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American Express Qantas Ultimate Card - 100k QFF Bonus Points, $450 Travel Credit, 2 Qantas Club & AmEx Lounge Passes ($450 Fee)


Received a letter from American Express that outlines the new and improved benefits for the Qantas Ultimate Card.
Old offer see here

AusBT has confirmed with AmEx that both new and existing members will get the new benefits mentioned.

New features include:

  • $450 travel credit for any domestic or international Qantas flight (via americanexpress.com.au/travel). This is replacing the previous offer of one complimentary Qantas selected domestic return flight.
  • 2 Qantas Club Lounge invitations After your first spend on selected Qantas products and services in Australia. Eligible purchases include Qantas passenger airfares with a QF flight number purchased directly from Qantas Australia by you or a travel agent, Qantas Frequent Flyer, Qantas Business Rewards or Qantas Club membership fees. Purchases from Jetstar, Qantas Holidays, Qantas Freight, Qantas Cruises, Qantas Box Office, Qantas epiQuire and Qantas Assure are not eligible purchases.
  • Qantas epiQure Premium Membership (usually $99) - benefits include free delivery on all orders within Australia, exclusive access to food and wine events and an additional 3pts in addition to the 1.5pts earn per $1 spent on Qantas epiQure purchases.

The kicker is that if you sign up now or have done so previously, they will replace your complimentary domestic return flight with the $450 travel credit - which in my opinion is more valuable as it gives flexibility for any Qantas domestic or international flight. As usual, travel credit will become available on the anniversary of your Card Membership.

But wait there's more…

Bonus Qantas Points:

  • 100,000 bonus Qantas Points when you apply online by 2 October 2017, are approved and spend $1,500 on your new Card within the first 3 months.
    This offer is available to new Card Members, as well as Bank-issued American Express companion cardholders

Qantas Point Earning Rates

  • Earn 1.5 Qantas Points for every $1 spent on Card purchases, except spend at government bodies in Australia where you will earn 0.5 Qantas Points per $1 spent
  • Earn 1 additional Qantas Point per $1 spent on selected Qantas products and services in Australia
  • No cap on earn rate. You’ll receive up to 2.5 Qantas Points per $1 spent, no matter how much you spend each month

Existing Features:

  • Refund Protection
  • Purchase Protection
  • Online Fraud Protection Guarantee
  • Emergency Card replacement
  • Global Card support


  • I am aged over 18
  • I am an Australian citizen or permanent resident or hold a current Business Long Stay Visa (subclass 457)
  • I have a personal gross (pre-tax) annual income of $65,000 or more
  • I have no history of bad debt or payment default

These bonus points are available to new American Express Australia customers: so if you happen to have an AMEX from the Commonwealth Bank, NAB or Westpac you can apply for the card.

See updated benefits on the AusBT site - the sign up link does not note the changes yet.


Referrals below: Click show more and look for Qantas Ultimate card.

Referral Links

Business Explorer Card: random (5)

Referrer: 40,000 Reward Points
Referee: 110,000 Rewards Points with $3,000 spend in 3 months

David Jones Card: random (20)

Referrer: 15,000 Reward Points
Referee: 25,000 Reward Points with 3 purchases outside DJ in 1 month

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  • +2

    Seems that its still a domestic flight

    *Note: On 31 October 2017, the complimentary domestic flight will be replaced with a $450 Qantas Travel Credit.

    • +1

      The flight is actually for international and domestic, I have received a letter outlining the features and will upload it tonight!

      • i think this is better than the previous one free domestic return flight. awesome!

        • still the same as the previous one (domestic return flight until 31 Oct).

          Im basing it on whats written on the linked AMEX page and also calling them

    • That's good as I was about to recommend this to someone in Perth, but the $450 credit makes it less worthwhile than the flight.

      • Possibly less value, but still very good value. There are two significant pros with this:

        • Can be used on international flights
        • Not subject to availability (and Qantas is notorious for poor availability)
  • +52

    Hi dlusional, fantastic first post - Your formatting and presentation is excellent. Looking forward to seeing your future contributions to the community. Well done!

    • +7

      Thanks boss mode really appreciate it

    • +4

      fantastic first post - Your formatting and presentation is excellent. Looking forward to seeing your future contributions to the community. Well done!

      username checks out

  • this or the AMEX explorer deal?

    • More of a fan of flexible rewards programs

    • +1

      AMEX Explorer I reckon

    • Explorer covers up to $500 smartphone screen insurance.

