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Ryobi One+ 18V Compact Drill Kit $129 (Was $169) @ Bunnings


Ryobi One+ 18V Compact Drill Kit $129 (Was $169)

The Ryobi 18V Compact Drill Driver comes with 2 speed gearbox, LED light for better visibility in dark or confined spaces, 24 torque settings, and a handy magnet for holding screws, bit holders and drill bits making it the ideal tool for your DIY projects.

  • 13mm keyless chuck
  • 2 speed gearbox and 24 clutch torque settings
  • LED on foot for when working in dark confined spaces
  • Magnet for holding screws, and drill bit storage
  • Kit includes compact drill driver, 2x 1.3Ah Li-Ion batteries & dual chemistry charger

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      I bought a Bosch green and it peeved me off a lot. Their plastic is slippery and the direction button slips often. I few people advised me that's a Bosch Green problem. Bosch blue is the higher grade kit. Also, the Ryobi has a 13mm chuck vs this Bosch with a 10mm chuck. Check and compare the specs and warranty clauses.

      I bought the cheaper Ryobi ($99 kit) and it's been very good. If you're doing an involved task, you will drain both batteries though. I've used mine for 2 years with no problems. However, the Ryobi reviews are less favourable than the Bosch.

      My batteries still operate like new because I manage them properly. This is a common complaint.
      - don't ever leave them in the sun. If you're working on a roof, put it in a box (eg. A box of coach head bolts) to avoid direct sun.
      - don't leave it in a hot spot in your car/shed
      - if you're not going to use it for a week, only 1/2 charge it (judge the charge by time, I set an alarm)
      - don't leave the battery connected when stored away
      - if the unit becomes sluggish (battery is getting flat), stop using it instantly

      I used this drill at a Bunnings demo and it's a little more gutsy than my $99 Ryobi. The right choice is ultimately yours. I decided that $99 was a good price to learn from. $129, $169, $199, etc? I would still have started at the lower end of the price range.

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        Username checks out

    • I wouldn't, if you want to pay more for quality (in Bunnings stock) then go to the Makita isle.

    • I agree - or wait for the regular twin pack for $199.

      I own both systems. Bosch is better however Ryobi is still pretty good and has more attachments.

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    My non brushless has been going strong. I have this one with an older style charger ( Is brushless really worth it for normal DYI? I also find the smaller battery (1.5a) lasts long enough for 95% of things.

    • I have the brushless drill, and the regular driver and impact wrench…

      The brushless is awesome

    • Agreed, 1.5a fine 90% of the time.
      I find the angle grinder and air compressor and power saw however perform just that bit better on the larger packs.
      Makes sense as they are high load devices and the extra set of cells would reduce voltage sag under load.
      For this reason good to have at least 1 larger pack in your collection, for reasons other than run time.

  • I am looking for a cordless drill and planning to get one today. I am after something that has serious home handyman quality. This looks like a good price, but I am not sure about the Ryobi quality?

    My short list from bunnings is: $249 $249

    I would welcome any advice on the best option.

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      I'm a tradey, and use my Makita everyday. Can't kill it with a stick.

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      A am also a Tradey for 25yrs now we use both DeWalt and Makita I personally favor DeWalt over Makita for drills, DeWalt always seem to have more features, The Makita Batteries are rubbish with no run flat protection as like the DeWalt's and lith-ion batteries don't like to run flat it shortens their lifespan, other guys I work with also complain about the Makita batteries even if they are a Makita fanboys through and through.
      That said any serious work forget anything under 2ah, But the Makita Kit has 2x3ah batteries over the DeWalt kit 2x 1.3ah's. The Maikta drill is the lower spec'd plastic model where as the DeWalt drill is the higher spec'd model with metal main body,either kit would be a good choice for the home user both are quality, Not really the same kit in the end as one offers a better drill with lower spec'd batteries and other has higher amp batteries with a lower spec drill, Just my 2cents :)

      BTW if you plan to do a lot of screwing do your self a favor and look at a kit with a impact driver, using a drill for screwing is a painful exercise hahaha

    • Ryobi is fine, as is Bosch Green for 90% of the stuff you do around the home. I had Ryobi and used it a lot, never had any problems (have a property and use it a fair bit more then the average person around the home), then got some higher end Makita kit when the AUD was very strong and imported it from the US for a cheap price, sood the Ryoibi kit to a mate and it's still going strong, 8 years all up. Big difference was the torque but I do lots of stuff with hard wood, drilling a 220mm long 10mm dia. auger bit through hardwood bogged the Ryobi down for example, the Makita LXT, no problems. Most tradies aren't buying tools from Bunnings either

      Tradie stuff is about using it every day at work and most of them will recommend stuff they use that they have never had a problem with but determining if Mikita is better than Hitachi or Dewalt or Bosch Blue etc is another thing all together.

