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Samsung Galaxy S8 (SM-G950FD) 5.8" 64GB LTE Dual SIM Unlocked Orchid Gray $663 @ Quality Deals eBay


Original 15% off Sitewide at eBay Deal Post Great price for a great phone

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  • Thats CRAZY price for sure

  • +3 votes

    Would like the plus instead, but holy moly that price is nice.

  • Grey import, right?

  • Aus stock (works with all Aus carriers, including on 4G+)?
    Would Samsung Aus honor warranties on this?

  • OMG!!! farking crazy price

  • I only login to copy and paste:
    I bought Galaxy edge 7 from Qd au last October, used for 6 months it died. Sent it back to Qd au in early April, so far I have not got my phone back or any updates from them. Good luck whoever is going to buy from them.

    • thanks good info

    • Grey import warranties are atrocious sadly and PayPal offer no help either.

    • My experience also suggest that dont buy grey one

      • I only buy greys from tdimension. Best service ever.
        Basically if you have a issue, take a video and put it on YouTube then send them the link. They will diagnose and if it is a fault they will give you a fedex account number to express the phone back for free.

        End to end replacement time was around 1.5 - 2 elapsed weeks.

        I've done this twice with different samsung phones and the experience was the same.

        • All of these grey import have same progress to replace, repair refund. But i had 2 Samsung from JB hifi, never had issue. Think about that, their(grey) products quality is not consistent.

    • Sharing a similar experience of my own with Acedigital on Ebay. I bought a HTC U11 from them during the CHAOS sale on ebay this June. They promised me a sealed phone box in writing but when the phone arrived the box wasn't manufacturer sealed and had been opened already.

      I was smart enough to take a video when I opened the parcel and I took pictures of the damaged box where the edges showed signs of the manufacturer's seal being peeled off.

      I started the returns process already but I don't think they'll play ball. What should I do?

      • Just use the phone, usually they open it up to check it out.

        • Normally I'd do that but I specifically asked them to leave it sealed and they promised to. It's not very reassuring to me seeing as they broke their promise.

        • @Bunnyburger: they usually do it with samsung because they source their phones from Europe which is allot cheaper.
          But Europe has put a region lock on it, so companies like this opens the phone in Europe and unlocks it then ships it to their warehouse.

        • @lplau: Yeah I understand that may be a plausible explanation but it seems just plain dirty to promise they'll send me a sealed phone and do the exact opposite of what I asked.

    • QDAU have the WORST customer service. I wasn't event tempted by the price. No way I'd give QDAU another cent.

      • +2 votes

        I think you got the short end of the stick. QD have generally been really good, especially for those affected by LG bootloop.

      • +3 votes

        QDAU is one of the better ones amoungst grey importers

    • My s7 was replaced within 2 weeks when I dealt with them…

    • Had the same experience with T-Dimension. After constant emailing to them as well as ebay and paypal disputes (both said they couldn't help me), I finally got my S7 Edge repair back; albeit with a deep cut in the screen that wasn't there before, and the paint of the earpiece grill scratched off…

      Overall it took me almost 3 months to get it back, and it does seem to be fixed. Don't think I'll be buying a grey import again though :/

    • Ive had warranty job through QD au on ebay. It took 2.5 months which is a really long time, but they came through. Keep the faith

  • Would you get a proper tax receipt that is claimable through TRS?

  • Code checks out…

  • Nooooooo

    Just bought a S7 6 days ago.

  • If I don't have S7, would jump on this immediately. Great price!

  • that's insane. I thought i bought mine S7 for $500 two months ago is a good price, but this is really a bargain

  • Does this come with any Samsung warranty or do you have to send it back to them?

    • Same thing as EVERY other time there is a grey import… Read the above comments.


      As mentioned many times above your comment, you'll have to sent it to QD for repair. (In Rhodes if they haven't moved)

  • Thanks op.

  • That's cray cray. Too bad ny s6 still fine.

  • Thanks! I was waiting to buy this under 700! Woot!

  • Really crazy price!

  • When I don't need this but want it, it doesn't sell out that quick to stop me from buying. When I need it and want it so badly, it's almost always sold out before I even get here. First world problems.

  • CRAZY isn't working for me.
    "This code can't be applied to your order."

  • 80 sold in one hour

    Now I hope they have enough grey stock…..

  • Are grey imports really that bad?

