2

      I contacted eBay. They said to repurchase them and they will credit my account but will take 10-15 business days. I asked for a new coupon but they wouldn't give me one. I also called PayPal and the bloke I spoke to said some "security feature" algorithm cancelled my orders and refunded my account automatically. Some feature aye lol

      • So, so ebay will just credit the discounted amount? But using what? The paypal receipts in my email? Cause there's no purchase history at all in my ebay history.

        • Correct. Apparently they will credit the difference, but I didn't want to wait 10 - 15 days for the credit.

          The transactions should still exist in your paypal account.

          The ebay rep said they couldn't find any purchases made on my account. So I asked if I could send them screenshots of my paypal transactions as proof. I was given an email address and an internal service request number to put in the subject of the email. They said my request will be forwarded onto their marketing team…. Not holding my breath…. This guy from paypal didn't have much to say either, he said he didn't understand why my purchases were refunded and told me to ask ebay for a new coupon. Perhaps there was server issue. I purchased at exactly 11:55pm

          As ebay only gave me the above option & not to credit me there and then after re-purchasing the items, I gave up.

        • Ebay support just said me the same thing -_-. They will manually credit the 15% difference 7-10 days later after I buy the items right now in full price. Now I am not sure if that will be the right thing to do :/. Do you think there will be a 15% offer or even a 20% sitewide offer in the upcoming days? :/

        • @GTG: no idea. But I hope so!

        • @GTG: eBay just emailed me actually. They asked for my PayPal transaction IDs so they can track them.

        • @pudgey01:

          What are you gonna do? Go for it? You will still get 15% back at least. I think waiting for a 20% off code is a bit too optimistic :/. I think I am gonna buy now in full and wait for ebay to pay me back :/.

        • +1

          @GTG: Yeah you can do that. I contacted all 3 of the sellers, one of the sellers was willing to sell the item to me for 15% off anyway which was cool. Plus I found one of the other items cheaper outside of ebay. I also received a reply from ebay this morning. I seriously think a database or server crashed and they did a restore or some data was lost.

          EMAIL BELOW: TLDR: Email doesn't make a lot of sense. Paypal's mistake. Something wrong with sellers accounts (3 different sellers all with paypal account issues, lol I doubt this.) .. Asked me to contact each seller or paypal to dispute. Still honoring 15% as a credit.

          email from ebay
          Thank you for contacting eBay about the payment issue that you’re having.
          I’ve checked on the seller's listing, I can’t see any payment recorded from your account. This is the reason why you didn’t receive any confirmation from eBay and the seller about it.
          Upon checking, this is because of the error that you’re getting. The error occurs because there’s an issue with the seller’s PayPal account that will hinder him to accept payment as of this time. The best thing to do is to contact the seller about this. This way, he can then contact PayPal and have the issue resolved and you can then pay for the item successfully.
          About the charges on your credit card, most of the time, since the payment isn’t recorded, this means that the transaction isn’t successful. In cases like this, the charges on your credit card is already been reversed.
          Please be guided that here in eBay, it is PayPal who’s processing and facilitating credit/debit card payments on the site. This means, they are the ones responsible for the charges. Thus, you need to contact them to dispute the charges from them.
          For the voucher code you used with this purchase , don't worry we will still honour the 15% discount of this promo. With this, we will honour you a manual credit instead. This credit will be in a form of a refund back to your PayPal account. All you need to do is to pay for the item in full and get back to us with the item number of the item and the PayPal email address used. Please be advised that the credit process will take 7 to 15 business days from the day it was submitted since this is processed by batch.
          We are looking forward to hearing back from you so we can submit the request right away. Your patience and understanding is highly appreciated.
          I'm glad to be of assistance to you today. Thanks for choosing eBay and have a great day.

        • @pudgey01: Yep, at least ebay is honouring the credit. I just hope they credit it soon though -_-. Have you faced such a scenario before? Ebay manually crediting you. Do they really pay back within the specified time?

        • @GTG: nah this is a first for me.

      • the bloke I spoke to said some "security feature" algorithm cancelled my orders

        hmm curious do both of you have new ebay accounts?

        • Yes, my ebay account is new.

        • @GTG:

          same with mine. although I already made some purchases before that happened to me.

        • @CVonC: I had 3 purchases prior to this to be precise. One included an S7 Edge. By the way, one seller is not replying though I have paid him the money -_-. It's a store. What should I do now? I messaged them two times till now yet no reply :/

        • +1

          Nope, had mine for 10 years now.

        • @GTG: How long have you waited for a response? You can open an ebay or paypal dispute if they dont respond.

        • @pudgey01: Yes, I opened a dispute in Ebay. They said to contact seller through Paypal first since my transaction was completed. Now, I have an opened a Paypal dispute. I have messaged the seller through the dispute. Hopefully I will get the product or at least a refund :).

        • @GTG: goodluck!

  • @tightarse Is there another 15-20% off code coming in the next couple days?
    Couldn't take advantage coz it takes so long (3 days) for Supercheapauto to respond to ebay msgs. I was requesting them to align their ebay price with their website price for a 20Litre drum of oil, since they had the same discounted sale price on ebay as their website for the 5Litre version.

  • Not yet expired. Still works.

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