  • When the Amex Qantas Ultimate switched away from the old 3-2-1 point scheme to 1.5p/$ basically everywhere, the Amex Velocity Platinum followed a couple of months after. Now the Qantas card is moving to a travel credit and I wonder: does this mean the Velocity card will move to a Virgin-only travel credit? The Explorer looks more and more compelling…

    That said, the signup bonus is still great and OP's formatting is spot-on.

    • Interesting observation..

  • Great post.

    Your link to the old offer has a typo in the URL.

    It's currently showing as: https://www.ozbargain.com.au/node/[318956

    Correct URL is: https://www.ozbargain.com.au/node/318956

    Just remove the open bracket.

    • So are the two qantas lounge passes a new benefit for existing card holders?

      • yep

      • How is this relevant to the comment you replied to?

  • So how does the travel credit work, do you have to use it in one go or can you say, use bits at a time?

  • This or the AMEX explorer's card? I'm having trouble making a decision, help plz

    Much appreciated.

    I think this card is better though

    $450 travel credit vs $400 from explorers card
    2 Qantas lounge passes + 2 Amex Lounge pass vs 2 Amex Lounge pass from Explorer.

    • +1

      It really depends on who you will be flying with, if you have status, where you will be flying, etc.

      100k QFF pts vs 100k Amex MR pts (so basically 75k pts for a number of airlines). Amex gives a bit less upfront value, but you get flexibility to transfer to a range of airlines so nothing is set in stone in terms of who you have to fly with (and some of those airlines require less points for redemptions - eg. Asia Miles). Plus there are fairly regular transfer bonuses which may make up some of the difference in value.

    • Depends on which points you value - technically I would think the QF points are worth more (you are getting 100k direct into an FF program as opposed to a converted rate at say 75k).

      However, given the reward I am personally targeting I would pick Amex points.

      It's not an easy question to answer - our previous trip where I proposed to my now fiancee included First/Suites in Singapore Airlines - which would have meant this card was useless.

    • +2

      Explorer offers far more flexibility and the different airline partners offer far better value than Qantas FF. 75k Asia miles points will just about get you MEL/SYD- HK return in business (80k) on Cathay OR Qantas. The same flight using QFF points would be 120k on Qantas or 130k on Cathay for instance.

      • ahh ok, thanks for the info.

        I also have the ANZ FF black which earns Qantas points and that card won't expire until next year. I just feel its a bit in-efficient earning points from 2 different point programs if I do go with the Explorer.


        • Personally I don't think there's anything wrong with spreading out your earn into two programs. As long as you accrue enough points in both programs, there will be value.

          If anything, you should just pick the card for the right occasion. This may mean a card for restaurants, another for supermarkets, another for Travel Insurance.. etc.

        • @illumination: Which cards still offer good category bonuses? The Velocity Plat and Qantas Ultimate are decent for direct airline spend, the DJ Amex (non-Platinum) and Plat Edge are good for supermarkets/fuel, but AFAIK only the Plat Charge (at $1200 AF!) offers a bonus for restaurants and travel.

      • i always wonder how ppl can earn around say 75k points, which seems like a lot (ie. around $32.5k even at $1 per 2 points earn rate). Is there any tricks to rack up more points apart from the grocery shoppings at colesworths/Internet/bills?

        • +3

          The signup bonuses are where you get big numbers like that. Very, very few people would be getting points like that from 'everyday'-type spend, unless they are putting business expenses or similar on a card.

          Just put as much of your spend on the highest earning card, at places without surcharges. The points will slowly accrue. Obviously spending money for the sake of getting points is counter-productive.

        • @djkelly69: thanks that makes sense re. the signup bonuses are the main source of points…

      • I find Qantas points a lot more valuable than anything else if you fly domestically or trans-tasman a lot.
        I never use them for international flights though as the fees are rather high.

        • +3

          From what I've seen, international flights not touching Australia at all can be good value.

          My recent experience was using it on HKG-KWL (Guilin, China) for 10k points + $~80 in tax one-way, compared to ~$430 one-way for a pure cash ticket on the same airline (Cathay Dragon).

          Agree that domestic is decent value, but I always feel there is no availability.. especially compared to Velocity.

        • +1

          I have struggled to use my QFF points to achieve good returns of about 1.5cents per point. I don't want upgrades. I want flights. The taxes often make it unworthwhile.

