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Xiaomi Multi-Functional Power Strip 3 1A / 2A USB Port+3 AC 100-240V Sockets - US $9.63 (~AU $12.12) Delivered @ DD4


This is inexpensive,useful Xiaomi Power Strip with 3 USB Port is back on sale for 17 days.

Power strips is a life necessity in everyday life, but not everyone likes it (taking up too mush space or looks ugly). When people are becoming accustomed to all its shortcomings, our team began to think about how to change and improve it. Three self-adaption 1A/2A USB charging ports are added to the strip. By using high quality materials, customizing the core components and optimizing the structure, finally it makes 50% smaller than the normal strips. Concise and delicate as ornaments of your house.

Main Features:
XiaoMi Power Strip with sleek white design, as slim as pencil case
3 power sockets and 3 USB ports with 2A quick charging function
Phosphor bronze terminal, copper bar connectivity system
Independent safety doors to keep children away from the risk of electric shock
Subtle and elegant white power indicator light shows working status
High power conversion rate up to 82 percent
20uA leakage protection threshold
High flame retardant standard up to 750 centigrade
100 - 220V full voltage range
Pass through plug test(5000 times)
Non-slip pads on four feet
Grind frosting top surface and mirror polishing treatment on side surface
Nice appearance and simple for home use and decoration

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        • +23

          Just don't buy it if you're scared. Aust certified means bugger all anyway.

  • +7

    Awesome, been waiting for a sale on these. It's basically a 6 outlet board but only half the size.

  • +10

    These are so good. Perfect for traveling. When there is only a couple of power points available and trying to charge many devices at once.
    This is so far my favorite purchase from China for 2017 (and I've bought a lot of stuff from China)

  • +16

    I have been using this power board for last two years at home and @ work (where power tag testing done).

    Power test and tagging company tested and tagged. all OK.

    but if you feel its unsafe then just don't buy it.

    IMHO better than cheapy from bunnigs.

  • Ty

  • I would totally buy this if it had universal power point slots and USB ports. Now those are difficult to find! Only ever found one of those.. How I wish I bought more.

    • +2

      The sockets look like they accept multiple plug types to me?

      • They do accept multi but they are not universal. They don't accept UK plugs (also used in HK, Malaysia, Singapore).

        • +1

          UK plugs not accepted because of BrExit.

    • what universal one did you find?

      id really like a US/AU one.. i dont think these support US plugs, at least the ones with the third ground prong..

      • The closest I can find to the one I bought is this (the one on the left with 6 slots).

        The brand is the same as the one I bought but mine also has 2x USB ports.

        My ideal powerboard has the following:

        • USB
        • Individual switches with light indicators
        • Universal
        • Individual Fuse

        The one I linked to above has everything except the individual fuses. It was about $12 AUD as well, so wasn't expensive =/ Haven't found it in stock ever since..

  • Anyone having issues with payment going through? It seems to state that the system is busy.

  • +4

    Nice appearance and simple for home use and decoration

    Wonder what 20 of these would look like, hanging in a Christmas tree.

    • +10
    • +7

      Depends if the tree is certified in Australia or not.

      • +15

        Frankly, the opinion of Ozbargainers means more to me than Australian Certification. The $3 power boards sold at Bunnings are 100 times more dangerous than the Xiaomi ones.

        If Ozbargain had a tick-mark, it could make a fortune.

        • What kind of death traps are they selling at Bunnings!?

        • +4

          @clx: In the past year it looks like lots of heaters and a Click power board.

        • @eug: Need to check powerboards I bought from Bunnings.

        • +2

          Anyone with a brain sees the Recalls website filled with recalled 'certified' product. Certified = Meaningless assurance for nonthinking taxpaying muppets.

  • +1

    Use Tin Phosphor Bronze for safety sake!

    • 750‎°C to keep the children safe

  • Do all three USB outputs do 2A simultaneously or is that shared?

    • +4

      3.1a total if i understand correctly.

      • +1

        So only slow charging for more than 1 iPad :(

  • +3

    Are these definitely legit Xiaomi? Wouldn't want fake Chinese power boards

    • Ever seen a fake Xiaomi power board?

      • +1

        I've only got 2 or these and ordered them from reliable sources. Just because I haven't seen one doesn't mean they don't exist. Don't they make fake everything in China?

        • +1

          They don't fake everything over there like they used to it's becoming less common for online international stores to sell fakes (e.g. AliExpress). I've yet to see or hear of any fake Xiaomi boards both in China and online. There are plenty of other brands that offer the same.

        • +2

          100% genuine fake

  • Would this be able to fast charge my phone?
    Through the usb ports?

    • +1

      It's 5V @ 2A (10W) so it's reasonably fast but it's not QC2/3 (up to 18W with varied voltage).

  • anyone know if this will fast charge samsung galaxy s7/s8?

    • If you're thinking QuickCharge 2.0/3.0, then nope. It will do the "standard" fast charge though, at 5V 2A.

      • thanks for that clarification!

    • -1

      It says Quick Charge 2.0 supported, right there on the box.

      • Where?

  • How fast is the delivery?

    • Just saw it: 15-40 days
      Hmmm… I need to have it in three weeks max. Should I risk it?
      Happy to pay up to 5 bucks to expedite the shipping.

      • No. 15 days means working days, so 15-40 days means more like 3-8 weeks for delivery.

        • Thanks mate. Shelved it for future. :)

  • +1

    Wasn't sure if I would buy one of these, but then I noticed:

    • inexpensive,useful
    • a life necessity in everyday life
    • Concise and delicate as ornaments of your house
    • Subtle and elegant white power indicator light
    • Nice appearance and simple for home use and decoration

    Very nice sales job, OP.

  • +5

    I never purchased one of these because I knew the dangers that came with them. Then my house burnt down. The insurance company found that the cause of the fire was a Xiaomi pen and I wasn't paid out. True story.

    • +11

      None of this would have happened if the Xiaomi pen was global ROM with B28.

    • Lol

  • +2

    Why do people joke about whether this is certified for use in Australia? Poster should a a minimum warn purchasers that device is not certified for use in Australia and use at own risk.

    • -5

      Nah, it seems people are so cheap thay they dont mind risking lives for the best bargain lmao