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12x Cage Free Eggs $0.50 @ Coles (Anzac Highway, SA)


12x Cage Free Eggs $0.50 @ Coles (Anzac Highway, SA)

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    When is the best before date?

    Bad eggs are not something I'd pay 50c for…

    • Just don't boil them, and ignore the Best Before. Your senses will tell you what's OK.

      • Your senses will tell you what's OK.

        I't rather know before paying for them.

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          If they're off, 50c to egg someones Car or House is a separate bargain post?

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          You'll get a chicken in worst case

          Are the eggs fertilised then ???

        • @Steptoe
          Will see if I can get a carton ?
          They should keep OK until Halloween.

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          Where does JV live??

          I'll buy the remainder

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          jv only exists in the Matrix

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          @Gimli: lol that brought the neggers out

        • @Gimli:
          I think it's just you…seen lot's of pedantic spelling pickups but they get upvoted not negged

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      chicken eggs like human eggs dont have expiry date just eat them

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        Didn't know human eggs are edible

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        Didn't know human lay eggs

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        Sorry, but I won't eat human eggs over 50 years old, they just don't taste as fresh.

    • Eggs don't go bad just because they've passed the best before date.

      And if you're boiling eggs then it's better to use ones that aren't fresh as they peel cleanly.

      Fresh eggs boiled are difficult to peel.

    • Take a bowl of water and "float" them. If they are on the bottom but "vertical", with the broad end up that is the cut-off point - then they are just edible and will run all over the pan if you try frying them

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        Take a bowl of water and "float" them.

        In the store?

        • My oath - a bargain is a bargain. One is entitled to examine one's purchases before handing over the silver old chap.

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          I candle eggs with my smartphone light to find double yolk ones.

        • @Scab:

          Surely you can pitch that on KickStarter

        • @Steptoe:

          Please don't call me Surely.

        • @Scab:

          Roger Charlie Over

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      Haha, time for bed I think - Cage Free, lol.
      Yet you're happy to go to a zoo to look at lots of different animals locked up, just not Chickens.

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        Battery caged hens are not so fun to gawk at for the family day out I suppose…

        • Wait, battery cages? I hope they are eneloops.

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        Even though I realise we're talking about cage free eggs.. if you're trying to imply that animals in a zoo are kept in the same sort of condition as caged chickens you're losing the plot.

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          No, I'm suggesting that people have a double standard with what they choose to be ethical about.

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          Totally agree with you about double standards and ethics, however I reckon there are much better examples than this. At least it's a step in the right direction.

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          So you're saying that ethically, keeping an animal in a zoo, or as a pet.. is the same as caged chickens, where they are kept in cages with less room to move than an A4 sheet of paper for their entire lives (~18 months), and may be debeaked as well?

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          Your argument suggests that ethics are binary and that someone who holds an ethical position on animals is a hypocrite unless they do nothing lest they inhale a microbe. I assume you do have your own personal ethics (eg. not keen on beating a dog to death for fun) so its a self defeating argument to hold someone to a higher standard then you hold yourself (by suggesting that they must be ethically purists) at the same time as calling them a hypocrite.

          People can have limits to their ethics. eg. eating free range. but also are satisfied with harm minimization by not eating cage eggs where they can. This is all fine if its their personal ethics.

  • If only they were in Perth, I would buy a few dozen and make salted eggs with them.

    • Aah Perth !! Okay

  • Why did the chicken cross the Anzac Highway?

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      To get the 50c eggs.
      Down down prices are down.

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    What's difference between cage free and free range eggs?

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      The marketing

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      Free-range have a little outdoors access.
      They are supposed to be less crowded, but the standards are weak and more like suggestions.

      There are lists like the CluckAR app which give more details like hens per hectare.

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      Cage free means the chicken has never been confined to a cage, while this is good it also has no binding law on the living conditions of the chicken. There is no limit on stocking density or access to an outside yard

      Free range has a strict guideline of stocking density (<10,000 chickens per hectare) and they must have access to an outside space I think of the same density

      Of course choice recommended a cap of 1500 chickens per hectare which the government ignored

      The best way to get sustainable eggs (and by extension, the most delicious) is to use CluckAR

      • perhaps they just moved to plastic box enclosures away from cages

      • <10,000 chickens per hectare - what does that equate to per meter?

        • 1 hectare = 10,000 square meters. So, 1 chicken per square meters?

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    This is an eggcellent price.

    • +2

      I'm going to shell out for it.

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      Oh no, not the egg yolks again.

  • Sorry, mate - I only buy extra caged eggs myself. But this deal is a cracking price.

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    The caged birds get to lie in bed all day and listen to music, food delivered right to their face. The poor old free range birds have to go out in all kinds of weather and forage around trying to find food. You people that insist on free range are so cruel. How could you do that?

    • -1

      It's a joke right?

      • No, not at all. Those lazy cage chickens really do have it so much better off.
        What's most confusing is that those nutjobs at PETA actually encourage the 'free range' model.
        What kind of person would want those poor little buggers trapped in torrential rain, hail storms and the baking hot sun?

  • I couldn't find them? Your talking about the one on Marion Rd/Anzac highway right?

    • Coles lists the Coles "Anzac Highway" store as being:
      Cnr Marion Rd & Anzac Hwy,
      Plympton, SA 5038

      The other store located nearby is known as Coles "Kurralta Park"
      153-164 Anzac Hwy,
      Kurralta Park, SA 5037

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