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iPhone SE 32GB (Space Grey) $429 on Telstra Prepaid with $30 Starter Kit (Telstra Locked) @ Officeworks


Hey guys,

I've been looking around for a IPhone SE. This is the cheapest that I've seen in a while.

Cheaper than this deal: https://www.ozbargain.com.au/node/301824 and this one: https://www.ozbargain.com.au/node/314990


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  • Bought yhis for 449 cople of months ago can confirm its not network locked

    • Its a bit harsh to say it's unsuccessful. It was initially just a one off but is now in its second iteration. Many of us can't justify spending 1k+ on a phone and I hate large phones due to the way they don't fit into my jeans pocket.

    • This has been anything but unsuccessful, in fact at one time apple had trouble keeping up with demand.
      it showed that a small affordable iphone would succeed. I do not see this phone being removed from the line up for some time, in fact i would anticipate it will continue to be updated (camera, touch id, force touch) going forward.

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      Being a not-so-successful member in the iPhone family

      lol citation needed.

  • WOW! Crazy cheap! Please be aware that link to unlock no longer works… I think you have to actually call/chat to them. (Not guaranteed to work though)

  • Definitely not locked.

    • Bought one a few months ago from Tel$tra. It was locked. It's easy to get Telstra to unlock it though, either a phone call or 24x7 chat. The unlock could take some time to take effect though (Apple servers need to be updated).

  • I remember calling Vodafone years ago asking them to unlock my iPhone and they told me all iPhones sold in Australia is unlocked. This was around 2012~2014

  • Purchased one from Officeworks a month ago and it definitely was locked. Unlocked for free with a call to Telstra.

  • Bought from previous deal $449 as a standby, got it unlocked before opening the box via online chat and was successful and I'm not with Telstra. YMMV.

  • To unlock all you need to do is restore on itunes and then its unlocked

  • FYI - these should be locked, but not all batches are. If you happen to get an unlocked one, bonus! But don't buy expecting it to be unlocked.
    IIRC it is about $85 to unlock from memory.

    • Have you ever tried any 3rd party unlocking companies? They are about $20 but never tried them myself.

  • Saw this deal and bought one.

    Put my Optus sim in and it said "not supported" so it was initially locked. I put the Telstra sim in and restored. Then put the optus sim back in and restarted.

    Whilst I was waiting I started live chat, the rep confirmed that the IMEI was already showing as unlocked, but she submitted an unlock order again, by that time the phone had rebooted and said it was unlocked.

    So I dont really know if the Telstra rep unlocked it or if the restore in iTunes did the trick. But the telstra rep never asked me to pay. I just said I wanted to make sure it was unlocked as I was going OS and wanted to use a local sim.

  • Anyone seen the 64GB at about the same price anywhere?

  • For people who like small phones, this is the best smartphone ever made. The rear camera and processor are as good as the iPhone 6s, which is good and fast. The 32gb is very workable with regular access to wifi, all iCloud and space storage options turned on, and if necessary buy extra iCloud storage.

    I reckon I’ll skip the fancy new iPhone 8 and stick with my SE until next year.

  • I currently own and am very happy with my late production 5S - while I like the idea of getting an SE are there any real compelling reasons for me to upgrade? I am aware of the better specs, camera etc. of the SE, but is it really worth spending $429?

    • If you are happy then no.
      If you have more money than you know what to do with then yes…:)

    • If your 5s still works fine, then no.

      My 5s was dying (battery can't hold its charge) so I picked up the 32GB SE recently from the Mobileciti deal for ~$444.

      The SE is bloody brilliant — far better battery life, faster processor, fingerprint unlock is faster and more accurate, the camera is better and supports 4K video, NFC chip etc. Well worth it at this price.

    • 5S is two generations behind the SE in terms of cpu and camera. If you want better photos and faster perfomance then SE is a good upgrade at this price. It’s got Apple Pay, it’ll give you a brand new battery too. Touch ID works great, even gen 1 Touch ID.

    • I found the upgrade well worth it - see why here https://www.ozbargain.com.au/node/314990#comment-4818476

  • Bought one and it was locked. Went here: https://unlock.telstra.com/iphoneunlock/main?execution=e1s1 and entered my IMEI. Minutes later plugged my handset into computer and iTunes said it was unlocked successfully. Really solid phone for the money.

