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Xiaomi Multi-Functional Power Strip 3 1A / 2A USB Port+3 AC 100-240V Sockets - US $9.63 (~AU $12.12) Delivered @ DD4


This is inexpensive´╝îuseful Xiaomi Power Strip with 3 USB Port is back on sale for 17 days.

Power strips is a life necessity in everyday life, but not everyone likes it (taking up too mush space or looks ugly). When people are becoming accustomed to all its shortcomings, our team began to think about how to change and improve it. Three self-adaption 1A/2A USB charging ports are added to the strip. By using high quality materials, customizing the core components and optimizing the structure, finally it makes 50% smaller than the normal strips. Concise and delicate as ornaments of your house.

Main Features:
XiaoMi Power Strip with sleek white design, as slim as pencil case
3 power sockets and 3 USB ports with 2A quick charging function
Phosphor bronze terminal, copper bar connectivity system
Independent safety doors to keep children away from the risk of electric shock
Subtle and elegant white power indicator light shows working status
High power conversion rate up to 82 percent
20uA leakage protection threshold
High flame retardant standard up to 750 centigrade
100 - 220V full voltage range
Pass through plug test(5000 times)
Non-slip pads on four feet
Grind frosting top surface and mirror polishing treatment on side surface
Nice appearance and simple for home use and decoration

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closed Comments

      • +3

        As opposed to all the unsafe certified product on the market, past,present and future.

        You must be making money from testing to automatically consider uncertified products unsafe.

        • The risk is real.

        • +6

          care to go into specifics?

          The risk is real turning on the stove too…

        • @CLoSeR: Of course it is… just like Mistral box fans back in the 80s and Samsung top-loaders a few years back plus hundreds of other 100% certified products that have burst into flames or caused damage or injury to people over time.

        • -2


          Theres a big difference between a few mistakes, certification makes everythign safer, even if a few bad lemons get thru.

          If you cant understand why certification helps make things better for everyone, then will dont use Australia medicine, order some medicine from India or other fake source, after all who cares.

        • +1

          I was actually agreeing with your ambiguous statement that 'the risk is real' but you have to understand that the risk of using a 'certified' Power Board is unfortunately just as high as using a non-certified Power Board. If checking for a little 'tick' logo before purchasing anything makes you sleep well at night then that's great!

          As per the lyrics from those wise Finn brothers: "Everything is good for you if it doesn't kill you".

      • +2

        Sheesh, don't ever look at the connections on the rear of your GPOs or light fittings then Orpheus! Many self-certifying Electricians seem to be able to get away with literal murder while charging top-dollar for wiring houses that are disasters waiting to happen but of course 'out of mind, out of sight' in that scenario. I've got loads of personal stories and evidence from a recent 'not-so-cheap' custom house build that would make you lock yourself in a concrete bunker if you're freaked out about the lack of certification on a simple Powerboard like this! Of course I'm sure there are just as many decent sparkies out there too but you'll only ever know 100% which is which after your time here is over. Whoa man, deep! Time to go home ;)

  • +5

    It's saying $10.10… am I doing something wrong?

    As for house burning down, I plan on using it while travelling so if the hotel burns down then can sue Xiaomi.

  • price changed to US $10.10. :(

  • Why has the price gone up while the post says until 15Sep?

  • Price changed back again to 9.63

  • I was charged $12.88 AUD

  • Pay service keeps failing saying the system is busy please try again later..

  • Can anyone confirm if there is a surge feature built into these ( can't see it mentioned in specs or any comments here?

    Also what other country's plugs can fit into these sockets apart from AU and USB ( sounds like no UK/Singapore/Hong Kong and no US with large earth pin )?

    • +1

      Looks like EU type C/E/F and US/Japan type A (not the gounded type B as you pointed out) Those types cover a lot of Europe, Middle east, South America, Southeast Asia (excluding Malaysia & Singapore) so long as the appliance doesn't need a ground pin

      • Taa :-) No surge protection I gather then.

  • 96.8% feedback

    sorry but nah

    looks like a nice deal though

  • -3

    So to all those that are so adamant that Australian certification doesn't matter, can you confirm that there will be no problem with these for insurance issues in case something happens?

    • +2

      Can you say with absolute certainty that all the electricals currently in your household are Australian Certified?

      • -1

        Nice dodging of the question.

        • +1

          So much scaremongering from the same posters.
          Check your insurance PDS. None of them have clauses regarding the use of foreign powerboards or small appliances, I don't believe they would mention Australian certification. The simple fact is aus certification applies to the SALE of electrical appliances in Australia and not the USE of electrical appliances domestically.

    • +1

      I don't care about so called certification from a safety perspective as mentioned above plenty of Bunnings junk that's worst BUT as to what happens with insurance should your house burn down is anybody's guess. Noone can tell you with 100% certainty. It comes down to personal choice and how much risk you're willing to accept. If 100% of your household is 'certified' then you may not want to use this at home.

  • Im guessing thats 2A per usb plug which still isnt enough to charge an ipad. AT best you might be able to charge a phone. Its also a shame these dont come in a USBC version.

    • Im guessing thats 2A per usb plug which still isnt enough to charge an ipad.

      iPads don't require more than 2A to charge. They will even charge off a 1A charger, e.g. an iPhone charger. They'll just take longer to charge.

      • I must disagree with you, i just tried the other day to charge an ipad 2 air using an iphone charger and it wouldnt charge. Perhaps i was unlucky, i could have sworn somewhere that ipads require 2.4~ while iphones 2.1A.

        • +1

          Were you using the iPad when it was charging? A 5W charger can charge it, but not if you're using it. You can turn it off to speed up charging.

          i could have sworn somewhere that ipads require 2.4~ while iphones 2.1A.

          Nah, they will charge with almost anything, it's just speed that'll be affected. If you have a look at Apple's slightly outdated charger page, you'll see that iPhones ship with just a 5V 1A charger. The iPad 2 comes with a 2.1A charger.

          The iPhone 7 and 7 Plus comes with a 1A charger, at least in the US.

  • I was charged 12.63

  • +2

    I have one from another deal, the usb charging has a high pitch noise. Anyone else has the same problem?

    • Yes it's coil whine. It's not going to blow up or anything it's just a bit annoying if you can still hear at that frequency. For the one I use near me I just switched to using one of my dozen Chinese USB chargers since it has those pins already.

      • In my room, it is audible.

    • Damn, I planned to use it my bedroom. The quality control of Chinese products is pretty bad so hopefully they're not all like that.

    • I have the 5 port Blitzwolf desk usb charger which has this noise. It varies in frequency and volume depending on what I have plugged in. Have been using it for 12mnts and this is the only issue I have found with it.

  • Bought one, hope it arrives okay.

    • +8

      why don't you tell us since you already have some

      • -3

        You the coal miner! You the real digger!
        You have some serious spare time on your hands!
        But is it?

  • That payment busy error is making me feel like i'm about to be scammed.
    Hope I don't find any surprise transactions. :(

  • I think white ones are sold out

  • Can anyone access their tracking # or log into the website? The links are dead for me

  • back in stock guys…

    • Currently in stock: 4 black and 1 white (was 2, but I ordered 1!)

  • Has anyone received their order? I ordered 3x of these, and had email that order was processed, though cannot track through their website and links they provided via email… also email to support with no response.

    • I received a response from DD4 customer service, very prompt actually, shipping is via Economy air, fingers crossed it comes soon

    • got mine last week

      • Seems I have received mine too haven't opened the box yet