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FREE Optus Sport Trial (EPL)


Optus are currently offering a free trial to full access to Optus Sport til 31st August. This should be good enough to cover the first three weeks of the EPL. Trial are limited, and requires an email and mobile number. No credit card required and available for both Optus and non-Optus members.

Full access to Optus Sport content including:
• Pre-match shows • Live games • Selected matches on demand • Post-match highlights • Big-name interviews

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  • +7 votes

    Optus are trying to justify the number of subscribers during their next key targets date in time, for the massive amounts of money they paid to lock the EPL rights up.

    Of course absolutely no one wants to join Optus as an ISP or phone company because they are useless, even more so when they bought up the rights and locked everyone in the country out of watching without paying them ridiculous fees.

    Oh and the fact that during live games the screen will often just go black with a "error in transmission" or similar message and you miss the (profanity) thing anyway. There are plenty of places to watch EPL live online free of charge. Don't give Optus your money, don't even give them extra subscribers.

    • Online for free? Care to share some hints on how?

    • I got an optus mobile plan for free EPL last year and coverage was exactly as you described. Gave up after 3 weeks. Got told today they want $15/mth for this coverage. Couldn't even log into my own account to change this due to their website failing (again).

      I loved that they snatched the rights from fox but I really can't recommend this mob. I would even advocate stealing/streaming instead of Optus. Seriously.

    • I had the completely opposite experience. Didn't skip a beat for me and the quality was fantastic on the Optus fetch tv box. I rather pay $15 to Optus than $50 to foxtel.

      • same with me, there were some teething problems to start but now their coverage is excellent in my opinion.

        • Agree. I pay $35 a month; that includes a sim-only $30 (for the mother in law!) and a fetch box in my house ($5) with free Optus sport. They haven't started charging extra for the sport yet but I'll ring them if they do and threaten to leave (they might discount it for me?). Either way, $50 isn't too bad all up I reckon.

        • It should say when you current subscription expires. For example mine expires exactly 12 months after I originally signed up with the $40 Optus plan that included EPL for free in the first year

      • Agree, quality is fantastic. Never ever before i can enjoy premier league matches so easy like this. Lying on the bad with your tablet. But afterall i wouldn't continue after the free trials :( its money though

      • Fair point there.. foxtel is rediculous lately.

    • The coverage was a bit shit at the beginning, but then it has been excellent. The one down side is sometimes they won't stream some games but that's rare and those games will be shown as replay the next day on the tv channel. They even have some cricket, fifa u20 world cup and FIFA confed cup. 100% would recommend.

    • well, I agree for 2 games you have to be on their telemarketing list and that is …..well, scary!!!

      just type on google: "how to watch EPL in australia," I think you can buy an overseas account with VPN plan and that will be better.

  • Is it only showing football matches?

  • Make sure to cancel otherwise $15 per month. You will get Message before.

  • Can you receive this via Satellite?

    • If you're an Optus customer with Optus sport included then satellite is $20 per month extra (with a $250 install fee that can be reduced if you already have a dish pointing at an Optus satellite).

  • Casting from the app to Chromecast now at highest quality.

    Still looks terrible :( wouldn't pay for it

  • Thanks OP

  • Not sure why everyone is bagging out Optus for the EPL service. I got it free as part of me switching to Optus from telstra, on a $40 sim only plan with 10% student discount.

    Their coverage is way way better than foxtel. The pregame show, postgame analysis, manager/player interviews, etc etc is well ahead of Peacock, Bosnich and Slater.. who were really low quality!

    Def an improvement on foxtel' coverage.

    • I can't think of a single host or pundit on Optus that is anywhere near as entertaining as Peacock, Bosnich or Slater

      • Haven't heard the Optus guys, but those three muppets should never be allowed anywhere near a football commentary box again.

      • These three are entertaining….for all the wrong reasons. I would rate all those on Optus over those on Foxtel.

        • +4 votes

          Any network without Brenton Speed is ahead of Fox in my books.

  • So when the world cup rolls around (Optus are the only ones showing all games in Aus) then this same service is what we can use?

    So we dont need to buy an Optus phone or broadband, can just subscribe to app?

    • Currently you need to have an Optus account (either mobile or broadband) in order to have the privilege of subscribing to Optus Sports. On some plans Optus Sport is included for free while on other plans you need to pay $15 per month.

