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BlitzWolf BW-CB5 2.4A Reversible Braided 1m USB-C Cable + Mini Car USB Cigarette Lighter @ Banggood - $2.99 US/~$3.93 AU Shipped

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This is a similar deal to this one on the 5th of July except it includes a free mini car USB car cigarette lighter charger (I'm not sure if the colour is random or just pink, but that's the colour I got)
The chargeris this one which is pretty cheapo and is listed as having a 700mA output.

Edit: I'm not sure what games banggood are playing with redirects, but even on their front page the deal appears as a flash sale for $3.93AUD with this URL with about 15 hours to go, but soon after clicking, it sometimes changes to a higher price. ($5.90AUD)

Edit: I had no joy with the Live Chat support. They promise me an email from sales tomorrow. So marking this as expired.

Cable information:
Brand: BlitzWolf®
Model: BW-CB5
Material: Protective Tinned Copper Mesh + Aluminum Foil Shielding + Environmental Flexible Braided Jacket
Plug: Standard USB2.0 A Male to Double-Sided USB3.1 Type-C Male, Nickel-plated Reversible Connector Heads
Wire Core: 30 AWG(Data) + 24 AWG(Power)
Output: 5V/9V/12V, up to 2.4A
Data Sync Speed: Up to 480Mbps
Length: 1m/3.33ft
OD: 2.8mm
Color: Black Cable & Gray Metal Plug, Red Cable & Black Metal Plug

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  • Damnit. You got me lol. Bought another type C cable haha

    Good price mate.

  • So is type c usb the same as micro usb?

    • +2
    • No it's not. Type C is the new "standard" for USB cables. Its replacing micro USB for most new phones. Its also included on a lot of laptops to power them.

    • +5

      After havng type C … can't go back to micro usb.

  • +2

    These guys bang me up pretty good. Been ordering a lot from them this week.

    • it adds to cart.

      • Yeah just realized that. But seems pink is the only color you can have.

  • Got one thx.

  • USB 2?

    • that's what struck me as well. It's claiming data speeds of just 480?

      • Which is USB 2.0. No one claimed it was 3.0.

  • +3

    price briefly shown as 3.93 aud, than reset back to the normal price of 5.90. not sure why

  • +4

    yeh getting $7.09 now…

    • +1

      Not sure what they're playing at. Cheeky buggers.
      If you go to just banggood.com do you see it as being a flash deal with ~15 hrs 50 mins remaining for $3.93AUD?

      • +2


        Logged in added to cart and its back at $7.09.

      • Yep it shows as a flash deal on the front page as $3.93, but when you click through it then changes the price to $5.90. Weird.

        • +1

          It's also a different product now, it's the 3A cable not the 2.4A one.

          BlitzWolf® BW-TC1 3A USB Type-C Braided Charging Data Cable 3.33ft/1m With Magic Tape Strap

          Ended up buying two of these for $5.90 ea.

        • same for me too :(

        • Not weird at all. They stuff slot of their customers around. Getting them. Honour their warranty is like, squeezing oil out of a stone. Thank God for PayPal protection.

      • Ordered at 9:54pm

        Subtotal of Items:       
            2 x Mini Car USB Cigarette Lighter Chargers Adapter For iPhone Samsung (970851) AU$0.00 

        Color Pink
        2 x BlitzWolf® BW-CB5 2.4A Reversible Braided 3.33ft/1m Charging Data USB Type C Cable (1015832) AU$7.85
        Color Red & Black

  • Why are all these cables always USB 2.0 speeds? I always go to buy them, then realise they only go to 480Mbps. Why do they never do the full USB 3.1 speed of 10Gbps? Am I missing something?

    • -2

      Did you mean like when transferring files? If so, it's due to the capabilities of the phone's storage.

      • +1

        No, that's absolutely wrong. If the phone supports USB 3.0 (it does) then the cable must be 3.0 certified to attain those speeds (must have the extra pins in the connector and lines in the cable). These cables aren't designed to that standard. Simple as that.

    • +1

      Because 3.0 cables require an extra five pins in the connectors and five wires running between both ends to function as such. The cost is too high and the cables aren't as flexible due to that so it's not 3.0.

      • Thanks - I understand now. Once BlitzWolf starts supporting the higher standard I'll look to buy some. I like the idea of all my cables being of the highest standard.

        • +1

          See if Trump has any cables for sale. Only the highest quality…the best.

        • @potplanty: make usb great again

  • +1

    All gone so quick :(

  • -1

    Thanks op got 2

  • really just want USB C- C cables :(

  • This is a similar deal to this one on the 5th of July except it includes a free mini car USB car cigarette lighter charger

    Hmm. The one you linked to on 5th of July was 3A for the same price. You don't get a 99c cig lighter, but the cable is 3A worth more than 99c extra.

  • Still waiting for micro usb.

  • Missed out … is there any Banggood rep here? Please do another deal :-p

    • Use the link mate. It is still $3.93

      • Yep got one. Thanks.

  • Still $2.99 (usd) no car charger inc

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