      At the other end, I have a cheap Ozito jig saw that's at least 10 years old, gets used 3 to 4 times a year and never missed a beat.

      Other thing is after sales service, while i have never used I have only ever heard bad things about Makita after sales service .

    • Another tradie here, go Makita for sure.

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      If you want a quality tool, with quality batteries and torque for days, there is no options other than Panasonic

      • We're talking home handyman and Bunnings stock here. Also there's plenty of other quality other than Panasonic.

    • If you're willing to spend that much pay $50 and get the full set

      This is what I have and I'm so happy with it:

    • oztooltalk guys did a recent video comparing drills: "Brushless 18V Hammer Drill Fight - Milwaukee, Makita, Dewalt, Bosch, Hilti, Hitachi & Metabo"

      Dewalt and Milwaukee came out on top but it depends on your budget I guess

    • I am after something that has serious home handyman quality.

      But those are trade tools. No real advantage for a home user.
      Brushless motors are more efficient, so need battery swap less often. But that's not an issue for home use, even if you are renovating.

      Ryobi One+ are good.

    • I believe Ryobi come with a 3 year warranty now as well. and getting that sorted at bunnings is pretty easy

    • Get 2 Ryobi's
      Maybe…. not, but my 2c, can't fault any of their main tools for handyman use, the hedge trimmer (both corded and one+ cordless) were crap though.
      One+ Whipper snipper is also junk.
      I have the following, most several years old, * = minor performance boost on larger pack

      • *Recip Saw Good unit, no complaints, a bit of a favourite of the collection
      • *Power Saw Surprisingly good, better than i expected.
      • *4&1/2" Angle grinder Surprisingly good, better than i expected.
      • Drill - Good unit, this has copped a bit of a beating and the lowest clutch setting (i think) can't be selected, waiting on brushless hammer drill bargain
        Considering the low price and the beating it's had and the fact it still works great enough to keep me happy i can't complain.
      • 1/2" rattle gun - not tested extensively yet, only used 4 times, can't recall which batt i used.
      • Jigsaw - nice unit.
      • Polisher - not yet tested
      • *Compressor / Blower Larger pack gives minor perf increase on compressor side only.
      • Sander - Probably least favourite, new model might be better, sanding pads have holes in them, if i can find pads without holes then the vibration through handle will be the only complaint left.
      • *Chainsaw - Works ok, but the oil mechanism is a nightmare and leaks like a bitch - store with plade pointing down, oil will catch in blade cover then.
  • Buy this or wait until fathers day sale for a combo kit? Need a hammer drill also

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      What sort of hammer? Just the standard drill/driver for putting screws in bricks?

      This one might do it at same price?

      but the Bunnings description is wrong, and ryobi website is down.

      • Yeh screw into bricks and screw furniture.

        edit : prob dont need hammer drill but rather an impact one

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          OK, so the point is you can just get one ordinary cordless drill that does everything, and should not buy the compact drill with no hammer/impact function.

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    2x 1.3Ah Li-Ion batteries

    That's either a typo or those batteries are a bit ordinary. No wonder they give you two of them.

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      Thats normal for DIY. They are light and charge fast. Better 2 small ones than one big.

      • They were 2Ah or 2.5Ah last time that drill was on here.

        I don't think I've ever seen batteries that small before, even the old NiCads were at least 2Ah.

        1300mAh cells are what you get in fake laptop batteries and powerbanks.

        That's about 23Wh with 5 cells, by comparison the Xiaomi powerbanks we all like has 36Wh with only 3 cells.

        Yep, built to a price.

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      Agreed. 1.3 are absolute trash. They last a bit longer in a drill but put them into a blower and you'd be lucky to see five (5) minutes out of them from full charge.

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        Yes 1.3ah might be ok for occasional use of drill but hopeless in garden tools and you miss out on the beauty of the one+ system. Also the 1.3ah doesn't have the battery gauge which is really handy.

        • I use a the hedge trimmer with the 1.5 that came in the kit. No problem.

          Do remember the blower came with a 5AHr though.

          That was an awesome deal:

          Not to be repeated, with Masters gone.

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    For the price this kit is fine ^^^ all these "tradies" talking about high priced drills when this post is about a drill for $130 and its really not that bad and would last a normal home user 10 years.

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      I agree. I have a Ryobi 18V drill and a blower. Both have proved to be faithful over the years.

  • combine with one of these and you're set to tackle most jobs

  • you give ryobi to the kids to play with. Bosch blue or Makita if you have to go to bunnings. I buy Makita everything these day after previously used to buy Bosh green and blue.

  • i bought an 18 volt brushless ryobi kit for $269. did i do well?

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