expired MEL/SYD Return Paris, France (w' Amsterdam and Guangzhou stopovers) Via China Southern from $938 (Oct/Nov 2017) @ IWTF


Hi all,

Found this really attractive airfare departing both Melbourne and Sydney in October (you'll need to play around with dates).
Example of Melbourne 20+ hr stopovers in Amsterdam and small stopover in Guanzhou and Sydney for $948

Pretty cool in Paris at this time of year and very much the same in Amsterdam

$1 cheaper if using the Flight Centre Price Match guarantee

Hope this helps someone out there.

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    Thanks for sharing

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    Flew on china southern last year during Christmas And was really impressed.

    Free accommodation at 4/5 star hotels is an advantage


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    That's a whole year away. Like, that's cheap for France, but still really really far.

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      A whole year? Oct-Nov 2017? Hang on are you a dog and age 7 times faster than everyone else? If that's the case, then yes, you are correct.
      Revision. I see that the before editing, the OP had 2018. Are you a dog though? Awesome typing skills if you are…

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    As per the last commenter, I've flown China Southern 8 times in the past few months, would gladly continue flying. No delays, good food/drinks (though no spirits), and easy transitioning in Guangzhou. Probably the easiest International to Domestic transfer I've done in any country, didn't even have to pickup and recheck my bags even though I was entering China in Guangzhou. Free hotel if your stopover is over 8 hours too. The Guangzhou lounge for Gold/Platinum members is kind of average though, I assume the Business class one is nicer.

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      Thanks for the great feedback.


      I almost thought you were being sarcastic reading your comment. I'm glad those haters are gone who would come to the surface every time there's a deal involving a Chinese airline getting posted here. I have flown all sorts of Chinese airlines many times and many more airlines from other countries. I have to say, except for airlines high up there, such as Emirates, Singapore Airlines, most of the airlines are not much difference. Airlines from Asian countries are actually much better customer service wise than most of European and American airlines. Maybe this one's food is a bit sub par. That one's entertainment collection isn't great. But for most of ozbargainers who care more about price than others, unless you are happy to fork out a few hundreds more to fly 5 star airlines, American airlines are the ones I would try to avoid, won't be trying hard though.


    I think this is for 2017 not 2018… you can't book 365+ days in advance on flights.


    How long do these deals usually last for?

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    $100 cheaper than just flying to Amsterdam. Can you just skip the 2nd leg and 1st leg on return?

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