        • -1

          Hmm, where do you fly out of? I found from Melbourne it's never more than 35 bucks per flight, even to Perth is just $30.
          But it also seems that fees depend entirely on the airport, so maybe your local one is more expensive?

          I'm the same, I never get upgrades or anything, I just want to travel as much as possible for little money.

          Jetstar naturally has better value than Qantas too.

        • @MrTweek: Flying out of Brisbane. Only really fly for holidays and can generally be flexible about the date of the flight. So I look at reward flights and compare them against sale flights. The taxes on reward flights are excessive and kill the value of the points.

          I've looked at both domestic and international.

    • The Explorer is more flexible, you can transfer your points to different airlines and hotels. If you want to flight with Qantas, you can transfer points to Asia Miles and book the Qantas flights, cheaper tax and require fewer points.

      • Tax I would imagine should be the same, but just in a different currency. Agreed on less points though.

    • Also note that the the annual fee for the explorer is only $395 compared to $450 for the ultimate.

      So the $400 vs $450 credit is basically a moot point as you are paying for it in the fee. In fact in the ozbargain spirit you get an extra $5 credit free with the explorer.

  • Anybody got any experience on booking via amex vs qantas? are they identical pricing and flight time offers?

    • Pricing via amex travel tends to be more expensive (aka you won't necessarily see the discounted flights) but you can get similar value for travel if you do your research.

    • +1

      Booked 1 flight through AMEX (not for Qantas flights though). The price was the same as that on the airline's website, therefore more expensive than the cheapest price I could find.

    • Booked around 5 times and the price is identical to the price on Qantas website. No extra credit card charge fee and it will automatically be linked to your QFF(providing your QFF# via booking). Another big advantage is it's cheaper(I did once for domestic and it's free) to modify the ticket date via amex.
      After you receive the confirmation email, you can find your booking details logging into Qantas website and then you can upgrade to business class if you want.
      But I don't recommend you to book accommodation via amex travel. For example, SPG member can get 5% discount and you won't get any membership point via any third party booking.

      • But I don't recommend you to book accommodation via amex travel. For example, SPG member can get 5% discount and you won't get any membership point via any third party booking.

        What if you don't care about SPG status points?

        But still sounds like it'd be potentially better to book a SPG property directly for 5% off..

        well then what if you're not booking for a SPG property?

        • Most of the hotel groups do not award you any membership point if u book via third party. If the price is cheaper than the hotel offical website, u can contact the hotel to match.
          If u really wanna use the credit, u have no choice but via Amex. But for me, it's never enough for flight ticket.

        • @scratchback: My point is I'm sure there are many people that do not care about membership points with a hotel program - i.e. their priority would either be to use up their Travel Credit and/or to get the best price possible.

          I personally think there's a different level of interest that people have in Frequent Flyer programs vs hotel programs - whereby there is a lot more interest in Frequent Flyer programs.

  • i really wish they wouldn't exclude DJ's card holders or give us an incentive to move. this is a good deal

    • I was going to ask about DJ's cardholders. Unfortunately, i'm one of those too :(

      • +1

        following on from my comment below, the very good customer service rep at Amex has confirmed DJ's card holders are not excluded (although they once were)

        so you can infact apply!

        • Good to know ! Thanks for the tip !

    • +1

      You are still eligible if it's just a DJ AMEX card you have/had.

      • +1

        thanks for the heads up, the very good customer service rep at Amex has confirmed DJ's card holders are not excluded (although they once were)

  • So If I've already got a credit card issued by AMEX directly, I won't be eligible?

    • Correct.

  • I suppose since I already have a AMEX Platinum Edge I wont qualify for the 100K points bonus :(

    • Correct you won't :(

      Need to slut around with the banks instead. That's what I'm doing!

  • I have the free amex discovery card… does that make me not eligible? If so anyone had any luck calling up and still being able to get the promo?

    • Not eligible as long as you've/ recently cancelled a card issued by AMEX

    • No luck I'm afraid

  • is the $450 an annual fee or a once off fee?

    • +1


    • +1

      Annual fee

      • +1

        If i cancel within the first year, would i get the credit or be lost even though im paying the 450 fee?

        • Credit is most likely gone if you cancel, so you better spend it within 12 months.

        • Pretty sure credit would be lost as MrTweek said. You might not lose the whole $450 - I believe they give you a pro-rata refund of the remaining months of your card year if you cancel after 30 days (I believe you'll get a full refund if you cancel within 30 days).

          However, you could kinda play it into your hands.

