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Earn 1 Qantas Frequent Flyer Point Per $1 Spent on eBay Australia


Just stumbled upon this while checking my QFF points. Basically it works like cashback site referral, but you get QFF points instead. Click on the "Shop Now" to start earning. Obviously if you mixed with the cashback site link such as CashRewards, etc, result won't be guaranteed.

Hope that helps. At least I have choice between $$ cashback or AND QFF points.

Thanks to @KJA comments below, you can stack those cashbacks, QFF and velocity points. My own interpretation of what he/she said:

  1. Open up eBay by itself and put everything you want in your shopping cart.
  2. Follow QFF link on separate tab.
  3. Repeat for other rewards / points on separate tabs.
  4. Purchase through the last tab and you will be "stacked".

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    • I just checked the link, it says from 1st septmeber 2017

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        looks like they're reducing it from 1st September

        From 1 September 2017 eBay transactions through the Velocity eStore will earn 1 Velocity Point per $1 spent.

        • ive been buying for years but never knew of this
          I am going to try the

          Qantas pts bonus
          velocity pts bonus
          cashrewards cashback

          on a large purhcase shortly

          if it works, it will be so damn fantastic

        • @hellohello123:

          Well, did it?

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          Still waiting for tracking. But cash rewards worked for all.

          Some if mine worked for Qantas while some worked for velocity but not both

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    Well, cashrewards still better value for those that have it, but not bad for those that don't

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      Not if you are getting 2 points with Velocity like the poster above has mentioned. Essentially 2% back over 1.3-1.5% on cashrewards

      • Agreed, but I was referencing the post, not the comments.

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        I don't think 2 points is the equivalent of 2% since the points are only worth ~0.6-0.7c each unless you use it for flights/upgrades.

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          And what kind of clown utilises them for non-travel?

        • You can sell them in classifieds for 1c per point = 2% and flight upgrades bump that value up even higher

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          @sambutler9876: Yeah spending FF points on gift cards is such a waste…

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    I think it's useful for keeping the QFF balance alive.

    I like how we can purchase items with QFF. Velocity has a limited range of spending options.

  • Not a great deal, but as Boba says, it is useful to keep your account active.

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      I find an account at Kudos is better, open account, put in some money and receive points every month
      its a set and forget option to never lose your QFF points again

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    Cashrewards, Velocity and Qantas referrals all stack/work together - they just set different cookies in your browser to indicate to the merchant (eBay) that you have come from each of the referring sites.

    You just need to make sure you click through from the referrer links completely so the eBay site loads after each clickthrough.
    Best way to do it is open ebay first, find everything you want and put it in your ebay shopping cart then do all the referral click throughs in separate browser tabs - the last click through will still have your shopping cart waiting for you to checkout.

    I have been doing this for years and can confirm they work together.

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      Wait, so you're getting cashback/points for all 3 services for each item you buy? Say whattttt

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        Yep :)

        Same deal with Apple and Kogan (get both Qantas and Velocity referral points) - very handy when purchasing an iMac and 14 iPads from the Apple refurb store for my employer!


        • Well i'll be dammed…

          So just open through each service 1 at a time, then use whatever the last one is to actually but it? Noted!

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          Correct. Cashrewards list on their conditions not to leave items in your cart for more than 24 hours before clicking through on the referral links.
          Same rule may apply to others as well

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          I'm very sad. I never knew of them stacking. I would have racked up at least 15k points in the past month! Never too late to start I guess! Thank you kindly!

        • @KJA:

          I wish I knew it earlier. Lost over 100k points :(

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        Others such as pricepal and flybuys too!

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      back up for a second

      1. Open ebay and add items to cart
      2. open cash rewards and click through to ebay
      3. open Velocity and click through to ebay
      4. open qantas and click through to ebay
      5. check out on qantas page?
      6. profit??
    • 22 pos votes but has anyone else been able to get this to work? KJA does it still work for you? The other commenters seemed to indicate the cookies cancel out

  • If you wanna use any discount code on ebay, you will not get the point with QFF, but Velocity will do. Just check the term and conditions first. I found Velocity allows you using discount codes on more malls than QFF.

    • That coupon code rule applies to cashrewards as well. Using any coupon other than what they list on the clickthrough link, will void your 1.3% ebay cash back

      Other conditions apply:

      • You can still get velocity points with any coupon codes.

  • Thought every QFF user knew about the online mall. Been using this for awhile.

    Great when they had from memory four points per dollar spent.

  • Thanks for the tip

  • This didn't work for me.
    I followed the steps above, using CashRewards, Virgin & Qantas (also made sure to turn off adblocker & tracking protection).

    Only the last one registered the referral worked (Qantas), which is what I would have expected. BTW, I used Firefox.

    Has anyone else had any success (get notified from all referral sites that the referral worked)?

    • Which online store did you shop?The result can be varied from store to store.

      • I wouldn't expect that would matter, but it was Myer's eBay store.

