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Garmin Forerunner 235 $288 @ Rebel Sport (RRP $469)


Comes in 3 colours, not as cheap as previous deals but still good.

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This is a good watch for the runners out there. I've been waiting for it come down to this price since I missed the last Rebel and JB HiFi sales. Am sure they will probably price match HN as well.

Garmin GPS running watch with wrist-based heart rate monitor
-Tracks distance, pace, time, heart rate etc
-Activity tracking, counts daily steps, distance, calories and sleep

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  • I paid around $380 for this watch in April at Rebel :(

  • got this watch start of the year, and love it so much. If you turn the heart-rate monitor off you can get 3-4 weeks between charges with bluetooth always connected

    • Isn't that just turning it into a $300 Fitbit? I'd stick with a chest strap if you were serious about heart rate.

      • i bought it with the AMEX 100$ off HN so paid $200 in the end. Bought mainly because i liked how it looked and that it had built-in gps, and only use the heart rate function when jogging/cycling. The bluetooth notifications ended up being incredibly useful and if i lost this one today, i'd pick up a new one tomorrow for $288

      • No? The fitbits that have GPS are ~$300 with worse GPS, battery, and screen.

  • Excellent price, especially if you have up-n-go $$. This is the best watch i have found for running and cycling.

    • There is a know issue with elevation. Garmin gets the elevation less (about -50m) when compared to a Cycle Computer.

      • Garmin cycle computers have a reputation for being rubbish in this department too! My TomTom watch and wahoo bike computer great though

  • Stack it with 5% off gift cards from Entertainment Book

  • I have a Forerunner 220 and last week bought a Fitbit Charge 2. Regretting not getting the FR235 instead… instead of having two devices could have combined them into one…

  • if this is the forerunner. then what comes after it

  • Got to smile at: up to 12 hours of battery life (with GPS), the only place you won't be running is around the house trying to find the nearest charger.

    Shouldn't that read: the only place you WILL be running is around the house trying to find the nearest charger.

    Will just have to stick to my basic "Xiaomi Mi Band 2" and charge once a month until they develop bettery batteries for these.

    • this is a device for runners and athletic people.

      To be honest I have to wonder why these fitness bracelets are still popular, most research points to how the heart rate monitor is totally inaccurate when it comes to counting calories. I guess if you are a person whose fitness levels need to be assessed in steps then they are fine. However, one is a lifestyle device the other is a sports device.

      Will just have to stick to my basic "Xiaomi Mi Band 2" and charge once a month until they develop bettery batteries for these

      Just curious, what kind of phone do you use? You still using a Nokia 3310 until better batteries come out for smartphones?

      • Not trying to knock the fitness bands, I guess they have their place. If they get people to get up and walk a bit more and increase fitness awareness then they have achieved something.

        I certainly wouldn't buy one of these watches unless I had a specific use, they are big, bulky and blingy. They cry 'look at me, I'm a runner'. However they are a great device for what they are intended

      • Nope, A Samsung S3 (3+ years old) and still get a good 2 days out. I usually charge when in bed so usually has a good 60% charge remaining at end of day (unlike some more recent phones which barely make it through the day).

        • Still, it does show how we have become slaves to our gadgets. Two days is pretty good as you say compared to some devices. At least you don't have to take a charging device with you wherever you go.

          I wish they would just make a decent phone a few mm thicker with double the battery life

    • Quoted 12 hours of battery life is with GPS enabled. Without it turned on, I comfortably get a full week minimum before recharging. This is not an iWatch.

    • I only use the GPS when I am running. My longest runs are around 2 1/2 hours, but average about 30-60 minutes. I pop it on to recharge when I shower after a run or at night.

      Not too many people will need GPS for 12 hours…

  • Great watch!
    If you're after a running watch - especially at that price, well worth it.
    Had mine for a year & a half, only recently upgraded to the new forerunner 935.

    • Stop tempting me!

      What does the 935 have over the 235?

      Did you give your 235 away/sell it?

      • The 935 is basically a fenix 5 - just in a plastic casing which weighs almost half of what the fenix 5 does - which is why i opted for the 935.
        Way more advanced than the 235, its an all round watch - perhaps an overkill if you're using it just for running alone.

        I've still currently got my 235, I'm looking to sell it but my brother is nagging me to give it to him instead.. so i may end up doing that !

  • How does this compare to a Samsung S3 Frontier ?

  • FYI I just happened to drop into Amart Allsports and they price matched the Rebel Price + 10% so I got it for 259.20. Thanks Ozbargain :)

    • Amart = Rebel so usually getting a price match isn't an issue, vice versa.
      Plus they are going to merge by this October, source

  • These are not meant to be worn as a daily watch that counts how many steps you take.

    The only time I wear mine is when I am actually running and want to know ACCURATE distance / pace / heartrate etc

    • What makes you say this? I have a Fenix 3 that I wear constantly, and love it. I reluctantly take it off for a few hours every week to charge it.

      • True, I guess its just personal preference, I just don't like wearing a big bulky watch that I have to remember to charge. Most of my running buddies don't wear theirs as daily watches

  • better off with a huawei w1. can track running somewhat with google fit app. but the usefulness really comes with the push notifications, ability to reply to SMS and alarm clock functions

  • Does anybody else get a HR reading after they have taken the watch off? It keeps reading for a little while before dropping out. If you press a button to bring the screen back while it is still lying on the table, it shows a HR reading again.

    The watch based HR appears to reads lower compared to using a chest strap