    • bought one and it was locked. Clicked on sabertooth's link (see comment above), entered details and the following message appeared:

      The IMEI entered is for a pre-paid service
      An unlock fee between $27.50 and $150 will apply depending on your phone model and when it was activated.

      Please call 125 8880 if you wish to proceed

      I then went to telstra chat, they said they would unlock it for me, still waiting on the confirmation email… fingers crossed

      • Same. Was able to unlock through Telstra Chat easily enough though

      • Mine was unlocked last time but never received the email.

      • How did you get them to unlock it? The person I am speaking to keeps saying charges apply :\

        Edit: Told them a mate had theirs unlocked brand new and success! phone unlocked :D

        • Yup, exactly what I said to chat guy who refused on the first try. "A mate got it unlocked, that's the reason I bought it"
          And voila..it was unlocked!

      • Update. iPhone dead on arrival. Heading to the apple store for some help… they'll probs replace it.

  • Thanks bought one. Just raised unlock request via portal, which says it will take 72hours. However, activated using Telstra SIM. then entered another SIM and it worked.

  • Does anyone know where you can get colours other than space grey for an reasonable price? Officeworks has them all for $672 which is only $7 less than RRP

  • Are there any deals on 6 plus or 6s plus?

  • Ordered! Thanks to the OP! I didn't even know these things existed, wife has been stuck on a iPhone 4 for forever and resisting the change in size. This seems like the perfect answer!

  • I bought an iphone se 128gb last week from Virgin Mobile on the $50 per month plan ( 4gb data, unlimited calls and text.) I used Cashrewards for a $50 bonus (Reward to be credited on 5th October ??) and I received a $100 Prepaid Visa card from Virgin. It worked out the iphone se 128gb to be worth around $330 if you value the included credit of 4gb data and unlimited calls and text at $30 month. 24 Month $50 Plan $1200 - $150 (Credit / Cashback) minus $720 of included calls/text/data = $330 for the iphone se 128gb. I usually buy my mobile phones outright but this deal seemed better for my circumstances.

    • Can you link to the PayPal voucher/deals? This might be my option too

      • There are no special vouchers except maybe being a member of Cashrewards. Login to Cashrewards then click on their link to Virgin Mobile to receive the $50 reward for signing up to a 24 month contract. The $100 prepaid Visa card came in the same box as the phone when it was delivered. I activated the Virgin Mobile sim and received a sms activation code for the prepaid Visa card. The Visa card comes with all Virgin Mobile 24 month plans $50 and above until 2 August 2017.

  • My Office Works didn't have any stock, so i went to Harvey Norman and price matched it from $449 to $429.

    Was locked, went onto telsta chat and unlocked it straight away for no fee.

  • Hmmm I managed to wash my work SE last week

  • Picked one up to replace the wife's 5s, covert swap planned for this morning.

  • Just picked one up an hour ago & went here and unlocked it.
    Working with my year long Kogan sim now.
    Happy times.
    Will see if I can get $10 or $20 for the $30 starter sim it came with on eBay or gumtree

    • just got one a little while ago for mum.
      punched in the IMEI on that link and said wait 72 hrs for apple to unlock
      will check tomorrow if it works with optus

  • IT IS LOCKED! Tried restore from itunes no luck, this must go through telstra chat and get them to unlock your iemi, bounced 3 person to get it unlocked.

  • Got one, and hopped onto Telstra Live Chat to ask for an unlock. Got one pretty easily (even though I did get transferred 2-3 times). Only thing they needed was the IMEI.

  • Done and dusted. Had stock at Windsor in Brisbane. Went to the online unlock portal, read the IMEI from the box, said "Unlocked", restored from my old iPhone 5, put in my Aldimobile SIM and BOOM!

    Fast phone with very familiar feel and able to use my accessories.

    Thanks OP!

  • Thank you! Officeworks price matched $379.05 have applied the unlock on the Telstra website but will wait until I get home tonight to back up and restore. Bargain for a new iPhone of any flavour that will get me through to either the 7s/8 and this will get handed down to the kids.

  • Reduced to $399

  • I price matched the Officeworks price at JB HI-FI.