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Genuine Xiaomi XiaoFang 1080p Wi-Fi IP Camera US $13.75 (AU $17.41) Delivered @ GearBest


For those that missed yesterday's deal, here's your chance as promised. Convinced Gearbest to supply another 300 units at this price. Apply coupon ARSEFANG at checkout. Restricted to one purchase per Gearbest account. Will only work with AU & NZ IP addresses. Ensure you select Unregistered Air Mail to get this price. PayPal is your friend for buyer protection. Enjoy :)

If you purchased yesterday, please hold off and give others a chance to get one. It's only fair :)

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    ARSEFANG lol nice mate!

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      Sounds painful

    • SquareArse🤔

  • +4



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      revoke the membership badge now!

  • haha the codes hahahahaha

  • Thanks tightarse, another great deal we can really sink our teeth into!

  • +1

    Ta TA, got it this time :)

  • If you purchased yesterday, please hold off and give others a chance to get one. It's only fair :)

    Good luck

  • +1

    Waits for the next ice cream deal, ARSECONNOISSEUR.

    • +9

      I am waiting for the Grog special codes…… :ASSELIQUOR"

      • Or the donut special….

        • Donut special - KRISPYARSE?

      • Coopers Pale Arse?

  • +4

    do I need it? No.
    did I buy it? yes.

    thanks TA

    • +1

      I have no pet I have no baby, where to use it????

      • +15

        Do you have a wife?

  • Thanks TA, ordered one :)

  • What ISO app do you install for live streaming?

  • +1

    Where and how are people using this? I just want to get some ideas on using mine :)

    • +25

      My neighbour has a really good looking wife.

      • +10

        Hahaha! Yep, username checks out!

    • +2

      If u r renting, it will be a great ideal to place one at ur bedroom when u r traveling. No offense to the others and keep urself warned if anything happened.

    • Rat Cam or some other nights Possum Cam.

  • chinese can spy on you with this..

    • +8

      Correction: chinese can spy on my dog/neighbours/children with this.

  • +1

    I had to order one just to see what all the fuss is about. Thanks TA.

  • thanx, got one

  • Thanks TA. I managed to order one this time.

  • Thanks TA. Got one!

  • Thanks TA. Got one.

  • +1

    I want to buy this just to ARSEFANG

  • Thanks TA got one

  • +1

    What are people's general application for this device?

    Yes…I'm trying to find a reason to buy it.

    • +7

      600 sold in 57 minutes yesterday. I'd buy first and worry about the applications later lol :)

  • Thanks TA, on time to get this one, but gonna hold off as I bought one yesterday. Enjoy!

  • Thanks TA

  • Try code ARSEFANG didnt work.

    • Need to be logged in and only 1 per account

  • Thanks Tightarse. I'll be collecting these at this rate. Still haven't put up the first one I have!

  • too bad I'm on holidays and won't have an Oz IP address till I go back…

  • I got one this time. Thanks TA.

  • Thanks TA. Just bought one, missed yesterdays. I already have one that's on the way from another deal. Haven't even got one yet, bought another. :/

    Going to try configure it to my Synology.

  • dont forget cashrewards

  • Does Gearbest charge any foreign transaction fees?

    • Your bank might. Gearbest just charges you for the product.

      • Even though it's calculated in AUD?

        • If they have international transaction fees.

  • Anyone buying 2 units to stack them to get 180 degree coverage?

    Saw it on description page and it sounds fun.

  • Thanks. Let's see what all the fuss is about :)

  • Thanks TA, there are 10 units installed in my home. I will have 10+1 eyes in the wall!

  • I have no use for this but want to join the buying frenzy.

  • can these be used as a webcam?

  • Missed it! The code has expired

  • Thank you TA.

  • Missed out on this last time, but still not fully convinced it's the best bang-for-buck way to have a simple front door security camera.

  • Expired! Thanks TA anyway.

  • +5

    I'll just leave this here

  • Wth. Was in the cart then change price at paypal :(

    • 300 units sold out in 42 minutes (1:52pm). Sorry!

  • Code not working

  • Code expired

  • +1

    NO!! expired as I was checking out :(:( 2 days in a row dammit.

  • I just bought one and used the code but it still charged me $33 :(

    • worked for me 2 seconds ago

    • +1

      almost happened to me but as I was confirming my address in paypal I saw it had gone up and dodged a bullet..

  • The Code you entered has expired. after log on too

  • Think i got the last one! Thanks TA!

  • They're really capturing the Australian market with these (or the Ozbargain market anyway).

  • Finally decided to do it and… expired :(

    • +2

      Hi, Nee.

        • Hi!

  • +10

    noooooo. missed it.

    TA can you negotiate one more round with FANGTIGHT

  • 300 units in 46 minutes !!!


  • +7

    when you stop checking ozbargain even for just less than an hour…….. -_-

    • set up email alerts on the product!

      • +2

        i already have 2… but i check ozbargain more often than i check my email!

  • 109+ in 52mins

  • +3

    missed it again!

  • Can this send live video over wifi to a computer? I've looked for the answer online but can't find any info.

  • +1

    Bugger.. missed it again. These things are great, cheap but very effective surveillance tool.

  • Damn,took me 10mins to remember my password then BANM , Gone…. maybe next time lol

  • +1

    Missed again. I need one for my parrots

  • Got one before expiry, but was charged full price!
    Now, what do I do with it?

  • Damn, didn't even see an email today before they were sold out

  • Missed it =(

  • missed it too. will buy one when it becomes available again

  • damn it missed it again

  • wtf how after 1 hour??

  • missed again…

  • genuine question - is there a reason why this camera is so popular? Do ppl mainly buy it for security/monitoring their houses?

    I'm trying to convince myself that i need it (when it comes up next time)…lol

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