    • +1 vote

      It's actually pretty good. Just don't expect too much in terms of warranty, you do save maybe $400-500 so I think that's the priority for a lot of people. 90% chance you'll still get warranty from QD just fine.

    • Nope.

      Phones follow a bathtub curve in faults, so provided you have protection over the first few weeks (send it back as U/S) you are likely to be OK.

      The warranty value is only a few tens of dollars in reality - you are much more likely to drop it and crack the screen (which isn't covered by warranty).

      • Samsung Australia won't repair it if you break the screen, then how would you get it fixed?

        I thought you could not send via air mail if a product has litihum batteries, so you basically have to keep the phone in an Otter case to protect it.

  • Damn.Just bought it with 10% off an hour ago, anyone knows how to cancel eBay order? cancellation fee from QD_AU?

    • send them an email. hopefully they will reply asap

      They will prob ask you to order it again with new code, and they will cancel the other after

  • That is a crazy price!!
    If I hadn't bought the OnePlus 3T recently, I'd be all over it! Although haven't used Samsungs since Galaxy S3

    • My wife loves Samsung. I'm an iPhone user but must admit the camera on her S5 takes awesome photos. She used to have an S2 and I almost bought her this S8 before they upped the price.

  • Has anyone used MirrorLink with this and their car stereo system?

  • btw, this is Chipset Exynos 8895… NOT the snapdragon 835 chipset variant of S8. But this is a good price indeed

    • And thankfully it is. The exynos 8895 is faster on bench and performs slightly better than the snap 835 which is only sold in US/Can afaik.

  • Nooo. I've just ordered a LG G6 from them, would be happy to pay 200extra for this.

    • Contact them and see what they say… I've just done the same thing so hopefully I can get it swapped.

  • LOL, just got my self an S8 with the Telstra New Phone Feeling, guess I must be happy with it since I just bought this…ahh well hope the Mrs enjoys an upgrade of her LG G3

  • I received my S8 from them on Monday and now the price dropped another A$100 :(

  • Thanks Op, brilliant price, bought one for the Mrs.

  • I was tempted for a minute and now it's out of stock. Oh well.

  • I was very tempted as well but out of stock ah well

  • Back in stock now. :)

  • This vs the G6 which is $200 less, is it worth it?

    • No bootloader unlock available for the G6 (H870DS) if you are thinking of running custom ROM's. I just bought the S8 for this reason.

  • BIG CAVEAT in regards to buying grey import Samsung phones:
    I got my brother to buy a grey import S7 EDGE last year and hes just dropped and cracked the LCD, samsung will NOT touch or repair it since its an "international" version. It costs $280 to fix normally but they wont even let him pay them to fix it. Third party repair shops quoted him $500 to replace the LCD. Replacement panels are around $300 on aliexpress too

    • So very important to order a case.


      That's "crazy"

      But seriously that's insane. Just looked up replacement ones on ebay. LG G6 it is.

    • I called Samsung Australia asking how much it cost to repair S8 Plus screen and was quoted around $240. Then I mentioned that the phone was bought overseas and the guy said he needed to check if that price's the same. After checking he apologised and said because the phone isn't Australian stock they can't repair it as they don't have the parts for it. He advised that I should visit Samsung website of the country I got the phone from and get in touch with their customer service.

  • Who to trust. Multiple posts suggesting qd_au are reputable and have great warranty, others saying the opposite.

    It's significantly cheaper so if it's worth the risk, go for it

    • World of hurt if you have warranty issues.
      If you are getting a grey import, I think it's better to wait for one of the larger companies that have some kind of rep to protect and Aust service centres such as Kogan
      I want one too but I am going to wait.

    • Yep I pulled the trigger. Grey import virgin

  • Awesome price!

  • great price, couldn't resist bought one :)

    got the s6 from them 2yrs ago, no issue so hopefully this one will be fine too!!

  • What happens if you crack the screen on one of these? I've heard Samsung AU won't do warranty work on it, but does that extend to out of warranty repairs?

    • See Simbech's comment above, seems the answer is no.

    • Cracked screens are NOT a warranty issue. But samsung AU will not touch them anyway.

    • Wonder if Amex will honour this if you use their essential card's smartphone screen insurance?

      • Yes they will, why wouldn't they? They will pay for your repair bill if it meets their conditions. They won't pay you for a replacement of the phone regardless of how severe, so only good for specifically cracked screens.

  • I ordered a LG G6… lol

  • Brought it if I don't like it I'll just sell it

  • Great find !!! Had to pull the trigger on this !!