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Sony MDR-1000X Headphones for $489 @ Harvey Norman


Harvey Norman have Sony MDR-1000X, one of the best noise cancelling headphones, on sale with 30% off - down to $489 from $699.
Black -
Cream -

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Harvey Norman

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  • Hmm. What's been the historic low for local stock?

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      $396 although I swear seeing a recent deal for $350.

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      Click here to see the history -

      • Oh wow. You even went to the effort of creating a screenshot and hosting it!

        $399 is the cheapest I can find, but can't tell if local or import. Wait, seems all import.

        $444 is the cheapest local (I think).

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    left headband cracked in just 1 week, strongly not recommended !!!

    • I've heard this occurs quite often. Shame, it's the only bad thing about it.

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      and btw dont try to by something like this in Harvey Norman, they don't like return items, when you try to return something DOA they will give u the "sh it" face and questioning u for hrs.
      and in this case they will tell you physical damage ar not covered, then kick your ass out.

      • Must be Harvey Norman employees negative your comments. :)

    • Forum post about the issue -

  • This is a really good deal going by pricing for local stock. These are $599 at JB Hi-Fi.

  • Perhaps a naive question, how are these different for $379?

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      This is different because the one from Harvey Norman is Australian local stock with full Australian warranty vs the one there which is obviously a grey import stock. And that one from eGlobal is being shipped from some where probably chances are from Hong Kong as it's saying there's no GST for Australian customers, which means a grey import shipped from overseas. Legally if the stock was located in Australia they would have to charge GST.

      • Ah I see yeah I suppose that's not really comparable. Though I do wonder, with such a huge price difference and if their warranty is similar, what benefits would there be for Australian stock? Are frequencies different in the overseas model? I understand why grey import phones would be avoided due to frequency bands but for headphones…

        • I'm sure you'll be finding a much better experience claiming warranty through Harvey Norman.

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          @hollykryten: dude Harvey Norman's claiming experience sux! bought a laptop that can't even turn it on, its a DOA, in any other shops i can get a refund straightway. but with HN took me 3.5hrs to wait for their tech to "examine" and contact the manufacturer.
          They ar angels when you buy, nightmares when you claim.
          im not saying eGlobal is better, but trust me Harvey Norman's claiming warranty experience sux !!

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          That's strange. A while ago my Auntie bought a Samsung LED TV which had a large crack on the screen and so the screen was stuffed, she took it back to the Harvey Norman store the next day and walked away that day with a brand new replacement TV. It could depends on the Harvey Norman store and their warranty practices because aren't the stores franchised?.

        • @hollykryten: for some obvious manufacturer issues that could not be fixed… yes, the process is nice and quick.
          But for something is "arguable" or could apply a quick fix, then its painful.
          almost every HN store hired one or most onsite techn to deal with the returns, and thats the "sh it" face make u mad, and its their job to give u a hard time.
          if HN ar really that nice to the claimer, then they wont have this job position, i don't see Officeworks got a technician like that.

    • Try dealing with eglobal-dwi for a warranty claim and you'll see the difference.

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        Yep, eGlobal probably more likely to accept a return than HN!

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          Yes, my Experience, I bought a lens for ~2k, toll delivered to somewhere else, they declare lost in shipping, could not claim any as I took no insurance. Ebay refused to cover, so contacted eglobal & explain, they sent a replacement, which I didn't expect. That is my experience with them. I have all the evidence if anyone required

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    Addicted to Audio have them for $468 and they're local stock in Melbourne. Can't rep them highly enough; great service every time I've bought from them.

    • That is a very good deal for that local stock. Free shipping too.

      I wonder if you could get Harvey Norman to price match that?.

      By the way this goes to show how much of a huge markup on the RRP there is on these Sony MDR-1000X headphones in Australia if they can be sold for $468 or $489 and still make a profit?.

  • JB HiFi will do it for 450, just need to ask. I tried a few weeks back. Ended up with the Bose QC35 though

    • I suppose if you have problems, just tell them you can buy it from Addicted to Audio for $468 delivered and it's Australian local stock.

    • Hmmm.. gonna see what JB can do for both, given Sony are selling these today for $449.

      Instyle HiFi are selling the QC35 for $447 ($356 online).

  • Is it only the black versions of these that break or all colours have the same fault?

    • they all have the same fault, design defects.

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      Seems like the prices are getting cheaper and cheaper compared to even the Harvey Norman deal. These are making the HN deal look bad now.

      • Is VideoPro local stock? It's $20 cheaper than Addicted to Audio.

        I wonder if these will go on sale further for Fathers Day.

        Its weird.. deep down I know the Bose are more comfier, but the Sony's sound better.

        • It says in the eBay item page that the item location is in Queensland, Australia. And VideoPro is located in Brisbane. So i would say that it's being shipped from Brisbane so yes is local stock.

        • @hollykryten:

          Thanks dude.

          I'm going to try some on at A2A and see what suits…

        • @madgame87:

          No problems.

          Just note the PTECH20 coupon code has expired. The current 20% off eBay coupon code is PRESENT which VideoPro Online is on the seller list so you should be able to use that new coupon code instead.

  • If you're going overseas you can pick them up from duty free for $397!

    • Yeah but I'd have to buy a flight to Sydney first, and then a flight overseas.

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