          • Get bonus points
          • Use Travel Credit
          • Use as many lounge accesses as you can
          • Sell Qantas Club lounge if you don't intend to use
          • Cancel after that - you should still get a pro-rata refund, even though you've used a lot of the perks!
        • Pretty sure you will get billed $450 on your first statement and they don't do pro rata refunds. Happy to be corrected tho.

        • +1

          @illumination: Once you've earned the bonus points and/or used the travel credit, no pro-rata refund at all.

        • @dsar: I guess that's pretty logical…!

  • If i have the Amex discovery card, and my wife has a supplementary card, does that still count as not being a new member if I get my wife to join?

    • +1

      Your wife can join, supplementary cards don't count.

      • Excellent. Thanks

  • +1

    Anyone know of cards with signup bonus for people who earn around 55k a year I keep getting knocked back for these card applications. lowered my existing card from 25k to 20k to try and help. Declaring extra income from my sole trader to try and push me over the income threshold.

    I've never had a late payment fee and paid in full every month. Travel every year to Thailand so bonus points would come in handy! want to fly first class at least once in my life.

    Working on getting higher paid job hopefully next year.

    Any tips for borderline applications?

    • +4

      To me your credit limit looks very high for only earning $55k pa, I'm thinking you want it below 10k.

    • +1

      Add super on top of your 55K if you haven't done so already, that will put you to $60225, hopefully you earn a few K's on your sole trading job then will push you to around 63-64K mark.

      However, your existing 20K credit in relation to your current salary poses a big risk to your new card supplier.

      • +1

        Do people legit add super to their applications??

      • So I can add super? Ill just add pre tax super contributions for the year to my application.

        • +1

          I'd say no.

    • Thanks for Tip's guys will go lower my credit limit further tomorrow. Would you say 9K then? Occasionally Ive made big purchases on card in past for points so has been handy. Would you say 9K is the highest I go to make me more attractive to new card company? I will be cancelling old card once I get the new one.

      • +5

        Your limit should be how much you need, it's not something we can tell you lol.

        If you really want to get this card approved, I would lower your current card to the minimum credit limit your card offers.

        • Yeah Up to me of course, but i get it now sounds best to push it as low as I can go to free up more room for second one as a I switch over.

      • +4

        If you need to make more than $9k of purchase in a month, just pay additional funds into your card so that your card will effectively be in surplus, meaning that your card limit is increased by the amount of funds that you have transferred.

  • +2

    Use referral link to share the points love 👍

    Make sure to click the relevant Qantas card from the list rather than the David jones ones which are showing up.

    • +3
    • +1

      It has the wrong links above though. @Jinx has it right though :)

      • Hit the Show More box. There is no mechanism to detect which AmEx card is being posted so we show all.

        • Should I change her link to the above from jinx?

        • @dlusional:

          I don't understand what you mean by her link?

        • @neil:

          It's OP and they mean THE link in the original post

        • @Jinx:

          Cheers. OP clarified privately and have answered.

  • Does it have travel insurance? Cannot find in in the OP.

    • Yeah

  • Sorry if this is already covered, but do existing card holders of say AMEX discovery get the 100k signup bonus?

    • +3


    • Highly doubt it

    • *results may vary (I signed up for a second card a while ago, and ended up getting the bonus, but it was not for this particular product).

  • +1

    +1 from me for a great post, but sad because of the 18 month rule.

  • Hey guys, I'm a bit of a newbie when it comes to frequent flyer points, so apologies in advance if I'm not on the right track but I'm just looking at the example of redeeming the points for a flight to San Francisco, which would be 45,000 points plus taxes, fees and charges of $431.15 and this is one way? So you would be looking at roughly $860 in fees and taxes RETURN? If this is right, it doesn't seem like that great a deal. Hopefully I'm wrong…

    • +1

      that sounds about right but remember that using points for economy flights is the worst use of your points. I just to use them for upgrades

      • +1

        Economy Flights are absolutely not the worst use of your points if you were going to pay in cash anyway.

        You need to consider how much the cash fare is and then consider how much it costs you in tax.

        No point in telling people that upgrades are better when:

        • It only applies to certain fare classes (the more expensive ones)
        • It is not guaranteed - you do not even find out until several days before departure
        • Some people just want to get from A to B for the cheapest price possible, especially on short flights
        • +1

          Flights to SF are roughly $1300 on qantas website, but if looks around he can fly there for less than that.

          If he uses his 90,000QFF($900) + pays $860 it will cost him $1700

          what am I missing?

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