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Xiaomi Mi TV Box AU$71.55/US$53.99, Mini Octopus Style Mobile Phone Stand AU$1.05/US$0.79 Shipped @ Gearbest


Mod: coupon code for MI box is currently disabled or out of stock. Please wait for updates..

Dear ozbargainers,

How are you? Long time no share good deals with you,I am back with good deals now!
Just as usually,keep adding and pls keep asking me for good deals,also keep PM me for any order issue!

AEDT Time Item Deal Price Code
2017-7-11 Mini Octopus Style Mobile Phone Stand Flexible Tripod AU$1.05/US$0.79 OctopusAU
2017-7-11 ( Official International Version ) Original Xiaomi Mi TV Box - EU PLUG BLACK AU$71.55/US$53.99 OZBMTB
2017-7-11 25 in 1 Screwdriver Wallet Kit Repair Tool AU$3.63/US$2.74 KitOZB
2017-7-11 CHUWI LapBook 12.3 laptop AU$384.33/US$289.99 CHUWI123
2017-7-11 YUNMAI M1302 Bluetooth Smart Weighing Scale AU$64.93/US48.99 YM1302
2017-7-11 SCISHION V99 - hero TV Box AU$83.48/US$62.99 GBSV99H
2017-7-11 Anycubic Kossel Upgraded Pulley Version Unfinished 3D Printer AU$225.29/US$169.99 K3DP
2017-7-11 Nitecore MT06MD Nichia 219B 180 Lumens LED Pen Flashlight AU$23.84/US$17.99 S2S06
2017-7-11 Anet A8 Desktop 3D Printer Prusa i3 DIY Kit AU$194.81/US$146.99 AFFA81

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  • Been Looking for Xiaomi Box Lately, Thanks OP

  • Welcome back :)

  • Very happy with mine. Performance is really good for netflix kodi etc. Hardly takes up any space (in fact I just stuck it to the back of the TV so can't even see it) and nice and easy to use.

    • Friggin beautiful product..
      Massive upgrade from the MK808b Android stick it has replaced!

      • yeah I've tried all sorts of cheapo sticks but this one is a cut above the rest. (some) people whinge on forums about nougat upgrade and/or HDR etc but considering there's hardly any HDR content out there anyway and very few TVs with proper HRD capabilities, it's just a gimmick at this stage. Current version of software (6) works fine.

        • I installed Kodi on it and watched the Hawthorn V GWS match using my (free, Telstra) AFL Live Pass.
          Barely could tell the difference from broadcast TV on our 46" TV at my ~4m sitting distance.


          Hi sir,I just checked the the code still works and show as FIXED PRICE Coupon: $53.99,could you pls log in first to apply it?

        • Have you just come from the 80s ?

        • @bolinao:

          what's your point?

        • @gimme:

          Nearly every tv sold has HDR nowadays and there is oodles of HDR blu-rays and Netflix, Amazon also.

        • @bolinao:

          lol…why would I be running blu-rays through this box?….and EVERY TV sold has proper HDR capabilities? .nevermind

        • @bolinao:

          you'll find that the number of people (using this box) willing to download pirated (rare) 50gb+ movies fall into a small minority… which is what I was saying to begin with. The vast majority if mibox users wouldn't be in that category.

        • @scubacoles: How'd you manage that? AFL app doesn't show up in the play store for me when I look on my MiTV box.

        • Does lag sometimes, or when storage is full?

        • Where'd you read that? Most issues related to either Chromecast problems or display autoswitching…

        • @bolinao: If you just want to play HDR blu-ray rips off a USB then you TV most likely has that functionality built-in already. The MiBox is for streaming services not for content you have locally.

        • @schmuppet:
          As I said, install Kodi… then download the AFL Video Addon for Kodi (Google it) and install it from zip.
          Add your AFL Live login details and Bam! Full screen AFL Live at reasonable quality.

      • Mine also replaced our MK808b. The difference is night and day - the mi box is fantastic for the non-techies in our house. Highly recommended, this is a great price.

    • Wanted to do this too is the remote ir or Bluetooth.

    • Is 1080p or 4k supported on this Xiaomi natively? As a listed support device?

    • Me too. I was very reluctant to pick on up because of 1gb but turns out the performance is miles ahead of most of the Android boxes. Good lesson in not getting sucked into specs.

  • Says coupon code doesn't exist for the mi box.
    What am I doing wrong?

    • Same

      The Code you entered is not for this product.
      Code for single unit price only; VIP Price, Special Offer or Group Deal all exempt.