  • Some serious hate here. Whats wrong with mobile phone coverage? Its no Tel$tra but its better than anyone else.

    On the NBN front they don't fork out for CVC thats fair hate.

    • What's CVC?

        • Yeah I had Optus FTTH over a year ago, Jesus, was supposed to be getting 100mbps but some evenings couldn't even watch Fetch or Netflix. Complained to them, the TIO, did speedtests over and over again. When I moved to an area with FTTN went with Telstra and the experience has been way superior. Got figure!

        • @RupertMurduck: I'm paying for 100/40 Plan. I only get 100/40 between 2AM to 2.30Pm. 2:30PM to 4:30PM it starts to deteriorate towards 15-20MBPS. Then drops to 8-12MBPS till it resets at 2AM. The reset it pretty much instant like 1:59AM speedtest is about 12MBPS and 2:00AM is 95-100 MBPS.

          This shows NBN is not the problem its just Optus not paying for CVC Bandwidth. Spoke to them a few times they blame it on new customers moving from Copper/Cable filling up the bandwidth and how they monitoring it and upgrading CVC as they get more customers on the NBN. I was getting excellent service on Cable though with them. Hopefully by the time everything is settled we get better service.

        • @El Grande:

          Does the cable service use the same backend as NBN?

        • @serpserpserp: Not sure actually.

  • hmm I had the first year of Optus Sport for free, and cancelled just last week after my free year ended.

    Can i just go for this "trial" again?


    The video quality is all over the place, even with the on-demand games. The bitrate constantly tanks, even though my connection is hardly being used.

    • I hate to say it, but it must be your connection/exchange. My connection was always stellar after the first two months.

    • The on demand can be patchy, but live streams via my Fetch TV Mini have been perfect throughout the entire season.

  • Thanks OP. Will never move back to Optus for mobile service but I registered at the end of last season for the two free Optus Sport trials and thoroughly enjoyed the quality of the coverage, and much preferred the half-time and post-match analysis compared to Foxtel.

    As an FYI, for others that took advantage of the free trials season, you can also take advantage of this. Once you've clicked on the link above, you need to log in to your account and then complete the additional info requested.

    I suspect (hope) this is the start of Optus considering opening up access to non Optus customers as they're collecting additional data at the point of registration, and a survey that was sent out to previous users of the free trials asked around motivation to move to Optus just for EPL/ other content. One can hope everyone said no, but open it to non Optus customers.

    • Hopefully they do but seems like they're probably just trying to suck people in to signing up to their mobile service and just using this offer as bait.

  • Will this be showing the Mcgregor v Mayweather fight? Thanks <3

  • Do they show the F1?

  • I had a look and it seems it only shows Football?

  • +3 votes

    Personally I think it's disgusting that a Telco were granted the rights to TV sports and all to try suck people over to their crappy mobile or internet packages. The fact they have the rights to the World Cup 2018 is even more disgusting. Competitions like this should be available to all without having to associate themselves with a Telco. Optus are not a TV station…….so what about those that don't have decent internet speeds or require a mobile?

    At least (overpriced) Foxtel don't require an internet service at all and do provide other TV channels. They also offer On Demand to anyone using any ISP. All Optus have achieved so far is cost themselves a fortune in broadcasting rights, all in the hope to force Australians who have a genuine interest in football to join their network. In principle, no thanks, and will stick to other sources. It's a shame really, especially for World Cup 2018 and for football in Australia. Rant over :)

  • For Liverpool, Crystal Palace, West Brom or Leicester City fan, it might be worth mentioning in case you didn't know that Optus Sport is showing the Asia Trophy Friendly Tourenment (https://www.premierleague.com/asia-trophy) :)

  • Nice one….just wish they would do a subscription option without having to purchase an Optus product.

  • Are you Tottenham?,
    Are you Tottenham?,
    Are you Tottenham in disguise?
    Are you Tottenham in disguise?

  • What is the best way to watch this on the television without using the Optus Box. Do they have an app?

  • Thanks for the post. I'm able to catch the man u game coming up tonight :)

  • Doesn't even work. Nice one Optus,

  • Been working fine for me, but time to cancel the trial.

    DO we have to cancel at all though, or will they just turn it off after 31st aug?

  • So Optus, what are you going to offer me after 31 August???

    I have noticed streaming via my Optus Prepaid mobile works better than my non-Opus NBN, so I'm back to 'Match of the Day' and SBS…