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Lenovo Tab3 Premium 10.1" 32G $199 @ The Good Guys


Decent little android tab running stockish android, loud speakers, good build quality. Local stock and subject to Aus consumer law.
Currently $399 at JB HI FI who refused to price match, bought for family member may grab anither for self, specs are below. First post yo.

Screen Size:
Screen Resolution:
1920 x 1200
Operating System:
Android 6.0 Marshmallow
MediaTek 1.3GHz quad-core processor, MT8161
WiFi 802.11 a/b/g/n/ac
Memory Expansion:
up to 64GB microSD
8MP auto focus
Rear Camera:
5MP Mixed Focus

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The Good Guys
The Good Guys

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  • Processor seems fairly entry level. Other specs seem ok.

    • Processor sucks so 199 is a fair price. JB usually price match so that's a bit out of character for.them.

      • I think this is one of those deals that if you woke up this morning needing a new, big, budget tablet, this is good. Not a great impulse buy.

        Good res and wireless access is nice too.

        • if you woke up this morning needing a new, big…

          I started thinking something else there lol

          I'll see myself out

        • Woke up this morning, got yourself a tablet
          OzBargain always said you'd be the choosen one

      • JB own goodguys so they should have price matched, I would of complained via webpage as the regional see's it :)

  • You should have tried your luck with a pricematch at Officeworks https://www.officeworks.com.au/shop/officeworks/p/lenovo-tab...

    • I went to Goodguys near home but they only had a display model. Drove 10 min and price matched at OW! Thank you.

  • I bought one for $220 and this is quite good for what I use it for - video, web browsing, and hearthstone. The processor is indeed a low end soc so some apps are a bit slow though I have not noticed this affecting me in a tangible way.

    A side note to this is that the lenovo tab 4 is due sometime soon with snapdragon processors so it might be best to hold off if you are able to.

    • Hold off for the Lenovo Tab 4/plus if you are able to, and if you are prepared to spend an extra $50 to $150 + or so more.

      Would like to know if this discounted model will ever see Android 7 ? If so, Lenovo will most likely wait three or more months
      just to keep their latest model premium. This tab running on Nougat would make it a decent deal for the price.

      • Yeah but an extra $150 is a totally different part of the market, nearly twice the price, so not a relevant comparison.

    • But tab 4 is 1280x800 screen and 16gb

    • How is the screen? I want to use it for reading e-magazine.

      • I am happy with the screen when reading webcomics and watching videos. You should be able to get a hands on in a brick and mortar whether it is good guys, jb or officers.

  • Jb own the Goodguys

  • If this isn't that great a device, based on comments above, what better 10" tablet options are there at this pricepoint (ideally locally)?
    That said, this has to be better than the Acer Iconia A3-A10 we currently have…..

    • the cpu isnt actually all that much different - they are both MTK cheaper ones - not snapdragon…


      however the slowness of your acer probably comes from the 1gb ram and not the cpu.
      at least this one has 2gb ram.

      and yes the problem is there are not many 10" tablets available for a cheaper price these days- seems to be out of fashion.

      Your other 2 options really are only going for something a bit faster

      like this - and paying the extra money for a little extra speed.

      or going for a decent chinese brand thing from banggood etc.


      something like this

      • Samsung A10.1 is a better tablet than Lenovo Tab3 Premium, better cpu, screen, ram and battery. But it's more expensive, wait until ebay discount (I got one from kogan ebay with 20%off).

        I don't recommend cube tablet which are not in good quality, and probably waste your time to fix issue or claim warranty.

        • The Samsung A 2016 is a better performing tablet with three exceptions: price, internal storage and front facing camera resolution. Whilst the lenovo tablet camera SUCKS for taking pictures the higher resolution front facing camera matters for video calls, and the extra 16gb of storage is extremely useful.

          If you are going to spend $300+ on the Tab A, you may as well spend $360 on a zenpad 3s 10.

      • I don't think above tabs you mention will have battery life as good as the lenovo tab if that's important to you. Gets over 7 hours of video playback.

  • I have one of these. Slow, frustrating piece of crap. Doesnt get updates either. I gave it away to my 2 year old who often puts it on the ground and stands on the screen. Its that bad I dont care.