    • I use a clean Firefox profile for referral shopping, and have the Cashrewards addon in that profile.

      If I click through Qantas first, then Cashrewards, the CR addon it won't light green to say referral is active (but not red either to warn it's not activated, which it normally does.)

      I tried CR first, which gave a green light, then Qantas second, and although it stayed green it's been about a week and have got notification from Qantas of the referral but nothing from CR, so I'm assuming the Qantas cookie took over.

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    Thanks for the tips. Bought online from DJ earlier this week. Got confirmation emails from both Qantas and Velocity estores. Will see whether 5 qantas points/$ and 6 velocity points/$ eventually comes through. Also launched DJ website via CR but can't see any pending purchase notice.

    • Did you click on online mall or velocity estore first?

      • I opened the DJ website via qantas mall first followed by Velocity estore. Already had my item in the cart so I completed the transaction within the site launched by estore.

  • Can anyone confirm that stacking qantas/cashrewards/velocity all work?

    ive just made a few large transactions, and was wondering if its all goign to work

    I did use the ebay 20% off code, which I have been told may void them, but do all 3 get voided?

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      I tried stacking as per KJA's instructions above but it didn't work.

      • anyone know how long to track?

        I just purchased big twice in a few days, I did use the ebay code so I dont expect all of them to go trhough

        I clicked on CR, then qantas, then velcoity

        added stuff to cart, and purchaed

        hope it works cos it was $10k in purhcases

      • I've been trying this for my last few purchases too and it doesn't seem to work so I'm really curious as to what he's doing differently.

        Followed the step by step as detailed in the OP (which is a logical sequence) but I also think it's logical that only the last cookie remains "active"? Although I don't have a thorough understanding of how it really works..

        • I'm highly dubious this multiple stacking works. As soon as you leave the Qantas Mall launched browser window pre-loaded with eBay Australia to visit the Velocity Store, the Qantas/Ebay cookie is deleted and replaced with the Velocity one. It's doubtful it even works properly with stacking Qantas + CR together. As others have pointed out, even with the CR browser extension installed in FF, it doesn't acknowledge via the red/green colour coding that it's active or inactive while in the Qantas Mall launched browser. I've never received any e-mail confirmation of tracked sales from either Velocity or Qantas. The points just show up, but there's absolutely no notification from either of it happening.

        • @Legoman:

          I've never received any e-mail confirmation of tracked sales from either Velocity or Qantas

          I've received tracking emails from Velocity before, but it doesn't seem consistent.

          Don't think I've received any when attempting to stack though.

  • Ive found out about this recently.

    Since then ive done 5 transactions all rangninf from $800 to $5000

    Out of the 5 i used a coupon for all of them

    So far

    4 of them have traxked (not approved yet) on cr
    0 tracked on Qantas
    And my first velocity notification came througb today for 21st august.

    Who knows whats goinf ti happen. I made sure all windows were open too

    • Hm I did it a bit differently. I clicked through on each platform, then closed the tab that opened.

      Then clicked through the next one, until I got through to the last one.

      • Have any of them tracked and what date?

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    I just looked back at my cashback/points statements (transactions take about 3 months to appear/approve) and I have some double-ups now only between Cashrewards and Qantas up until June - but I believe these were non-coupon purchases.

    I usually do Cashrewards -> Velocity -> Qantas and from June, the majority of referrals went to Qantas points with Velocity missing out completely.

    So it seems the stacking no longer works under certain circumstances, if at all :(
    Reasons for this could be through using coupons/promo codes (Eg. Ebay coupons will only work through cashrewards if the coupon is listed on CR and you click through from the specific link and ONLY use that coupon code. Using a different coupon on ebay requires a separate link-click on CR) OR the referral system (on ebay for instance) might be using a single referral code system.

    There was an issue with CR referrals a few months ago and CR were sending email notices saying tracked purchases I had made through ebay earlier in the year were being delayed - wonder if this has anything to do with overhauling/patching the referral system??

    In summary, in the future i'm going to stick with cashrewards only for applicable referrals - that way I get CASH back, i get qantas points through the credit card i pay with anyway :)

  • I completed two separate checkouts with cashrewards—>qantas—> velocity with coupon codes and I get nothing! And one of them was a $1799 purchase!

    Moral of the story, don't use multiple tracking sites or you'll miss out on all potential bonuses completely.

    ….and OP should change the post not to mislead others about the stacking up.

    • I did 2 transactions yesterday also, stepped through QFF, then CW, added coupon code, I haven't had any reward notifications either…

      From CW:
      "Payment using any type of voucher or eBay credit may result in your purchase being ineligible to earn rewards."

      • +2

        I don't even think the purchase is tracked by all tabs this way. Not that it's tracked and become ineligible because of a coupon use.

        (It's only tracked by the last tab where you complete the purchase probably)

        • +1

          The Cashrewards for the 12 items I purchased from ebay yesterday just came through…
          (CR was the last tab, I'll report back if I hear anything from QFF)

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