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Gerni Patio Cleaner $10 at Supercheap Auto


Found this one last night, bought one this morning. Before posting :)

Gerni Compact Patio Cleaner $10 (it is the same as the Gerni Classic Patio Cleaner Attachment listed) - I think the description is wrong though, it says 10 times faster, should be 4x faster. I think they copied the description of the Plus version (at $99).
Bunnings is $49.90

Also under chassis nozzle for $5
Bunnings is $19.90

The Supercheap Auto site has both listed twice at different prices, Under chassis nozzle at $5 and $20.32
Compact/Classic Patio Cleaner at $10 and $49.93, I chose the cheaper price.

Upon opening the Patio cleaner packaging, its pretty simple, looks like it is worth $10, would not want to pay more.

I do not believe is part of their catalogue sale.

Did buy this too from the current catalogue;
Blackridge Air Tyre Inflator with Gauge
at $9.95 from $37.97.

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    I have one and I have used it once. Honestly not worth using. The turbo nozzle is faster and cleans better. You need to move this sloooowly otherwise it leaves swirly marks and then you need to go back and clean it again

    • Thanks for sharing, decided not to buy.

      Besides, theres no stock in store, like anywhere.

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        I find the opposite, these are great. It does our pebblecrete drive better and a lot faster than the nozzle.

    • You have to move slowly with all, but you get a much fast clean then doing it manually with single nozzle

  • Can you get adapters to use Gerni on a Karcher?

    • Yeah, I'd like to know as parents have a karcher, can this be used?

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        I don't think so it probably has a custom connection on it only for Gerni. It would be like asking if you can use a Holden car part on a Ford.

    • I bought a Karcher that came with a Karcher patio cleaner. I thought it was going to be a life saver. Turned out to be an utterly useless thing with little-to-no cleaning power, and which proved impossible to move around my patio (brushes too stiff). Dirtblaster proved faster.
      I would assume it to be the same for this Gerni unit. Don't waste your money.

  • Thanks OP, got the Blackridge Air Tyre Inflator with Gauge

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    $10 patio cleaner was probably a price error - says it is now sold out, but the more expensive one (which is the same) is still available.

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    • Can you find stock of it anywhere? Can you add it to cart?

    • That is a better deal.
      Cannot even search that in I their website, would of got it instead.

      There was 10 or more on the shelf of the non plus one this morning. Was not marked $10 on the shelf.

      Hey search for the full price one, it is in stock (same product), if you go I store they will give it to you for the cheaper price. That was my case this morning.

    • Thanks asa! Got it at bunnings.

  • Time to hit Bunnings up for a price match

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      hey don't give this idea to them, its 10% price beat not price match, that is what you need to ask for

      • Touché!

  • I couldn't work out the difference between the compact and the classic and assumed it was just a name change. Are they definitely the same as that is a great price if you can find stock!

    What does it look like underneath? Are there 2 nozzle areas where the jets come out?

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      It's the same thing, the box I got said classic.

      The water comes in from the top, it gets split into two on a "T" piece about 20cm long, and two slightly angled nozzles on each end to make it spin. Like a spining 20cm circular spray. No spray in the middle.

      The thin brush is part of the shell around the edge.

      When you open up the packing, you think oh is that all.

      If you can get the plus one for $13 as commented by asa79. That would be better. Normally $90+
      I am not going back for it.

      • Thanks for or that! Looked at Bunnings one on shelf and saw the 2 nozzles underneath so yes, seems the same.

        How did you get for 10? Was it marked at full price and you showed them the web link?

        The patio plus is not in stock at 13 so not sure would be able to match.

        • I got mine from Supercheap Auto, I just showed them their webpage. There was no hassle at all.
          He said it was the same price on their system/computer as well.
          Just not marked on the shelf. The $13 plus was is not searchable from their website so I have no idea how the asa79 found it. If I saw that one at the time yesterday, I would of got that one.

          It seems like someone got it price matched from Bunnings, the plus one. Good on you.

        • @fredk1000:

          Well done!

          Would you mind sharing the receipt? I'm going to try me luck!

          They have a different PLU/Store code for the 10 so seems to maybe a clerical error.

          Compact 224895 10.00 (OOS)
          Classic 349789 49.99 (In stock)

          Patio plus 215650 13 (OOS)
          patio plus 349790 99 ( in stock)

  • Got a patio plus with price match/price beat at bunnings for $11.70!

    Thanks OP!

    • +1

      Great, someone benefited from the post. Good deal I think if you are after one.

    • Great work! Ho did you manage that?

      Is it showing as in stock for you at a local store? They will only beat if it is stock

    • would you mind sharing the receipt?

  • This is showing as $10 online and it is adding to the cart and i managed to get to the checkout as $10 with it. This is back in stock.

    • Did you select for home delivery and get no error for your postcode? I can get that far but not available for delivery

      • I can confirm too that Online it is available online again.

        Local Store was set to Lakemba NSW.

        Search for Gerni, sort by lowest price you should see it.
        Then it would say availble for delivery.

        Good luck.

        • shipping was 9.95?

        • Sorry didn't go that far.

          If you have a store close by, and the cheap price is not showing stock at your local store.
          search for the higher priced one and check for stock before going in.

          Honestly I showed them their webpage that was $10 on my phone. There was no fuss at all for me at the store I went to.

      • Yeah damn. It's adding to the checkout but won't let you get past there after entering a post code. Saying the item is now out of stock. I guess that bit of extra stock didn't last long. Even though the product page is saying it's available online, it's now out of stock again.

  • Thanks OP, got the patio plus for $13. Great price!

    • Awesome! More details please? Online? Instore? Receipt ?

      • +2

        Instore, the reduced one is old stock with a different PLU and packaging, old version looks exactly the same minus an extender pole from what I could tell.


        • Yeah that reminders me, on the shelf for the non plus version, there was two different packaging. I grabbed the one that looked older for some reason.

          What does the DIAL on the plus version do? Is it for controlling flow or is for height adjustment?

          Watching these videos;
          Gerni-Nisfik Patio videos

          They both do a great job, definitely quicker that the normal nozzle. But what I noticed most, the no "splash back", it's not spraying the dirt everywhere like with the normal nozzle.

          Would of spent the extra $3 for the plus if I knew about it at the time. Still have no idea how asa79 searched this one.
          Yeah great price.

        • @fredk1000:

          No jazz at my supercheap!
          All new packaging and new PLU codes. As mentioned, the new patio plus comes with a rod.

          No stock near me if any of the old codes but well done for pointing out and whoever got a deal on the old stock!

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