    Having said that its actually quite sturdy and the screen isnt even scratched after all my son's abuse.

    • Why don't you put it in your car?

    • You made me laugh with your 2year old standing on the tablet. I had to buy a new tablet when my 3year old threw my old Samsung Tab and the screen got a permanent turqoize shade.

      • Perhaps count it as a blessing, it's the damage that devices do to the children growing brains that is worse. Not immediately apparent, but the outcomes can be wildly unexpected and quite extraordinary.

        Perhaps there is little point having such young children begin able to interact with internet enabled devices anyhow. It may seem a good thing but for many, learning to use anything running an OS that when they start school will be so archaic and afford no valuable skills or them to apply and thus have nothing to do with understanding the technologies and challenges they will be needing to navigate later in life.

        All that can happen is exposure to dangerous content, social, remote experimentation by malfeasants, corporates and all sorts of organisations with dubious ethics, are only interested in tempting world+dog to open up so they can pay off their investors through consuming and cataloguing their lives, not to mention stealing more of the new generations' opportunities than they have stolen from the last…

        Much better to give them a wooden train-set, jenga blocks and a few paper books, and lock them in a RF-shielded box with just holes for all the necessary I/O, if you can.

  • I had one of the basic 7 inch lenovo tablets and the battery life was terrible.

    • +26 votes

      I had a 1959 Hillman wagon once and the brakes were really terrible.

    • Is it the one with the blue frame?
      If so, turn of 'Scanning always available' in the Advanced WLAN settings and the battery life improves a great deal. It seems that is the source of most battery problems on the Lenovo 7 Inch tablet.

      • Yeah was that one. Sold it on as it was dead every time I wanted to use it.

        • Have the same one, battery was good and kept its charge but then went terrible after a few months. Got a replacement one through OW which I've used during the school holidays which has been good so far but will have to see how it lasts. Could it be that the battery gets damaged over time by using an 2.1A iPad charger?

  • Have one i purchased a couple of weeks ago for the wife from Officeworks which was $270 at the time. At $199 i reckon this is a decent deal. Sure the processor isn't the fastest available but it's a decently put together spec, good speakers, decent screen, decent build quality and a fairly vanilla Android version.

  • +1 vote

    Damn I bought it for 224 from BL last month. Decent tablet if you don't expect too much.

  • I've been using this device since December 2016, it's decent for around the home tablet. Decent device for watching 1080p content and browsing the web. The processor does lag a little bit when switching between apps or loading applications, but it doesn't bother me since its only secondary device. I don't play games on it, can imagine it being more under powered for that purpose.

    The android build is very much stock with very little customization. It supports adaptive storage on the microSD card slot, so I have a 128GB card in there as internal storage. The default launcher supports some basic multi window function, hope it gets Nougat update but not holding my breath for one.

    I received an android systems update recently which seems to have broken the play store, I had to factory reset the tablet to get it to work again.

    • Does it lag, say, when you're reading big pdf files? I want to get one for reading documents, and I'll get cancer if it lags… Thanks in advance.

      • bought one a few hours ago, tried it with a few small pdf's. It works fine. Only thing is that it is definitely slow, not laggy but slow. It likes to take it's time.

  • Does anyone know if this will play games better than my somewhat dated Nexus 10 now?

  • Are there any good options for cover/keyboard combos for this device?

  • What version of Android?

  • Band 28?


    i had issue dimming the screen on my cheapy onda tablet - obook 10, is the screen good with this one?

  • I have bought and switched on this tablet. First thing, it is asking me to install updates. I have downloaded the updated through the "System Updates". Once download finished, it asked me to restart. Then, nothing happens but show the update failed message. Could anyone give me any advice?

    • Turn off, hold power and volume up button.
      Select recovery mode.
      From recovery menu select wipe data/reset.

      • Thanks!!! I have tried wipe but didn't work. I have sent email to Lenovo support. I will wait for their reply

      • Lenovo support offered refund or exchange with new one. I went to Officework again for exchange. It works now.

  • An update. Goodguys is running their promo which gives a voucher for click and collect again, so till Wednesday if you buy this and click and collect you will get $20 voucher for future Good Guys purchases, making this an even better deal.