    • Getting the same.
      Created a new account with another email address and now the coupon code bumps the price to $112.03 on the cart screen, if I do proceed to the Payment & Shipping, it wants to charge me $92.76…? Have tried new page, clearing history/cache, etc. same error. (I've selected EU plug every time)

  • Hi rep what deal can you do on the hubsan 501c Quadcopter,and the xiaomi 4x global version 64 gb 4gig ram will buy now if price is good.

  • OZBMTB code works for me as long as you select "EU" PLUG

  • What plug is best to get ? Eu uk or us ?

    • The closest one to AUS is US - That's if you want to bend it, otherwise it doesn't really matter.
      (Also I get that it's the not 'safest' thing to do etc etc….just saying)

    • No difference… Unless you're happy to bend the pins on the US adapter (Hello electrocution!)
      I like to think the electronics might be better tuned to our 240V in the EU version versus the US version, but they're probably identical electrically.

    • The charger for a PSP works. I use a cheap USB to PSP cord from eBay!

      • Mi box power supply is 6V, so not really compatible with USB…
        It might work, but you may experience reliability issues undervolting the supply long term.

  • Ok thanks will order the EU

  • Thanks, just got one. Hofeully shipping does not take forever

  • Will this play all internet movies mkv etc?

    • Never had any issues with SPMC (kodi). Seems to play pretty much anything I've thrown at it.

      • Sweet even big files like 10gb or higher?

        • I only once played a file over 10gb and had buffering issues. But I think it had more to do with my WIFI (NAS) than the capability of the box. I have since ordered a USB ethernet adaptor as I prefer to run these things via ethernet. Hasn't arrived yet so can't confirm.

  • Thanks. Ordered one.

  • Does this come with a free AU plug adapter? I know that Lightinthebox includes a free AU adapter.

    • Yes they ship with an AU adapter. I have ordered many things from GB selecting EU plug or US plug because there is no AU plug option and they always include an AU adapter. From what I understand each order gets an appropriate adapter based on its shipping destination.

      • They do? My last gearbox order, this very MiBox, which arrived yesterday, didn't come with an AU adapter.

        I would get the rep to confirm, certainly don't just assume they do ;)

  • Is this the Mi Box 3S?

  • Largely happy with mine. Use it for SPMC but mostly Netflix.

    Lately, I am having the most irritating issue and cannot find a cause for it.

    I have a 1080p TV and when watching Netflix, every 10 seconds or so and it's mostly random but happens frequently, the picture were stutter for a split second.

    Anyone else have this issue?

    SPMC plays Bluray rips flawlessly so I know it's not a network issue as it's plugged in via Ethernet hub.

    Would it be the app not liking the ethernet?

  • The code OZBMTB doesn't work. It says it is expired?

  • I'm assuming if it's just Android you can get Amazon Prime/Stan on this guy pretty easily as well?

    • No.. It's Android TV… very limited App Selection.
      It's the big downside.
      You can probably sideload missing apps, but they may not be navigable easily or at all with the included remote.

      • an example of this is sideloading google Chrome. I use it to pair the device in some file hosters whilst on vpn. You can't even scroll up or down on Chrome to select anything. Lucky i still have those air mouse control from an ancient minix box.

    • Netflix/Stan yes.. but Amazon is not available on the play store. May be you can sideload but I haven't tried

      And yes… if you sideload an app, it won't show up on the main screen - you'll have to navigate to apps and manually launch it. Not a huge issue for me for a couple of apps I've installed that way. Keep in mind some 'features' may not work for non-standard apps.

      • if its anything like android tv on Nvidia shield you just have to turn off your location in settings. It will then automatically install or you should be able to then find it in the store.

  • Hi OP, any chance of some deals on yeelight bulbs? I'm after some more of both the white and RGBW. Also, I have heard that there's a new version out - do you have it yet?

  • Any idea how long they take to ship it to you? Interested in the Mi box.

  • How does the Mi TV box compare to the Fire TV stick for Kodi streaming performance?

  • Code OZBMTB not working for Mi Box. Selected EU plug as suggested but still getting this message:

    The Code you entered has expired.
    Code for single unit price only; VIP Price, Special Offer or Group Deal all exempt

  • Promo code not working, it is saying that it's expired.

  • Code stopped working as soon as I went to pay

  • Does this stream regular free to air tv also? My Network TV box 'Avermedia HD HomeFree Duet F200' has crapped itself and looking for a suitable network TV replacement to play normal TV on any networked PC. Recommendations?

  • Hi OP, I wanted the UK plug but the coupon is not working. Is this only applicable for EU plug only or the coupon is already expired?

  • Please fix and restock! :) Thanks!

  • Got any deals on the yeelights or xiaomi led celing light? Love your stuff gearbest!