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MSI GTX 1080 Duke 8GB - $678.26 Shipped @ Newegg


Mining boom has peaked, we're breaking back beneath the $700 barrier with this deal, team. MSI GTX 1080 Duke for $644, plus $34.26 shipping (another $4 for express).

A stunning 0.8% cashback from Cashrewards should bring this down to $673.11.

Less than the previous deal - https://www.ozbargain.com.au/node/316961

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  • That's a damn fine price! Do you know what the usual shipping times are for normal and express OP?

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      I ordered the EVGA 1080 that I posted last week with express shipping.

      Purchase made 12/07 (Wednesday)
      Order confirmed by Newegg 13/07
      Picked up and left Fedex Facility 14/07
      In transit Honolulu 15/07
      International Shipment Release and in transit Sydney 15/07
      Arrive Brisbane and delivered 17/07 (Monday)

      Normal seems to take up to 2 weeks from some of the punters on whirlpool

      • hmm, not bad. Thanks!

  • Bring the gtx 1080 $550 deal back….

    • I don't have the power to do that.

      • Do more pushups until you have the power!

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    What is msi international warranty like compared to say Evga?

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      I purchased a MSI GTX 1080 from some guy on eBay only to receive as faulty, rung up MSI RMA and was advised since it was bought in "Singapore" they cannot RMA it.

      I presume if you bought the MSI internationally, you are not covered under australia's warranty.

      • Cool thanks mate… I ended up pulling the trigger so fingers crossed

  • So no warranty at all? Or just no local warranty.

    • Any MSI GPU products which are bought outside Australia is not covered with local warranty, your best bet is to contact the Region's warranty.

      Found this as it might be helpful as Newegg will not provide international warranty either.

      Thanks for your question. Typically as this is an item being shipped internationally there is not manufacturer end user warranty which is why there is none listed on the item page for this item. I apologize. You could also try reaching out to the manufacturer for more information on their warranties to your area.
      If we can do anything more to help, please let us know at [email protected].
      Newegg Support,

      • Dam was about to pull the trigger a high price to pay to find out it gets faulty 1 month later

      • Wow. wecare indeed. More like: We care we have your money. Now bugger.

        That's newegg off my list.

        • +1

          As stated no warranty better of paying $100 more and buying local with warranty

  • How many years do you think this card will be able to do 1080p at max settings for into the future? Anthem?